Chris Harris on... the BMW M8 Competition | Top Gear

2. mars. 2020
242 113 Ganger

In this series' final episode, the BMW M8 Competition took to the Top Gear track to show us what it's made of. And here's Chris Harris with more thoughts on this £165,000 (as tested), 616bhp, twin-turbo V8, Bavarian behemoth.
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  • Chris is right about the Michelin performance

    Tim O'KellyTim O'Kelly9 dager siden
  • Waiting on him to do a review on the updated rcf.

    eric mooreeric moore2 måneder siden
  • The most honest opinion in cars. How he doesn't have his own car show, makes no sense at all.

    Mark shazMark shaz2 måneder siden
  • BMW designer: I've finished the x6 design. BMW: I needed the m8 design though. BMW designer: Give me one second... (vertically compresses image) Done.

    Northern Drone WerxNorthern Drone Werx2 måneder siden
  • I love to see Chris Harris drive the cats like the way it was intended to be 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍

    cm07cacm07ca3 måneder siden
  • Gis always hating

    KAARIKAARI3 måneder siden
  • you never ever try the BMW M8 GRAN COUPE ? do you?

    Accompagnement Holistique de la PersonneAccompagnement Holistique de la Personne3 måneder siden
  • Them wheels, I’m struggling to understand what he means or does he not understand the history of them kind of wheels. I’m confused it’s an M or does he mean it shouldn’t be on that kind of car I really don’t know, I don’t know his sarcasm or anything.

    Gazza —HDGazza —HD4 måneder siden
  • It's too big. Size of an aircraft carrier.

    toobasaurus23toobasaurus234 måneder siden
  • " A pair of shoulders driving down the road"- Chris "the GOAT" Harris

    John WilliamsJohn Williams4 måneder siden
  • 165 grand. Has the world gone mad. Nobody is going to spend that much money on this. 100k still at a push

    WarrenWarren5 måneder siden
  • It looks great

    Dallas MellsopDallas Mellsop5 måneder siden
  • Brilliance, as always. Thank you, Chris Harris!

    Christopher TrespChristopher Tresp5 måneder siden
  • This scks

    Douwe VogelDouwe Vogel5 måneder siden
  • 1m looks like Mr.clean on steroids. Best looking m car on the road. Can’t mistake that for a regular m sport 1 series like you would with the 850i and m8😂

    Madara UchihaMadara Uchiha6 måneder siden
  • Funny he mentioned how the M5 looks like a 5 series. Someone came to my barbers the other month and began talking to the barber about his new car, I looked outside and it was parked a little distance away, it was a 2020 5 series, as a car person I thought nice car. Only when I got outside did I realise it was actually an M5 competition 😂 To me, spending that much on a car should blow you away and it even slipped under my radar and I'm crazy on cars

    GrayGamingPS4GrayGamingPS46 måneder siden
  • It’s 625 hp you bozo !

    Veroniciany VeronicaVeroniciany Veronica6 måneder siden
  • You are so bullshit this the best car now!

    Veroniciany VeronicaVeroniciany Veronica6 måneder siden
  • "The new BMW's are basically a pair of radiators going down the road" There, fixed it for ya!

    MrSaemichlausMrSaemichlaus6 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris sounds like Matt Parker with the standupmaths channel!!

    MrSaemichlausMrSaemichlaus6 måneder siden
  • Jack over paddy in next season

    Ayush ApoorvaAyush Apoorva6 måneder siden
  • Chris harris cant add up, an M8 is £120k not £165k!

    jumble manjumble man6 måneder siden
  • looks like a merc

    Zac YoungsonZac Youngson6 måneder siden
  • BMW are losing their way

    L TurnerL Turner6 måneder siden
  • The OG and LCI M2 will go down as the next type of 1M that people will learn to appreciate in later years. I love my M2!

    CTMCTM6 måneder siden
  • 🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️ 1:58 💓🧡💯 👇👇👇👇👇💘

    Patrick HamiltonPatrick Hamilton6 måneder siden
  • 🔥 🏁🏁🏁it's a real pleasure to watch🏎️🏎️🏎️ 0:33 💟💓🧡 👇 👇🔥

    Scott PearceScott Pearce6 måneder siden
  • But whay then buy Mercedes S coupe, amg gt4, Bentley Continental GT,... They all use the platform and car parts of cheaper car's. AMG gt4 uses the same platform from mercedes E AMG 63s, Bentley Continental GT uses the same as panamera and it has many interior parts like Audi and Volkswagen. And have even the same v8 engine as Audi. And Chris said it is a great car. 300000€ for a car which shares so many parts with Volkswagen group. No way! I don't understand Chris. And now is struggling with M8. In my opinion, all the coupes are overrated, not just from BMW.

    Lupus MajorLupus Major6 måneder siden
  • I like the style of m8 and m5 it's they don't have to be aggressive looking like m3 or m2 ,they must be a difference btwn m cars.

    Mbobo MboboMbobo Mbobo6 måneder siden
  • top gear got shit the day they changed hosts

    Thomas The Mad LadThomas The Mad Lad7 måneder siden
  • All correct, but the 2WD track smoking tire arguement is pointless as 1) almost no one by comparison to the mass takes his sport car to a track and 2) also almost no one drifts their is one of these arguments that is only brought up by journalists when it fits their very certain message they want to convey.....

    ZELTHELDZELTHELD7 måneder siden
  • Ugly ass car

    Antonio DiasAntonio Dias7 måneder siden
  • I’ve always appreciated Chris Harris’s blunt no-nonsense approach to cars. He is a good reality check where these exotic cars are concerned.

    Derek GoodingDerek Gooding7 måneder siden
  • A BMW for 165 grand that looks like a Mustang.

    Jeff RothJeff Roth7 måneder siden
  • Chris does not sugarcoat it. No bullshit with him!!!

    Elhadji Amadou JohnsonElhadji Amadou Johnson7 måneder siden
  • He’s nuts this car is out of this world there is nothing like it

    Cl3m productionsCl3m productions7 måneder siden
  • The (lack of) rapport between these two 😂 Chris just wants to walk around warehouses full of '80s cars with Neil.

    Peter HulleyPeter Hulley7 måneder siden
  • Agreed...Chris Harris is so much better left to his own style and strong opinions...he is being ruined by Top Gear and would be well served to walk away from that immature disaster of a programme.

    HQBProductionsHQBProductions7 måneder siden
  • Bmw Lowkey dropping the bag rn 🤣🤣🤣

    Ethan RobertsonEthan Robertson7 måneder siden
  • Did Chris Harris just call a *coupé* a *coop* ? What the hell?

    StephenStephen7 måneder siden
  • Old man go drive merc

    Sahl IsmailSahl Ismail7 måneder siden
  • E46 m3 best BMW m car ever

    dragonslayer d3dragonslayer d37 måneder siden
  • Doesn’t look like a m car? Is he talking about the same car coz that is a proper m car

    Amin.VlogsAmin.Vlogs7 måneder siden
  • Words of wisdom from Chris

    yankidiotyankidiot7 måneder siden
  • BMW just doesn’t get the design and concept of the 8 series right. Expect for the i8. I personally drive the current M5, which is as fast as the M8 and it’s the ultimate Allrounder.

    navidskinavidski7 måneder siden
  • badge works in that price point because it owns one of the best in the world car technologyes, and over 100 years of racing spirit.

    pacho kardanapacho kardana7 måneder siden
  • For that money there is nothing better than M8. M8 is true 100 years of history. One brand not owned by VW or Tata 😁😁😁 like english craps...ops

    pacho kardanapacho kardana7 måneder siden
  • 4:17 looks like something Honda would make from the rear, need to be able to see the arches

    ImSJPCImSJPC7 måneder siden
  • Let's be honest here ... The old 8 series was and looked special ... The new one doesn't!!

    Arvin PeopleinloveArvin Peopleinlove7 måneder siden
  • BMW are just like mobile phones makers, only after bring out a new model to keep sheepish buyers forever updating to a new car. The best BMW are in the past. #oldschoolbimmers.

    CK 888CK 8887 måneder siden
  • BMW MUST8NG. BMW is lazy with this design. I'll take the Aston, Alfa, RS7 or plethora of other neck turning beasts.

    Jordan JoestarJordan Joestar7 måneder siden
  • 0:51 Is he wearing a diaper or huuuuung

    WajnerWajner7 måneder siden
  • looking at it from the side it could be a 4 series

    Johann EhrlichJohann Ehrlich7 måneder siden
  • 100K for 620 PS? Is he drunk? But else: the best 8 series here is the 840d Cabrio.

    Perry KrellPerry Krell7 måneder siden
  • incorrect facts. Its not 167 grand. M8 comp is available with most of the technology is available for 127 grand and it is 625 HP. Amazing to drive and on a best day 0-60 in 2.9 sec. Its loaded with technology. Not a fair review at all with lot of incorrect info.

    Sheikh AhmadSheikh Ahmad7 måneder siden
  • Man this guy thinks he's genius. BMW established themselves as one of the best in the business and yet a guy like him come criticising them. I have seen this car on the road and it looked absolutely amazing.

    Zia ZakiZia Zaki7 måneder siden
  • I agree. M2 and M3/4 look awesome. This? NO

    Mlu KuboneMlu Kubone7 måneder siden
  • BMW 1M👌

    Sau LuSau Lu7 måneder siden
  • Top gear is shit, it was only worth watching with Jeremy Clarkson.

    NadzNadz7 måneder siden
  • ‘and Chris, don’t bring up some old obscure M Car nobody knows about...’ Can someone escort this champion out, because he’s very lost in this conversation. E28s, E30s, E34s, E36s, those are the M classics that you need to give weight to when you look to these new models and I know Chris would agree!

    ATOWN112ATOWN1127 måneder siden
  • I love Chris, but this interviewer.. I really don’t like his style, all the interruptions etc..

    Rasul AvtorhanovRasul Avtorhanov7 måneder siden
  • Bring Hamilton back. This is shit

    sodom agilasodom agila7 måneder siden
  • Could someone tell me what the last car Chris mentioned was! Couldn't work it out, Cos he said it too quickly,

    M 0077M 00777 måneder siden
    • Thanks

      M 0077M 00777 måneder siden
    • The E28 M5, I think.

      Neil McMahonNeil McMahon7 måneder siden
  • Buy a 2020 m5 competition which I think is the best bmw of all time, or maybe the e39 m5 cos of the manual gearbox.

    Kristian SpencerKristian Spencer7 måneder siden
  • Handful of 911s worthy of the 160k price tag over this thing

    sasaMKsasaMK7 måneder siden
  • nice impreza in background

    Pops & flamesPops & flames7 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris only, please! Please!

    Vali PirosVali Piros7 måneder siden
  • If i own that amount of money i will pay it with hesitation

    Stan MathersStan Mathers7 måneder siden
  • The angry Persian who speaks his mind and it's so refreshing to hear someone who is passionate about cars

    Sky BoundSky Bound7 måneder siden
  • Chris looks like Guardiola

    Just Vibin'Just Vibin'7 måneder siden
  • Despite Chris being brilliant, these interviews are always made almost unwatchable by the 'other guy'.

    Nicholas StanfieldNicholas Stanfield7 måneder siden
  • That guy just hates bmw

    OhReflexOhReflex7 måneder siden
  • It has been said that if it dont have faults on the screen there is something wrong !

    ferkemallferkemall7 måneder siden
  • BMW = B ig M oney W aste ! lol

    ferkemallferkemall7 måneder siden
  • Love how everyone is suddenly an M aficionado, by just saying they should still be building them like they did 20 years ago. No, glad BMW does what they do best while growing their market and still being at the top of the charts.

    Giom MoutonGiom Mouton7 måneder siden
    • @Mario Riccardi I sure did, sir.

      Giom MoutonGiom Mouton7 måneder siden
    • Have you driven one from 20 years ago?

      Mario RiccardiMario Riccardi7 måneder siden
  • Says competition Weighs as much as a whale!!

    Justice WarriorJustice Warrior7 måneder siden
  • M6 grand coupe was the last styling that beamer really got it.

    Abdul DonAbdul Don7 måneder siden
  • I hate todays BMW's. They are ugly

    marcducatimarcducati7 måneder siden
  • I love the entire 1 series coupe/cabrio line. I’ve wanted one for ages and have finally got a straight six N52 cabrio, if I get some 1M bits it would be perfection. It’s just the right size, so balanced, so easy to safely drift, only problem is the steering is a bit over-assisted.

    Christopher O'GradyChristopher O'Grady7 måneder siden
  • I’d go for the M6 cabrio. Although it should have a manual option. So has to be the much uglier M4 convertible if you like engaging top down driving with back seats

    Christopher O'GradyChristopher O'Grady7 måneder siden
  • I almost love these Chris Harris insights and thoughts more enjoyable than the Top Gear episodes itself.

    RazzleDazzleRazzleDazzle7 måneder siden
  • I'm not saying he isn't right, but if you look at the M8 competitors ... the story is roughly the same.

    RonholdRonhold7 måneder siden
  • Just saying...

    Adam at BMWAdam at BMW7 måneder siden
  • Looks like a Ford mustang GT

    john moserjohn moser7 måneder siden
  • M nowadays stands for Marketing. And BMW is right to do so. There are less fortunate hardcore petrolheads than carowners that wants to make an impression to show they have the bucks.

    sjonhighsjonhigh7 måneder siden
  • I totally disagree with Chris Harris on the M2, nobody even knew about the 2 series till the M2 arrived !!! You barely see one a month on the roads, Chris loves the M2 because it's small and now has the M3 engine,but a great looking car ??? Don't think so ! The 8 series looks mega ,the most beautiful BMW in the lineup,but yes it's very,very expensive

    Andrei AramaAndrei Arama7 måneder siden
  • Miss this guys NOworld reviews!m from back in the day!

    Jack O'KeefeJack O'Keefe7 måneder siden
  • is it possible to remap the earlier versions of the M4 without increase of HP ?

    unjustkatanaunjustkatana7 måneder siden
    • Yes

      TwistedSouLTwistedSouL7 måneder siden
  • As soon as the guy said BMW "MATE" made me realise why I font watch Top Gear anymore

    Hassan A. MohammedHassan A. Mohammed7 måneder siden
  • Hands down best M car is the e39 M5.

    KalepsisKalepsis7 måneder siden
  • Thank you Chris. Call what it is.

    Jack'o all TradesJack'o all Trades7 måneder siden
  • Was in a passenger seat the other day, unimprressed really

    14energy14energy7 måneder siden
  • I wonder what Chris Harris would think if Lexus actually produces a 600+ hp LC-F that undercuts the M8 Competition in price and weight.

    venomspeakvenomspeak7 måneder siden
  • That Subaru in the back is Nice

    king kong kahnking kong kahn7 måneder siden
  • I’ve long found myself predisposed to want BMW vehicles. The main reason is the beautiful styling.That being said the M8 is shocking for all the wrong reasons. It’s horrifyingly ugly. From the side view it reminds me of something that has fallen from the south end of a north bound bull.

    Alex VanburenAlex Vanburen7 måneder siden
  • Talking sh*t

    ZZ7 måneder siden
  • Can't agree more. Now with all joke models of M that are not real M like used to be 😢. It does not have an appearance of M like back in the day

    Norbert TrujanoNorbert Trujano7 måneder siden
  • "A pair of shoulders driving down the road" best description of the 1M I've heard

    Vaughn SigalVaughn Sigal7 måneder siden
  • Harris is spot on here

    A GA G7 måneder siden
  • The M8 is crap

    A GA G7 måneder siden