Chris Harris on... Ferrari F40 & Jaguar XJ220 | Top Gear: Series 29

14. okt.. 2020
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In the latest episode of Top Gear, the lads took some 80s and 90s supercar heroes for a spin around Yorkshire. Chris was in the legendary Ferrari F40. Freddie was in the 217mph Jaguar XJ220. And Paddy was in a Lamborghini Diablo... for a bit. So here's Chris taking us through the the F40 and XJ220, explaining what makes them so special and which one he prefers.
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Service & Feedback

  • Let's make like we're 90s bankers and choose between the F40 and XJ220? What you having?

    Top GearTop Gear9 dager siden
    • F40 any day

      Ms Betty is back...bitches!Ms Betty is back...bitches!Dag siden
    • F40

      Franz BranntweinFranz Branntwein3 dager siden
    • F40

      Canucker eh!Canucker eh!4 dager siden
    • I'll have Chris' 288 GTO with F40 handling thank you very much! Clearly a man with exquisite taste.

      milkymoocowmoomilkymoocowmoo4 dager siden
    • The XJ220. No F40 has ever actually done 200 mph without modifications. The only magazine to have claimed it was Quattroruote in their Ferrari-funded article; independent tests have only ever gotten 197 mph. Road and Track's independent test got the XJ220 to 211.7 mph (but also the Bugatti EB110 to 213.1 mph).

      Sam HarperSam Harper6 dager siden
  • You call this Top Gear???

    SmartzeneggerSmartzeneggerTime siden
  • who are these new guys it breaks my heart that the old ones left

    bestpirationbestpirationDag siden
  • So were just gonna ignore the 747 with 2 engines put together?

    Kenix2gudKenix2gudDag siden
  • The 220 is a gorgeous car. Has dated remarkably well.

    Josh CharlieJosh Charlie2 dager siden
  • If one had to go it had to be the Diablo.

    dorwood73dorwood733 dager siden
  • Welcome to Top Gear, we stole it from other people and barely mention them in the show! I don't know why our viewers declined dramatically! Maybe because you are trying your ass off to be a bit funny but it's not working, is it?

    Saman KhaledianSaman Khaledian3 dager siden
  • Xj all day long. My all time favourite car. I remember seeing it at Earl’s Court motor show at a very young birthday. Beautiful

    james allenjames allen3 dager siden
  • come to my channel ...

    NEWcars UANEWcars UA3 dager siden
  • F40.....epic machine 😎 I still have that Fastlane cassette recording with Mark Hales & Becky Adam. 911 club sport, Audi Quattro and Saph cossie. Thing is these days, I don’t have a sodding tape player to play it on 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Ian BarfordIan Barford3 dager siden
  • Chris Harris is the premiere motoring journalist / driver of his age. Many others may equal or indeed better his analytical comprehension of a car’s capabilities, but none conjoin that skill with his driving ability and bucket-load of enthusiasm for “things on four wheels”. 👍🏻

    jonathan collardjonathan collard3 dager siden
  • Rename the show Chris Harris featuring Top Gear

    Add - JAdd - J4 dager siden
  • What a bunch of tools. Bring back the old guys

    D whatD what4 dager siden
  • 'Looks like me after a large Indian'... there's more than 2 ways to take that...

    Doug SwampRatDoug SwampRat4 dager siden
  • F40 is cool but the xj220 still looks 20 years newer. How can he say the xj220 hasn't aged well, the f40 looks like it's made from Lego. If Ferrari had built the fastest car in the world with a V6 I'm sure Chris would say it was amazing, because Ferrari did it.

    DJ GouldingDJ Goulding4 dager siden
  • I'm 49 this year, and was a teenager when both these amazing cars was unleashed on the world. And I'm so thankful, so amazed, still in awe of these two monsters. Ferrari F40 shook the world when it was released, but it was a Ferrari and with Enzo having passed away not long before, it was expected to perform as the epitome of the dreams of the old man. Jaguar? Totally out of left field, came out of nowhere, totally blindsided us. Those in the know, didn't share, and we were, ironically thankful. It was a time before the internet and the mass media of today. And I remain thankful to have had the joy of being a part of the world and seeing something totally new. And not be totally jaded about it 6 months before it's grand unveiling.

    D DelaneyD Delaney4 dager siden
  • Sounds like Paddy and Chris are getting along like a house on fire, lol

    Robert SmithRobert Smith4 dager siden
  • I love the enthusiasm Chris Harris has for all things cars. It’s refreshing and he appears to be a true “car guy”.

    Trevor FieldingTrevor Fielding4 dager siden
  • Jaguar looks like a cat fish😂😂😂

    kumar Ankitkumar Ankit4 dager siden
  • Yes the F40 is lovely but it doesn't compare to the majesty of the XJ220. If you complain about the V6.. then do you have a problem with the Lotus Espirit with it's 4 banger? or 911 also with 6cyls The XJ was raw, untamed and ready for a fight... but has a beautiful sophisticated look to it. In the end, to each their own - but It has always grinded my gears that the F40 gets all the fan fair because it was a "Ferrari" while other monsters of the time like the Bugatti EB110e, Mercedes CLK GTR Street Version & Porsche 959 were overlooked I'm well aware the XJ220 concept had AWD V12 which would have been insanity if that was actually made.. but they couldn't get the desired horsepower out of the V12 so they opted for the turbo V6 and at the time no transmission could withstand the torque/power for the AWD system... and yet even still it pushed passed to get the world record - and not only that there was an even faster version that was faster than the Mclaren F1... just one problem, they only built 6.. not the ~25 needed for the minimum qualification needed to be considered a production car. The "S" model produced nearly 700 Horsepower and had complete carbon fibre body - Designed by Tom Walkinshaw with TWR. TL;DR - people will always pick on the negatives... but if you truly look at any supercar of the era, it won't take you long to realise the F40 really wasn't anything special compared to the others, even perhaps rather sub-par. I will of cause say again the F40 is a lovely car but the other offerings out there (especially the XJ) were that much more sweeter!

    ImmortalInflamesImmortalInflames5 dager siden
  • Short clips like these remind me why I'm so glad Monkey got the gig with Top Gear. Was always his calling.

    PopolouPopolou5 dager siden
  • Poor Diablo 😭

    Donna WelshDonna Welsh5 dager siden
  • I still don't understand why people the F40 is beautiful. It's Ok. The front end is very average and uninspired

    Richard LehouxRichard Lehoux5 dager siden
  • What was the 3d car they were supposed to drive?

    Erik RegnellErik Regnell5 dager siden
  • I prefer the modified XJ220 with the nonpopup headlights but the car is overall a beauty, same with the F40 (preferred the racing version.)

    MAVvHMAVvH6 dager siden
  • some mclaren fan is not happy about harris f40 words

    Mauro NigroMauro Nigro6 dager siden
  • What's the story behind the altered 747? Is that a movie plane? What's the reg#?

    RedLP5000SRedLP5000S6 dager siden
  • Wish you two did more stuff for longer videos

    Crazy LegoCrazy Lego6 dager siden
  • When do they drive

    ArfdogArfdog6 dager siden
  • More of this

    Alix ChAlix Ch6 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍

    SVrebuildsSVrebuilds6 dager siden
  • Chris Harris is right about back in the day. Something to be said about the old school handmade supercars that paved the way for the cars of today. Also just because it is old, doesn't mean it isn't good.

    James AngleJames Angle6 dager siden
  • I’m not convinced that ‘you gotta admire the man’s balls’ was the exact wording he was going for

    CPadsSkiesCPadsSkies6 dager siden
  • Harry Metcalfe was once asked by one of his veiwers, "What was the most disappointing "Don't meet your heroes" car that he'd driven?" He said "the Ferrari F40". I was quite surprised until he explained himself. Harry's age and experience is highly underrated. Harry has two Countach's and a Testarossa. Thanks.

    christdragonchristdragon6 dager siden
  • chris has so much passion for cars. those grand tour guys should pick him up.

    A CA C6 dager siden
    • No

      FBIFBI6 dager siden
  • The XJ220’s looks didn't age well?? Good grief Chris, take that man's petrol-head card away, and give him a slap! He clearly has no taste.

    Damion LeeDamion Lee6 dager siden
  • 5:50 *That's what she said...*

    EyesOfByesEyesOfByes6 dager siden
  • I guess you could say that the Diablo finally met the Diablo.

    boy638boy6386 dager siden
  • new Top Gear still sucks. It will never be what the old was. It will just fade away....

    CollateralcoffeeCollateralcoffee6 dager siden
  • Jag xj220 has Austin rover v6 power

    KierenBOI MUFCKierenBOI MUFC6 dager siden
  • I like top gear again, life ain’t all bad

    jpcreavin92jpcreavin926 dager siden
  • I just dug it out and still have that issue of CAR, the headline was "There will never be another month like this" and the 4th section on the cover was an Aston Martin Zagonda v 288GTO, September 1987

    Notso SwiftNotso Swift7 dager siden
  • The Porsche 959 brought achievable supercar performance to those who had the cash, but no skill.

    Rob TapRob Tap7 dager siden
  • Yes Viper GTS! A car you had to drive and didn't rely on all the computer bullshit!

    Richard AtchleyRichard Atchley7 dager siden
  • XJ220 for me

    Tommy CruzTommy Cruz7 dager siden
  • I have a soft spot for the XJ220 it’s a gorgeous car!! F40 is badass obviously but the Jaagggggg is so pretty

    Ian ThompsonIan Thompson7 dager siden
  • This presenter is dreadful

    Lucas DavisonLucas Davison7 dager siden
  • nice talk......just drive those machines man!

    CommendatoreCommendatore7 dager siden
  • Jag took the back lights from a rover 400

    AyeRight85AyeRight857 dager siden
  • Haven't watched yet, commenting at 0:00, but you are beating the brand names F-40 and XJ-220 to death. They need to rest as main heroes. Reference, bottom line, yes, but they are retirees now, you make them work too hard for elderly retirees.

    PenkillerDIYPenkillerDIY7 dager siden
  • Chris harris is right about the xj220 its a beaut does anyone remember chris on renault tv haha

    broken widgetbroken widget7 dager siden
  • That Mark Hales F40 audio review is seared into my memory. So vivid!

    Simon MurfinSimon Murfin7 dager siden
  • Chris went full James May on that outfit. And to be clear, that’s not a critique.

    AG24AG247 dager siden
  • Henry managed just fine in the Diablo SV

    pwillemsen1000pwillemsen10007 dager siden
  • Can you please make the sound more shit. I can almost hear them. Thanks.

    Aardvark MindshankAardvark Mindshank7 dager siden
  • I would absolutely take the f40 above all money aside cause isn’t one worth like 50 mill or something crazy now ???

    James CaricolaJames Caricola8 dager siden
    • no, they're around 2 million - I just checked online.

      Alun ChisholmAlun Chisholm6 dager siden
  • F40 in black please

    actionkiller 47actionkiller 478 dager siden
  • My Toyota starlet has bitten me already in the Wet she is a Gocart on the road lol but that F40

    Ramon BlackzRamon Blackz8 dager siden
  • Chris' F40 vs F50 video is one of the best things in the whole Internet

    slimiganslimigan8 dager siden
    • The Holy Trinity video is better.

      amarjit singhamarjit singh7 dager siden
  • hang on, what is wrong wit the mic quality?

    ShotsFired andMissedShotsFired andMissed8 dager siden
  • Given Flintoff's reaction to his 200mph attempts in the (beautiful) XJ220, can somebody introduce him to a team that can take him to Le Mans next year? Chris Hoy did well (considering the team change issues), and the documentary that followed him was a great watch. I feel Flintoff's experience would be every bit as interesting. Top Gear Le Man's special, come on guys and gals, make it happen!

    Damion LeeDamion Lee8 dager siden
  • Top Gear needs to be just these two.

    MashmarrinerMashmarriner8 dager siden
  • A better comparison would be Ferrari F40 vs Jaguar XJR-15. That would be a tougher choice. Against the XJ220 though the F40 is the easy choice.

    Still SearchingStill Searching8 dager siden
  • XJ220's Ass. F40 Body, Performance & Soul. Born in 80's & Love the Ferrari Fuck I'm almost F40✌️❤️

    Blue 8961Blue 89618 dager siden
  • Chris Harris' voice sounds horrible on the pixel 5 speakers :-(

    Armin H.Armin H.8 dager siden
  • Haha, "thanks boss" !

    StuartStuart8 dager siden
  • Heroes from my childhood; I honestly can't choose! ...but had the Diablo been present!

    Stu047Stu0478 dager siden

  • I’m pretty sure I watched a story on Chris Harris’ Insta where he was asked what car didn’t live up to expectations? He said the Ferrari F40 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Chris GreenChris Green8 dager siden
    • It didn’t, but doesn’t mean it’s not a great car.

      Fiji FiFiji Fi8 dager siden
  • 1:35 The GTS vipers were on 335/30R18 Michelin MX SXX or Pilot Sports. The tyre technology was fine. You just spun the car with too much right foot.

    BremBrem8 dager siden
  • These chats are great. Keep them coming, guys.

    beijingbondbeijingbond8 dager siden
  • Xj220 is absolutely awesome But the F40 is the king

    Brad KellsBrad Kells8 dager siden
  • Nobody in their right mind would EVER take ANY car over the F-40.

    Danny DDanny D8 dager siden
    • @Danny D Based on what!? Your choice in car and my absolute refusal!? No, I don't think so there's only one dumbass here>YOU!?😂

      amarjit singhamarjit singh7 dager siden
    • @amarjit singh then you're obviously an idiot.

      Danny DDanny D7 dager siden
    • Look it's a cool car!? But let's pipe down on the "any" car bit!? There IS and I WOULD!?

      amarjit singhamarjit singh7 dager siden
  • Love this segment. Just listening to Chris talk about cars. Simple but immensely entertaining.

    Eric M.Eric M.8 dager siden
  • I'm Single 😍😥

    yeimy gaitanyeimy gaitan8 dager siden
  • This is not top gear

    dat boi is confirmeddat boi is confirmed8 dager siden
  • My goodness how good does a Ferrari F40 look

    Daniel AstleDaniel Astle8 dager siden
  • Top gear used to also drive the cars... :/

    Steve RGRSteve RGR8 dager siden
  • Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Frank GregoryFrank Gregory8 dager siden
  • I'm Alone 😍😥

    Tainara CamposTainara Campos8 dager siden
  • “Wasn’t being responsible” OUCH

    Thomas BaileyThomas Bailey8 dager siden
  • I might be the minority here but as much as I love the F40, the xj220 is more appealing to me though

    pelper1pelper18 dager siden
  • Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    nando adrsnando adrs8 dager siden
  • i miss old top gear......

    ZRSZRS8 dager siden
  • This is how chris harris should be when hes hosting the show a proper car man not trying too hard to be funny clarkson hammond and may where just naturally funny let it flow man

    Josh ReisJosh Reis8 dager siden
    • A certain shouting little man scripted that crap. We knew how Chris was prior and then the disappointment of seeing him portrayed like that, what a shame.

      nizm0mannizm0man3 dager siden
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    Hannah CoatesHannah Coates8 dager siden

    Levi StewartLevi Stewart8 dager siden
  • You guys suck.. your fired

    Sean LiburdSean Liburd8 dager siden
  • Enzo vs F1

    Cars drive Cars driveCars drive Cars drive8 dager siden
  • The rear end of the XJ is porn

    Tha Likely LadTha Likely Lad8 dager siden
  • I'd be so miffed at Chris's closing comment if I was the owner of that crashed Diablo!

    Tom BanksTom Banks8 dager siden
  • I think harris secretly doesn't like him. always looks awks

    A TA T8 dager siden
  • 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    graca azevedograca azevedo8 dager siden
  • F40 looks so outdated and boxy.

    drdoomgoat 38drdoomgoat 388 dager siden
  • Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    gabriel nascimentogabriel nascimento8 dager siden
  • XJ220 is ugly? That dude in white has no idea what he's on about. F40 may be the better looking but no way the Jag is ugly. In every NOworld clip of new top gear i see, he's spewing out some bullshit, no wonder nobody watches the show anymore.

    Must_Tang BossMust_Tang Boss8 dager siden
  • Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

    Frank GregoryFrank Gregory8 dager siden
  • Love how Harris was once blacklisted by Ferrari, and now they have to come cap in hand to him. He must love it.

    treecrushertreecrusher8 dager siden
  • Gotta love Monkey.. well not in that way...

    Vok StarVok Star8 dager siden
  • Audio devices used for this video are also from 90's. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    BlackMountain17BlackMountain178 dager siden