Chris Harris on... the Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Top Gear

8. okt.. 2020
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Here's Chris Harris' take on the rocket-disguised-as-a-road-car Ferrari SF90 Stradale. With nearly 1,000bhp, born from a twin-turbo V8 and three electric motors, it's marking a new generation for Ferrari. But does Chris like it?
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Service & Feedback

  • I'm waiting for fully electric ferrari. Koenigsegg, Ferrari, lamborgini should come together and produce the ultimate car.

    Etienne 777Etienne 7776 timer siden
  • This guy is actually pissed that it went so fast 😂

    Brock BehnerBrock Behner7 timer siden
  • ferrari car wow

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist8 timer siden
  • who cannot like that

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist8 timer siden
  • Chris Harris is Growing up Angry. I admire and respect him but he is not the entretainer he used to be. I Love his Honesty but he also needs to make analogies to make a fun point.

    Eduardo HERRERAEduardo HERRERADag siden
  • I like the desing but it just doesn't emotionally turns me on like the laferrari did with its brutal styling. I have a very light car with barely any horsepower and it feels fun, isnt almost 2 tonnes too much?

    comeberzacomeberzaDag siden
  • I am on board with Chris that it should have been a hybrid RWD. When this car came out, its message to me was more like an obsession for 1000hp at a "somewhat" reasonable price. When I saw it does 1000hp thanks to mild hybrid, 150+ hp max to the front wheels, it doesn't feel right to me, and unnecessarily complex. Hybrid is a good idea and try, but if it were a light or mild hybrid RWD, true it wouldn't have made that much power (maybe 780-820hp), but it would certainly have been much lighter, way simpler and more efficient to build, more playful to drive, and the e-boost probably could have maintained max output for longer duration... It would probably have overlapped with the 812 lineup performance-wise and price-wise, though. Still, this car could have made a TON less sense if were an exclusive one-off, and thank god that's not the case.

    paul shipaul shiDag siden
  • 5:25 - so basically Chris is begging for the G.Murray Fan car

    ThemayseffectThemayseffect2 dager siden
  • 500hp, rear wheel, auto. I'm 100% with Chris

    beetaliusbeetalius2 dager siden
  • As much as I respect Chris and sharing thoughts about a 500hp, manual gear and light weight car...we need to evolve with technology and embrace it. To me, the SF90 is just a test mule for their new tec. If I had the money I would definitely get one. This car is special.

    Ms Betty is back...bitches!Ms Betty is back...bitches!2 dager siden
  • come to my channel. .

    NEWcars UANEWcars UA3 dager siden
  • Once you see the tesla logo you cant unsee it

    T AbelT Abel3 dager siden
  • Not really been watching Top Gear since the Jeremy n co left. Chris is the only one that still keeps me somewhat interested. We just need a petition to get Matt Watson from Carwow on here and then happy days 😁

    Mo HMo H3 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who got uncomfortable when Chris rubbed his thumb under his nose and then casually placed his hand back on the mirror?

    zJorizzJoriz3 dager siden
  • Love it @5:25 minutes: ideal car is 500hp, 2100 lbs, manual gear box

    mrpmj00mrpmj003 dager siden
  • The real chris harris is too much for the general public. - hence why he is forced toned down for the televised show

    Ton BoyTon Boy5 dager siden
  • Its ugly

    steven hannasteven hanna5 dager siden
  • 900kg 500hp manual trans Been saying that for years. Hopefully Ferrari listen

    rmani81rmani815 dager siden
  • If you want a front boot in your exotic, then; buy a Corvette C8! Not only do you get a front and rear boot, but you can stick hundreds of thousands of dollars back into your pocket, plus, you will have a better Supper Car. What a steel! Remember, this is only the first generation of the C8, what is to come!

    stankygeorgestankygeorge5 dager siden
  • Who's doing audio on this??? 👉😫👈

    Harry MixHarry Mix6 dager siden
  • Basically you want a Lotus

    AbysoonAbysoon6 dager siden
  • Cant Ferrari be a lil more God damn creative ? They keep revealing similar looking cars

    Moe SabMoe Sab6 dager siden
  • Chris my man you are the KING

    Peck KapaPeck Kapa6 dager siden
  • Can’t look away from those little bit ill fitting bodypanels and slightly uneven panel gaps 😬

    SpeedgovernorSpeedgovernor6 dager siden

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist6 dager siden
  • Is it me or does Chris get more and more frustrated about modern cars? I mean I feel him, but the dude needs to calm down. :-) And yeah, manuals for the win. That is what I want and I would expect in a "toy".

    Gentleman DriverGentleman Driver7 dager siden
  • Ugliest Ferrari ever, what is the deal with the panel on the front and around the headlights

    Tarek ZTarek Z7 dager siden
  • Ferrari squalo martello

    Patrick SantosPatrick Santos7 dager siden
  • Chris is so right. It is no longer about drivers and experience. Specs sell and styling by computer/marketing trends. Less is more, Mr Chapman was right..... however Brits buy German and lust after Italian. Come on Norfolk, give Chris what he wants. 950kg and 500hp RWD - Exige 430 is nearly there.

    Pete StuffPete Stuff8 dager siden
  • Love his summary of the perfect supercar!

    Nigel GrantNigel Grant8 dager siden
  • Sometimes CH is kind of contradicting himself to say the least. He claims SF90 stradale is too powerfull too fast, thinks 500HP and less weight is better, and yet he loves everything about a McLaren P1 or a Senna. I mean its totally fine to like McLaren over Ferrari, no problem with that, but these cars are pretty much the same category with SF90 in terms of performance and numbers. So I dont get it...or him rather...

    elwingyelwingy8 dager siden
  • The car he really want is already there and sold out too. That’s the brand spanking new Gordon Murray T.50

    John SchotzJohn Schotz8 dager siden
  • "Looks like it was styled by a computer." I was just thinking how it reminds me of a McLaren.

    sokin jonsokin jon8 dager siden
  • Fire your chief designer. Ferrari's are growing ever more ugly.

    First LastFirst Last8 dager siden
  • The only ferrari I have ever wanted.

    C. Daniel ThomasC. Daniel Thomas9 dager siden
  • Chris is so concise and direct, love listening to him.

    Jeremy SawatzkyJeremy Sawatzky9 dager siden
  • Horrible and most ugly ferrari ever made... enzo would barf in his grave...

    Govert Van AmerongenGovert Van Amerongen9 dager siden
    • Love CH !!!!!

      sokin jonsokin jon8 dager siden
  • I didn't watch a single ep of top gear after the "thing" but I watched a ton of Chris Harris clips. He is fantastic

    MajsteRMajsteR9 dager siden
  • "...No." LOL

    Marshall HurtadoMarshall Hurtado9 dager siden
  • Manual gearbox? We can all dream...

    dlhennesdlhennes9 dager siden
  • The paint job makes it look like someone tried to breed a hammerhead and a catfish, that smiles at you.

    0000 00000000 00009 dager siden
  • Miss the Chris Harris show.

    juan rodriguezjuan rodriguez9 dager siden
  • Love the SF90 Stradale its crazy fast though even if looks is not the best. Still good

    eichler721eichler7219 dager siden
  • Why is Ferrari getting uglier nowadays?

    Julwiez de GhorzJulwiez de Ghorz9 dager siden
  • Still not into the McLaren lights, but the rest of it looks good. I'm still always more a fan of Ferrari's front engine cars.

    NBMTXNBMTX10 dager siden
  • These two should not be in the same videos. They are on totally different levels.

    Sgr 7Sgr 710 dager siden
    • "You expect Batman to get out of a LaFerrari. You expect me to get out of this."

      alida flusalida flus9 dager siden
  • Closest thing to his request for naturally aspirated car is funnily enough new Corvette, although it's not manual. Funny that Chevy is making kind a car that Ferrari purist could and would want.

    Little lukeLittle luke10 dager siden
    • Question for me is if you can't access a race track and you own one of these how on earth to you keep your driver's license?

      alida flusalida flus9 dager siden
  • The elephant in the room is the Porsche 918 Spyder; hybrid and all-wheel-drive; no boot; and Chris loved it at the time.

    TheEwanMCTheEwanMC10 dager siden
  • The soundtrack is just horrible, but still love to hear Chris's speech.

    gioyu comigioyu comi10 dager siden
  • Mclaren of Ferraris

    TheFunkyairTheFunkyair10 dager siden
  • Love CH !!!!!

    Tony CarastroTony Carastro10 dager siden
  • *500HP *under 1 ton *Manual *Rear DrIve Dream Car❤

    SHEZ4NSHEZ4N10 dager siden
  • Chris Harris has the absolute best opinion on this and you can tell he means it.

    Turn in Track OutTurn in Track Out10 dager siden
  • Soon all fast cars have no sound, no gearbox, no engine rattle... sad.

    f chowf chow10 dager siden
  • "Looks like it was styled by a computer." I was just thinking how it reminds me of a McLaren.

    BodhiBodhi10 dager siden
  • Man, you Brit’s are the most common adult nationalities to wear dorky cross trainers with jeans and/or slacks. I wonder if they know that there are better looking options that are just as comfortable (probably even more comfortable) than a pair of cross trainers.

    Eüro NastyEüro Nasty10 dager siden
    • Where are from oh style guru?

      Rick O'ShayRick O'Shay7 dager siden
  • Cars are soulless and very expensive these days. It's almost like the government is pushing all the stupid regulations that are making the cars heavy and expensive on purpose. That's why the sports/super car market is dying and everyone are buying SUV's

    Levi StewartLevi Stewart10 dager siden
  • What jet is that in the background?

    Olufemi AgbatoOlufemi Agbato10 dager siden
  • I live in Australia, I am a massive top gear fan, I have seen every season yet I cannot watch this season. I even paid to watch the last one on NOworld however with the current season you don't even want to take my money. What's going on???

    Chris WatersChris Waters10 dager siden
  • I can tell that Chris isn't a fan of Jack Rix either 😂

    TheAdmin429TheAdmin42910 dager siden
  • Question for me is if you can't access a race track and you own one of these how on earth to you keep your driver's license?

    barks6996barks699610 dager siden
  • "You expect Batman to get out of a LaFerrari. You expect me to get out of this."

    bilishu alissbilishu aliss11 dager siden
  • Chris ,,,Stop Leaning On The Rear View Mirror Of My Car

    over opinionatedover opinionated11 dager siden
  • These two should present the programme, at least their chemistry and knowledge seem genuine. Unlike the cricketer and "comic".

    Steven AdamsSteven Adams11 dager siden
  • Why we should buy a car that really expensive? even though we still can buy a (family car) and still be happy, rich people be like nah I have money 😂

    Amir AisarAmir Aisar11 dager siden
    • Crap car. Good toy

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss11 dager siden
  • For the first time in years Ferrari has styled a goofy looking car

    Rose ReyRose Rey11 dager siden
  • Ferrari doesn't look like Ferrari anymore

    yap kok fei yapyap kok fei yap11 dager siden
  • Less horse power, Manual gear box and a little electric sounds great with a Ferrari badge. Many times less is more. Why do people love the air cooled 911’s and older Ferrari’s because you can watch the rpms go up and you can handle the power. Only a top driver can handle what’s coming out

    João TavaJoão Tava11 dager siden
  • For the price of this Ferrari I’d rather buy an svj or a 765lt that has cooler doors

    Gabriel LezliGabriel Lezli11 dager siden
  • For this price I’d rather buy an aventador svj that has cooler doors and is insane too or a mclaren 765lt

    Gabriel LezliGabriel Lezli11 dager siden
  • I think this car will be in Asphalt 9's next event

    MonMon11 dager siden
  • Why didn't they test the Senna on their track?

    Promit HazraPromit Hazra11 dager siden
  • Quality > Quantity

    Matthew LugatMatthew Lugat11 dager siden
  • Too fast. Same with the 765LT. Horsepower wars rather than driving enjoyment

    Matthew LugatMatthew Lugat11 dager siden
  • I miss the days of the LaFerrari, 458, F12 TDF, I can definitely see where Chris is coming from, these new Ferrari's just don't feel like Ferrari's anymore.

    HG504HG50411 dager siden
  • Love Chris and his brutal honesty. More of these videos Top Gear cheers!

    alida flusalida flus11 dager siden
  • Cars these days just have more power....unless you have time to go on a track every weekend, do you really need all that power?

    Omar AROmar AR11 dager siden
  • That line "you would expect batman to get out of laferrari and you would expect me to get out of this " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ahsan ragibahsan ragib11 dager siden
  • Thank God Chris Harris is still on Top Gear because without him TG would be worthless

    John PorterJohn Porter11 dager siden
    • Last part Chris was talking about . Ferrari can't do a 500 HP it's too weak for them there is alfa Julia and Maserati does those things and still Ferrari who made the engines s

      alida flusalida flus11 dager siden
  • Crap car. Good toy

    sean thomassean thomas11 dager siden
  • So it’s basically the Ferrari version of the 918 spyder but cheaper and it’s a Ferrari. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

    YoucantrestinpeaceifyoudontexistanymoreYoucantrestinpeaceifyoudontexistanymore11 dager siden
  • That's right, Ferrari Roma looks like an Aston Martin and this SF90 looks like a beefed up Lotus Evora... What's happening to Ferrari? Have they lost track?!?!

    David BrunyaiDavid Brunyai11 dager siden
  • Wow it looks uglier the more I look at it and the Maserati MC20 looks better the more I look at it

    BrainFuck10BrainFuck1012 dager siden
  • "it looks like a normal car" 😂 I don't about you, but this car doesn't seem normal at all to me. A Nissan Micra is normal, not this car. Also... I think he was being very negative about the sf90. We get it, he likes light, fast, agile sportcars with a manual gearbox. However, he could have said something positive about the fact that Ferrari is trying to keep up with modern day environmental issues by electrifying its models, which is an effort for a good cause. He could have stressed a bit more the fact that this car is faster than a Veyron on a straight line, and almost as fast a Senna on a track, despite costing a lot less than a hypercar. He could have said that it combines hypercars performances with relatively low emissions. He could have said that despite the extra weight the car is still exceptionally nimble, and also very safe and easy to drive thanks to the AWD and the electronics. He could have said that the engine is a masterpiece, that the steering is great (well he did say that he kinda likes it after all), that the brakes are great, that the aero is great (and also well hidden), that the gearbox is incredibly fast... He could have said that it's still a relatively comfortable car despite the stellar performances... He talked about how little the trunk is... But who in the world buys a Ferrari for the trunk?! If someone has 500K to spend on a car, they'd have no problem buying a small station wagon to carry the luggages. I don't know... I feel like there are so many exceptional things about this car that could have been said, rather than just saying "I want Ferrari to make lighter cars with a manual gearbox. This one has no trunk. It has no soul. It looks ordinary. But it's very fast". That engine alone would give soul to any car... He might not be fond of the car, but at least he could have acknowledged a bit more that it's still an exceptional car, even though it's not his "type". Besides, the future is electric, and it's gonna be hard to make extra light cars with the weight of the batteries, so we'd better get used to it.

    Tommy BTommy B12 dager siden
    • @Larry but the sf90 stradale was never meant to be a hypercar, nor a replacement of the LaFerrari. It's still a supercar, it's not even a limited series. Its price is like that a of an Aventador SVJ, and lower than that of a For GT, so it's definitely a supercar, albeit the fastest one we have right now. It still looks more badass, massive and aggressive than the f8, and it's beautiful to me. But it's probably a matter of taste at the end of the day

      Tommy BTommy B9 dager siden
    • @Tommy B well, I admit it right away, only Lamborghini fans comment on it😂😂

      Still BajungManStill BajungMan10 dager siden
    • @Still BajungMan I don't know that Lamborghini has to do with my comment, but ok I guess ahah

      Tommy BTommy B10 dager siden
    • I think what he means is it doesn't look like a Ferrari Hypercar (e.g. LaFerrari, Enzo, F50) which I agree. The design of the SF90 should have been the one replacing the 488, not that F8 Tributo.

      LarryLarry10 dager siden
    • @Tommy B oh😂,do not need to type long length, friend 😂 only Lamborghini fans say that, i understand I understand 😂😂

      Still BajungManStill BajungMan10 dager siden
  • Ok...this happens when a man want to be the unique star instead the car. When i see the comments i read only how this driver is brilliant to drive, nothing or very few about the car... Personal opinion of course.

    dopiudodopiudo12 dager siden
  • Chris secondo me non hai mai provato una vettura così veloce e tecnologica.. puoi dare la tua opinione ma il bagagliaio su una vettura del genere non ha valore. Questa vettura si impenna è il più potente v8 biturbo di maranello . Rispetto la tua opinione ma non la condivido

    Mirko VandelliMirko Vandelli12 dager siden
  • Car makes should just ask Chris first about the idea of car before putting it into production.

    J SJ S12 dager siden
  • I feel sorry for you Chris, you're life must be SOOOO hard and complicated.

    Dario DeNiroDario DeNiro12 dager siden
  • Caro Chris.fai come Lamborghini,fai tu una suprercar da 1000 cv.

    G MG M12 dager siden
  • No kid is gonna put this on his wall. Heavy and ugly.

    サテライトnsfサテライトnsf12 dager siden
  • The headlights don’t feel very Ferrari

    Vipul JainVipul Jain12 dager siden
  • The soundtrack is just horrible, but still love to hear Chris's speech.

    VTECHVTECH12 dager siden
  • People who buy this type or cars are 9 old fat rich pigs. What a shame

    DRC257DRC25712 dager siden
  • Last part Chris was talking about . Ferrari can't do a 500 HP it's too weak for them there is alfa Julia and Maserati does those things and still Ferrari who made the engines so

    Jack EzzatJack Ezzat12 dager siden
  • Ferrari needs to apologize to Pininfarina and have them design their cars again.

    James LeeJames Lee12 dager siden
  • Is Chris Harris on TRT?

    Paul BlackmanPaul Blackman12 dager siden
  • Totally agree at the end! 500hp! Rwd! Mid engine. Manual transmission!!!! Ok. Ok fine. Hybrid technology if you must. Manual transmission! Please! Hybrid with manuals have been made. People will purchase. Now is the time.

    civiccrewrojosiciviccrewrojosi12 dager siden
  • Guys, stop worshipping Chris. He may know a lot about cars but this is still just his opinion. If you drove this car you might feel differently about it, or not. One thing I do know about him is that he’s a homer. He loves McLaren above all else and Ferrari is their biggest rival so of course he is going to be critical of Ferrari.

    Lenny Contillo IIILenny Contillo III12 dager siden
  • Chris is the man... agree 100%

    Jeremy SchumacherJeremy Schumacher12 dager siden
  • Give me a 458 with a gated manual.

    Rex SevenRex Seven13 dager siden