Chris Harris Drives... Retro: Ferrari 250LM, Mini Cooper S, Alfaholics GTA-R | Top Gear

30. mai. 2020
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This time Harris is behind the wheel of some old timers.... kind of. With these beautiful restomods and recreations, they're not necessarily as old as their beautiful looks suggest.
In the mix is a Ferrari 250LM going around Goodwood, the near-£200k Alfaholics GTA-R, and a recreation of the Bugatti Type 35. Not a bad showing then, eh?
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Service & Feedback

  • alpha! owned a 155 in south America. beast. have a 73 minin in CO go cart. I want that alpha.

    RobRob3 dager siden
  • Chris, again, another absolute mega video! Thanks! Out of all, I think the Alfa would be most fun.. but then again...

    D MaxD Max3 dager siden
  • As usual, Chris the Man is carrying the team. Thank you for keeping Top Gear alive 🙏

    Bob HansBob Hans10 dager siden
  • Fantastic car I've got a couple of minis also one with 130hhp and it's never needed a rebuild and been driven for the last 11 years but not with that much anger

    Daryl GiffenDaryl Giffen15 dager siden
  • What a great video this is! Awesome stuff chris!

    Da tremDa trem26 dager siden
  • what an awesome drive in the GTA. The weight of n Peugeot 1,9GTI is 880kg by the way. So it's 50kgs lighter!!

    Jan VinkJan Vink26 dager siden
  • That point where he said "the suspension is similarly sexy". First I have heard a suspension being described in that way

    Aldrin MadhendeAldrin Madhende27 dager siden
  • epic Thank U CHRIS

    Geret VinesGeret VinesMåned siden
  • I aggreed with Harris,for SAME amount of money,i will choose ALFA over a new modern car...classic with racing heritage at its best

    norafizan abdlatifnorafizan abdlatifMåned siden
  • Love the sound of a Na twin cam That sound. Yummy

    Jason griffoJason griffoMåned siden
  • Harris monkey is one lucky monkey. I could watch this again and again, awesome.

    John BaxendaleJohn BaxendaleMåned siden
  • Anybody know what a music play at 25:00

    Maksim SamotaevMaksim SamotaevMåned siden
  • best stress reliever is watching Chris go sideways!

    KCKCMåned siden
  • Harris: "Super unique car" Leno: "I own three of those" :D I love Singer and i would very much want to own one but that Alfa might be the nicest thing ive ever seen on 4-wheels.

    TSTSMåned siden
  • That is just excellent.

    Shaun FogartyShaun FogartyMåned siden
  • The new top gear should be canceled and replace it with Chris driving show. Who's agree with me?

    Pinky BeastPinky BeastMåned siden
  • 250LM - the stunner of the 60s Ferrari’s

    Brendan OdonnellBrendan OdonnellMåned siden
  • The gear shifter on the Alfa is like cutting through butter. One of the most fun cars to drive..ever

    Karan DewanKaran DewanMåned siden
  • Chris Harris is not involved.

    The Real TeaThe Real Tea2 måneder siden
  • It's a damn shame they stopped making the classic Mini, still it had an amazingly long production run.

    AdenzelAdenzel2 måneder siden
  • That Mini-Part was just filled with passion all around, very well done!

    Der KusslerDer Kussler2 måneder siden
  • Was this color graded by someone who is colorblind?

    yuh!yuh!2 måneder siden
  • Thumbs up for Alfa and Cooper S

    Veronica FeminaVeronica Femina2 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris's favourite expression "what a thing!"

    KookvisionKookvision2 måneder siden
  • This guy wears me out.

    John TechwriterJohn Techwriter2 måneder siden
  • Anyone know where Chris is driving that Bugatti? Those roads look incredible

    Sam BowmerSam Bowmer2 måneder siden
  • Really enjoy seeing Chris driving the classic stuff. I'd especially like to see him in a BMW 1800tisa and a 2002tii.

    Mark BrownMark Brown2 måneder siden
  • The sound of the engine is like music to my ears 🎼

    Teng LorTeng Lor2 måneder siden
  • Theres actually never been a car I wanted more then the gta

    AnimusTheFoxAnimusTheFox2 måneder siden
  • Why does the new Top Gear sucks, there are no big changes any more.

    florence sugutflorence sugut2 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is the best car reviewer bar none

    M. ThomasM. Thomas3 måneder siden
  • You must have to have enormous stones to race high value classic cars like that. What a nightmare balancing the fear of damaging them with your natural racing competitiveness and eye for a gap.

    Oliver SmiddyOliver Smiddy3 måneder siden
  • just imagine James May driving this

    Farhaan ShahidFarhaan Shahid3 måneder siden
  • i like James may and Jeremy and richard there just funny cool and awsome i dont mind the new guys

    Myke & WilfredMyke & Wilfred3 måneder siden
  • Chris and Henry from Carfection, I think are cut from the same cloth. Supremely passionate car guys who have a special appreciation for Engineering and the nuances of cars. It’s a treat to watch them.

    Kris PamidiKris Pamidi3 måneder siden
  • Chris is the only thing worth watching anymore he’s amazing

    Cameron YoungCameron Young3 måneder siden
  • God bless your and your family. May your mom be living a peaceful afterlife in heaven

    Austin GainesAustin Gaines3 måneder siden
  • 28:12 - Who the hell goesracing in a friggin' Wolseley???????? Muahahahaha....

    Ralf HenkeRalf Henke3 måneder siden
  • Heavily influenced by my dad who had a 1960 Giulietta Saloon (1292 cc) from new, purchased in South Africa, (Pretoria to Cape Town in 13.5 hours - including some considerable stretches of dirt roads at the time - a total of 998 miles), Europe for 5 years and then South Africa again, followed by a 1600 Giulia Super in the mid-seventies, and another Giulia Super with 1750 motor and dropped suspension back in the late seventies which I was allowed to drive once I had my licence - built by Datsun SA under licence; I purchased my own Alfetta 1800 saloon as a first car (same 1750 motor at 1779 cc). Absolutely loved all of them; the Alfetta was probably slightly more fragile - the start of the Russian-tin era and built by Alfa Romeo South Africa rather than Datsun/Nissan.....but definitely out-handled all it's ancestors... As a teen I worked at an Alfa-centric service station which cemented my love of all things Alfa Romeo. I drove Giulia Supers, step-front Juniors - not really my favourite as engine was small at 1292cc, Veloce's of various engine sizes and (only once) the final iteration 2 liter Veloce as well as the Duetto's and later Spiders and the Giulietta's that came out around that time. My favourite? 1750 Veloce - balance and poise in the twisties - only beaten by my own Alfetta Saloon which had superb 50/50 balance due to the de Dion rear axle and gearbox (anyone for a highway cloverleaf with an entry speed of 100 mph? exit 270 degrees at 85 mph) but hell, I would have loved to try the 2 litre Veloce in the same conditions. The one time I drove it the available torque over the 1600 and 1750 was super impressive, but no twisties as I was only delivering the car back to it's owner. I really want a Veloce or Junior today but with the Alfaholics specs. Sadly, at £190k- totally unaffordable. I should have built it way back then when I had the chance - but no money. 2.3 litre... what engine is that - must be bored out? and I would totally chrome that Cam cover and oil cap rather than black crackle 'em. Love the fact that the plug leads head back into the cab... what an incredibly awesome way to deal with condenser location, although that seems to be a long route back to the dizzy (no doubt it's not a distributor anymore either!) I'd give up a well over-used genital part to drive that car.....You are so, so, very lucky Mr Harris - I am green with envy!

    Evert de VriesEvert de Vries3 måneder siden
  • Working on shorts ☑️ Driving cars ☑️ Looking cool ☑️ Bois I found my dream work

    sini sunilsini sunil3 måneder siden
  • einfach zu viel

    Tomas VargaTomas Varga3 måneder siden
  • 29:18 is that Leopold von Bayern hugging Jochen Mass?

    Andreas SchmidtAndreas Schmidt3 måneder siden
    • Indeed it's them. Never knew they were into Minis... But then again ... who isn't?

      Ralf HenkeRalf Henke3 måneder siden
  • Sorry to hear about your Mum hope you are Ok mate. Thankyou for making this, awsome job great fun to watch would love to see more like this.

    david coodavid coo3 måneder siden
  • Nick Swift.Is there a better name for a race driver?

    Tony Brown-HaysomTony Brown-Haysom3 måneder siden
  • What a good piece of driving

    Christopher MckenzieChristopher Mckenzie4 måneder siden
  • its amazing to me. I don't understand where you get the confidence to throw these museum pieces around with 0 experience with them.

    RacingDMilanoRacingDMilano4 måneder siden
  • Leave the math to Vorderman and concentrate with those skills inherited from Mother. RIP.

    Gregory UKGregory UK4 måneder siden
  • He could carry the whole topgear on his own. A joy to watch. Passion screams from his mouth. The cars come second. It's all about the Harris!

    Bad-Bunny BloggerBad-Bunny Blogger4 måneder siden
  • just had a blood curdling moment ' thanks Chris ,

    Gerry FreemanGerry Freeman4 måneder siden
  • That Alfa is is just gorgeous. It's one of the sexiest little cars ever in my opinion.

    Les FlynnLes Flynn4 måneder siden
  • Sorry to hear about your mum Mr Harris. Met a patient who said she was "just a farm wife" then said oh and I rallied Escorts, Minis, Lancia and RX-7. Respect bro from NZ

    jamie harveyjamie harvey4 måneder siden
  • Arrrr!,real cars,real sound,real racing.thanks heaps.if only we could see racing of this type on a more regular basis.Love it!

    Larry HoskinsLarry Hoskins4 måneder siden
  • Chris, my condolences go out to you and your family for the loss of your mom. I bet she had great Mini stories to tell! And I’m sure she was a great woman...she raised a great man, all the best to you. -Tim G

    guldtegelguldtegel4 måneder siden
  • I can't express how much I enjoy watching this type of concent.

    iamandrejaiamandreja4 måneder siden
  • That’s 1,830 lbs, my friends. Half the weight - half! - of many normal-size coupes today. Mmmm!!

    Willy LambWilly Lamb4 måneder siden
  • This is almost three years old.

    Rafael LecuonaRafael Lecuona4 måneder siden
  • im celebrating 12 hours for an engine rebuild.....i love it hahaha, i can hardly afford to change the cv joint on my 1987 nissan sunny, but this made me smile....absolute smiles for those 12 hours would make it worth it

    mark hoodmark hood4 måneder siden
  • You're a role model and a hero Chris. I'm so sorry about your mom mate. I lost my dad, but seeing how you've dealt her passing has been an inspiration to me, to work harder in my dad's honor. Thank you for being an incredible human being, an incredible artist, and for dedicating so much time into making the most incredible videos.

    Kansei Dori x Theron LoganKansei Dori x Theron Logan4 måneder siden
  • That’s is a fab car and Awesome driving 👍

    andrew stubbingsandrew stubbings4 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who appreciates the video editing more the cars?

    Mahlogonolo LeshabaneMahlogonolo Leshabane4 måneder siden
  • that alpha just hunkers down and moves down the road....

    packrcchpackrcch4 måneder siden
  • id be happy if top gear 30 minutes was just chris harris racing cars.. with 30 minutes of paddy freedy jason messing about

    scarfy1988scarfy19884 måneder siden
  • Excellent

    scarfy1988scarfy19884 måneder siden
  • this is porn for me

    They don't know that we know they know we knowThey don't know that we know they know we know4 måneder siden
  • How can anyone “thumbs down” this? An absolute joy, thanks Chris

    Jason's TabJason's Tab4 måneder siden
  • Is it me or are some, if not all, of these clips are from the Chris Harris' old channel. I think I have seen the Ferrari clip before but I'm not 100% sure. I've been following Chris Harris since before Top Gear.

    TAL CTAL C4 måneder siden
  • I feel like this is old content from Chris Harris's original channel. Was really upset when he stopped posting on his own channel that content was for true car enthusiasts. Hopefully we can see more of this out of top gear!!

    Darryn HoskingDarryn Hosking4 måneder siden
  • Great vid... but it is three years old... Why not post that excellent Green Frog vid too. If you can't go forward go back.

    gforcegforce4 måneder siden
  • This car was the original hachiroku (ae86) formula. High revving I4, light chassis, solid rear axle.

    CorwinINaDSMCorwinINaDSM4 måneder siden
  • 125 hp and 600Kgms

    Mohammed Shahid NawazMohammed Shahid Nawaz4 måneder siden
  • Surprised that an already small car like that with carbon parts only weighs 830kg. My datsun in stock form with seats and all weighed 864kg. Now it weighs 770 in race trim. Although it definitely couldn't hold a candle to this alfa

    CameronCameron4 måneder siden
  • Don't even need the two other guys. Chris is Top Gear in this new era

    Reynaldo Dumalos Santos Jr.Reynaldo Dumalos Santos Jr.4 måneder siden
  • Chris is by far the best car reviewer in the world!!! No if ands or buts!

    RumeeezyyRumeeezyy4 måneder siden
  • How does this compare with the Volkswagen I.D. R? Rather similar I'd say...

    tubeless666tubeless6664 måneder siden
  • YES! More please, Chris! More Chris, please!

    Roger WilliamsRoger Williams4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is a Legend ...

    colintravellercolintraveller4 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know where the Bugatti video was shot?

    Mister AkiMister Aki4 måneder siden
  • The irony of classic minis being fixed by the Germans.👍👍😉

    Andy HuntAndy Hunt4 måneder siden
  • These are some of the all time great Harris highlights! I'd watch him throw a car around in wheel to wheel racing anyday.

    Brendan Fitness and MoneyBrendan Fitness and Money4 måneder siden
  • 23:24. Looks like he pitched it sideways about 100' before the turn!!

    Big PolskaBig Polska4 måneder siden
  • ලදී වගුරුවා සැනසිලි ඉදිරිපත් වත්

    Sara HallSara Hall4 måneder siden
  • Are those Singaporean plates on the GTA-R? Looks like it!

    Muhammad Assyaraf JohariMuhammad Assyaraf Johari4 måneder siden
  • Amazing alfa

    Jordan WilsonJordan Wilson4 måneder siden
  • Chris, am I seeing right? Is that a Twin Brother you have that's beside you when you exit the Ferrari?

    Caribbean GTRCaribbean GTR4 måneder siden
  • You'd have to have balls of steel to slide around those priceless cars at goodwood.

    Darren GarloffDarren Garloff4 måneder siden
  • Errr ang on, you said Cleveland in the West Country, either your talking about some where else or your talking about where I live in the north east ??? Not the West Country. Please don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to stand in your toes just mearly asking for a bit more info as I can’t find it on google earth ??? Ta !

    stuart coynestuart coyne4 måneder siden
  • Old is gold

    Mr SmileyMr Smiley4 måneder siden
  • one of the best videos i´ve seen this year. kudos Chris

    Felipe OliveiraFelipe Oliveira4 måneder siden
  • Alfa is going down because of european laws

    car wantedcar wanted4 måneder siden
  • goddam hes a bore

    toby semlertoby semler4 måneder siden
  • the alfa looks like it has a Singapore carplate number

    Harvard ChongHarvard Chong4 måneder siden
  • 24:48 speedo isn't working

    Aled DaviesAled Davies4 måneder siden
  • Cooper s was the best

    Aled DaviesAled Davies4 måneder siden
  • That Alfa Romeo engine sound...... This is why we hate you Chris :D

    Azri Zain ZainalAzri Zain Zainal4 måneder siden
  • its like rob wilson move on steering there.. like alonso or schumi, or maybe the most talented race driver do that. anyway like the energy chris gave to this show. the old show told me that how car anthusiast represent the car, and the new show is like told me that like the old show but plus professional opinion.

    Ivan IriantoIvan Irianto4 måneder siden
  • Love the Alfa.

    AlofzicoAlofzico4 måneder siden
  • Half an hour flew by, and I thank you for that. This is the best compilation you've done.

    Mikeado66Mikeado664 måneder siden
  • Is it me or that GTA sounds like initial D's AE86? I love that engine sound!

    ZxRx7ZxRx74 måneder siden
  • Yeah, and you aint a true petrolhead until you owned a Alfa... I’ve owned 17... Greatings from Sthlm Sweden

    Filip WennergrenFilip Wennergren4 måneder siden
  • great. Thank you. For me as a german, who cant watch top gear on TV its great to get some glimps of it here

    AtombrotAtombrot4 måneder siden