Chris Harris Drives... Sportscars: V12 Vantage S, AMG GT R, Porsche 911 GT3RS | Top Gear

22. mai. 2020
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Harris is back with another compilation and this time he's driving some of the best sports cars from the past few years.
OK, so we've stretched the definition of sports car a little, from the 718 Boxster S - with it's questionable cylinder count - to an Aston Martin with more cylinders than a Pringles factory, there's a wide-range of road and track-based goodies going sideways, all with driver involvement front of mind.
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  • Do true sportscars need a manual 'box, or do some people just need to be told "GET WITH THE TIMES, GRANDAD"?

    Top GearTop Gear5 måneder siden

      wayne hwayne h9 dager siden
    • They should offer both.

      boredgunnerboredgunner21 dag siden
    • Top Gear I own a manual Porsche 911 and I say get with the times.

      Garth Loves CARSGarth Loves CARS2 måneder siden
    • Manual for the win!!

      aaronredbaronaaronredbaron3 måneder siden
    • Hands down Sports cars should be with MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS.

      Chanuka_RulezChanuka_Rulez4 måneder siden
  • 2:15 who tf is that?

    Nick VaandragerNick Vaandrager27 dager siden
  • I love the Aston color schemes!

    lonetrader1lonetrader1Måned siden
  • Blending that hammering v12 noise in just so. Nicccce.

    LexTNevilleLexTNeville2 måneder siden
  • This all a german car s

    Nuri JoumaNuri Jouma2 måneder siden
  • I love the 4 cylinder 365 HP engine. Performance, not sound is all that matters.

    John LukeJohn Luke2 måneder siden
  • If the same word were said by Clarkson trust me they would sound better

    Drift NationDrift Nation3 måneder siden
  • The bmw is waterskiing go soft wirh the throtle nice video

    Juan MJuan M4 måneder siden
  • you know a journalist is good when his subject is clear, and you know when a journalist is great when he is commended more than what he commends. chris harris, ladies and gentlemen

    Allen MirandaAllen Miranda4 måneder siden
  • PORSCHE : to prononciate, take the O from VOX, and, &, put this damn E in the trash ! that's normal

    Colin LRColin LR4 måneder siden
  • Chris your a very lucky man.

    John EvansJohn Evans4 måneder siden
  • RIP Hans Menzger... master of Porsche sixes

    Hazza KnoxHazza Knox4 måneder siden
  • Waiting for your Chris Harris drives the best of hot hatches

    WeatherFoxWeatherFox4 måneder siden
  • Road

    Gavi FreilichGavi Freilich4 måneder siden
  • What roud was the Cayman in ??

    Gavi FreilichGavi Freilich4 måneder siden
  • Where's the Nissan GT-R??? Forget about the AMG GT R

    Chanuka_RulezChanuka_Rulez4 måneder siden
  • You didnt have to be so negative about the car to get a million views

    Moses RonoMoses Rono4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris...somehow he is spot on when explaining his position. No need to guess what he means. THAT I do like!

    MrSpeedSixMrSpeedSix4 måneder siden
  • chris harris is carrying the whole top gear for quite some time now

    Vaggelis KaravolosVaggelis Karavolos4 måneder siden
  • Porsche is still a daddy 😂

    Justin CheahJustin Cheah4 måneder siden
  • I am not a fan of Rear-engined cars, so I am not a fan of most Porshe cars. Front engine and mid engine is the only way to go. I'll take oversteer vs understeer any day.

    WaRLoKWYATTWaRLoKWYATT4 måneder siden
  • The Vantage is one of my favorite cars on planet earth. I hope to have one, one day.

    WaRLoKWYATTWaRLoKWYATT4 måneder siden
  • schakelen moest verplicht worden , met twee handen aan het stuur .. of is het arrogantie?

    adrie schuurbiersadrie schuurbiers4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris and Doug demuro combine, any one?

    Boy PrinceBoy Prince4 måneder siden
  • Top Gear NEEDS Chris Harris - not the other way around.....

    joey njoey n4 måneder siden
  • how do you learn to drive like this...

    Alex RoanAlex Roan4 måneder siden
  • The gt3 is the best track weapon but if I was buying a car it would be the AMG GTR I think it looks better and it's a better gt car-daily driver

    Evan FieldEvan Field4 måneder siden
  • Chris do the review,just great...

    Tomo Adji 95Tomo Adji 954 måneder siden
  • Why did you kick the other lot out looks like your shows gone down the drain lol

    Chodahry ZafeerChodahry Zafeer4 måneder siden
  • It's awful how these turbo cars just ruin the engine note of what could be a glorious sound

    Andrew SchwabAndrew Schwab4 måneder siden
  • Casting Chris Harris into the "plucky sidekick" role of Top Gear is an almost unforgivable mistake. You don't find this level of communication skill, passion, AND driver skill all in one package. Give Top Gear to Chris Harris. Fire the other two.

    John McFaddenJohn McFadden4 måneder siden
  • Wow! Keep them coming!

    CipherCipher4 måneder siden
  • Still no Ferrari F8 Tributo!!! Top Gear knows it blows everything else of competition

    Justice WarriorJustice Warrior4 måneder siden
  • GT3 and GT3RS is a sub 3 second car to 60 under/around $200k and is fully naturally aspirated, glorious noise, turns like a race car too, fast as HECK on track AND can come in manual. It's just such a modern day banger. Will be highly sought after in he future when cars don't make much noise anymore and natural aspiration is dead .

    ZDYZDY4 måneder siden
  • For a v12 in the vantage. I wish it sounded like a F1 car back in the 10/12 cylinder era

    Benny AngBenny Ang4 måneder siden
  • I love the lizard green GT3 RS we had in stock I drove it for about 500 miles. Problem is it’s too fast for the road.....too noisey for most track days and on B roads too stiff. When can you use it. This is not a point of view from a position of lack of knowledge I drove an R to collect this GT3 rs back to back. The R is superb ...but one to have for the road that has the essence of the R try a 987 spyder or a 981 spyder.....718 spyder is too quiet btw.

    Rev itRev it4 måneder siden
  • Love Porsche they are the pinnacle of sports car driving experience. So good That AMG GTR is amazing I want one. Looks great as well

    eichler721eichler7214 måneder siden
  • Imagine a show with Chris Harris and Henry Catchpole working together. I'd watch every episode three times.

    MonkeyMonkey4 måneder siden
  • The 718 Boxster just needs a big 'ole muffler for big SOOOBAWUUU noises.

    BmacRDXBmacRDX4 måneder siden
  • It's not normally asperated nower days normal is turbo is naturally asperated

    xXChilliGamerX xxXChilliGamerX x4 måneder siden
  • Does anyone knows what road is being shown in this?? I'd love to take my car for a blip down there

    BRCCBRCC4 måneder siden
  • All is well in the he’s throwing the Aston around. His job is awesome

    Eric TeigmanEric Teigman4 måneder siden
  • The AMG GTR is the best looking car I've ever seen... Its a Picasso Masterpiece

    Joshua C.Joshua C.4 måneder siden
  • This is Chris Harris.. not the on TV fake that has been. I purchased a car purely on a video on Chris Harris on cars. Chris keep up these sort of videos and you will keep lots of people very happy and entertained! 👍

    rjamess54rjamess545 måneder siden
  • We want the original gang back :(

    Dutch DoggoDutch Doggo5 måneder siden
  • I miss Jeremy Clarkson's voice, curly 80's hair and humour.

    Russell ThompsonRussell Thompson5 måneder siden
  • i love this video, greaat selection of cars and love that Chris Harris can really make us feel like we are in the car.

    Owen SnyderOwen Snyder5 måneder siden
  • to answer the question about the bmw... Um... No. That is NOT at the same level at the aston, porsche, or amg gt-r.

    Jas ChanaJas Chana5 måneder siden
  • This is automotiv art

    LudwigLudwig5 måneder siden
  • Interior is just love😍😍

    CARZ CLUBCARZ CLUB5 måneder siden
  • Aston Martin is the only still-extant part of the former British Empire that I really yearn for. Sadly I will never own one. By the time I'm rich enough to consider it, I will be too old to enjoy it, and they will probably not be anything like what they are now anyway.

    Shawn ElliottShawn Elliott5 måneder siden
  • the wing on the BMW is gross lol

    Life OutdoorsLife Outdoors5 måneder siden
  • Wait, did Chris Harris just say ‘normally aspirated’ instead of ‘naturally’?! (Only pointing at this to make up for being jealous of his driving ability! ;) )

    liambowers666liambowers6665 måneder siden
  • TOP GEAR ...IS...Chris Harris. He's the only reason I still watch. Give the show to this magnificent man.

    Eylone MusksonEylone Muskson5 måneder siden
  • I'd watch Chris review literally anything

    Lewisracing1018Lewisracing10185 måneder siden
  • Hi Chris. Is there a Review of the new Porsche 992 Turbo S in the near future ?

    Kevin ReathKevin Reath5 måneder siden
  • Porsche always does it better!!

    SoCal MotorheadsSoCal Motorheads5 måneder siden
  • what a whiner.....that other new Porsche has no cylinders at all....

    ryes hyesryes hyes5 måneder siden
  • This is a repost.....

    RicochetrabittRicochetrabitt5 måneder siden
  • Usa top gear sucks like It sUcKs

    Spyder FNSpyder FN5 måneder siden
  • Haha so many BMW fan bois crying after this review

    R.J & CoR.J & Co5 måneder siden
  • Only time I click on a Top Gear video now a days is if I see this mans name. Chris Harris.

    Jason GreenJason Green5 måneder siden
  • Harris is back with another compilation and this time he's presenting the best car review of the past few years.

    armin boroumandarmin boroumand5 måneder siden
  • Brilliant!

    Blk PigBlk Pig5 måneder siden
  • Just here for the BMW fanboy comments 🍿

    nicknick5 måneder siden
  • Chris, don't get soft on us. We love you for your brutal honestly. Either the Boxster is rubbish or brilliant but it's not both. C'mon, a Porsche with a 0 - 60 time in 4.0 seconds? Is this 1990? Just don't turn into one of those journalists. You are at the apex. Please, don't sell out now.

    davidhunternycdavidhunternyc5 måneder siden
  • the 4 cyl 718 are like a body builder with small peepee.. yes it maybe a working peepee, but still.. its small..

    Stigs stupid cousinStigs stupid cousin5 måneder siden
  • Anglesey 💓💓💕

    TheEpicCrumpetTheEpicCrumpet5 måneder siden
  • You don’t know what’s there to criticize! How abt the fact that it’s a limited run! And almost most of the worlds top 1% who can afford this car, still will be lucky to buy one if they find one to start with.

    jayrasheedjayrasheed5 måneder siden
  • I remember driving this 4-cyl 718 and coming out with a completely new-found love for my Bmw Z4M Coupe - which I still have

    Per EldhPer Eldh5 måneder siden
  • Does it have CarPlay and a Porsche Badge? Done!

    der Jackder Jack5 måneder siden
  • 477th 🙌😂

    S GS G5 måneder siden
  • No matter how many times I try to watch this style of Top Gear, I fail miserably every time!

    Don LaightDon Laight5 måneder siden
    • Go watch some Jackass then as that was what the old TG wanted to be.

      Eoin KennyEoin Kenny4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is more than a driver, he's a musician who's greatest talent is to play an instrument called automobile.

    Claudio PintoClaudio Pinto5 måneder siden
    • Hey, how did you guess that?

      nigerpodsnigerpods2 måneder siden
    • Yep. You nailed it.

      Dr. Rich BlxckmxnDr. Rich Blxckmxn4 måneder siden
  • I think 4 cyl engine is the correct one for spyder in thhis size.

    rahardian dianrahardian dian5 måneder siden
  • seen these already

    Trey QuattroTrey Quattro5 måneder siden
  • If only we had more videos like this. Chris Harris explaining the intricacies of cars, demonstrating how they can be driven. This is what Top Gear always used to be about and I think I could watch Chris discuss cars for a millenia. Great content, beautifully shot too Neil.

    C-J WatsonC-J Watson5 måneder siden
  • drive a civic type r right now and love it. man Porsche is my next dream car absolutely beautiful cars just for driving...Want a gt3 rs sooo bad. And yes I would not want to drive anything but a manual. :)

    CalquelaterCalquelater5 måneder siden
  • love the dinosaurses...aston /lexusus/r8 for me...

    אייל שניידראייל שניידר5 måneder siden
  • I feel like I'd be a bit afraid of money shifting a dog-leg 7-speed. Like you want to go from 4th to 3rd so you push it over, and oops ...first. In the Corvette the extra gear is on the right, so if you shift into it on accident, it's no big deal, you loose power. But with it on the left with the lower gears...I feel it could be wierd.

    Dolby109Dolby1095 måneder siden
  • wow delicious steering huh!😅😅😅 got me thinking of a night long bang🤣🤣🤣

    arkae karaearkae karae5 måneder siden
  • Did he say he was a bit 'simian'? Hilarious.

    ScottScott5 måneder siden
  • Beautiful Countryside. BTW not supposed to let the Weight Plates touch there Hercules.

    GewglesuxGewglesux5 måneder siden
  • Charris is the best thing about new tg

    Cameron YoungCameron Young5 måneder siden
  • Of course 4 cylinders is acceptable for a sports car. What would you regard the Mitsubishi Evo or Lotus Elise etc.? People movers?

    Dennis FDennis F5 måneder siden
  • Porsche, there's no substitute 😁

    Ricardo LandaverryRicardo Landaverry5 måneder siden
  • Porsche is dead, they completely sold their soul and shit on anything that made them Porsche, they went completely against all their principles and ideals and turned into a greedy mess.

    MrsMcMuffinMrsMcMuffin5 måneder siden
  • BMW's finest moments ended with the E series.

    Garth Loves CARSGarth Loves CARS5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is IMHO the only true talent around Top Gear since the trio left. The others were just there to satisfy focus groups.

    Robert Walton-SharpRobert Walton-Sharp5 måneder siden
  • AMG GT-R no good if you're taller than 5'8"...brilliant for North Koreans and descendants of miners.

    Dylan Benjamin WalterDylan Benjamin Walter5 måneder siden
  • Another brilliant review and critique. Great work. Chris, please drive the new C8. I know I can't be the only one who wants you opinion on that cars driving experience. We need to hear from you :)

    Anthony SerpicoAnthony Serpico5 måneder siden
  • 13:43 🤣

    DillonDillon5 måneder siden
  • I love Porsche, but I'd still rather have a Tesla.

    JustJamesJustJames5 måneder siden
  • The old boxster was a pretty dull to to be honest. Too quiet, smooth anodyne. No hard edges, the boxster is not meant to be a out and out sports car.

    Tz 6Tz 65 måneder siden
  • Thank you for posting this. More Chris Harris. More amazing cars. 👍😃🏎

    apex_noobapex_noob5 måneder siden
  • Nice vid. Nice job. But I missed the Full Laps at Anglesea from a fwd facing camera. Just one lap please.

    gforcegforce5 måneder siden
  • Swiss

    Svica JSvica J5 måneder siden
  • Fire the sound man.

    Xavi ChuvyXavi Chuvy5 måneder siden
  • cool

    ILgamingILgaming5 måneder siden
  • A real man buys a 911

    Mario GonzalezMario Gonzalez5 måneder siden