Chris Harris Drives... Best of Supercars: Ford GT, Lamborghini Huracan, 488 Pista | Top Gear

2. juli. 2020
405 726 Ganger

Supercars... the embodiment of performance driving machines. Sure, we love a kooky lightweight track special as much as anyone else, but the drama, performance and bedroom poster accreditation of supercars make them more intoxicating than anything else. So, here's Chris Harris hammering a few of our favourites.
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  • And if 47 minutes and 43 seconds isn't enough skids for you, here's a compilation of the best Chris Harris drifts:

    Top GearTop Gear3 måneder siden
    • I love when he turns off the bits n Bob’s

      Richard MahoneyRichard Mahoney4 dager siden
    • @The Abishkar it depends on the country how it is displayed. So if it is 44 in your country, it is 43 somewhere else (basicly 1 second lower as displayed in your country). But it isn't about the full second. It means the video ends somewhere between the 43.50 and 43.99 seconds. One country says 'it's not a full second so it's 43 (and a bit, with a minimum of 43.00 and a max of 43.99)', other countries say 'its between 43.50 and 44.49 so it's 44'. And that boys and girls, is why sometimes those time tags from other people can appear a second too early.

      Laurens WoltermannLaurens WoltermannMåned siden
    • I will say the new top gear is not as good but Chris Harris is the only reason i will watch

      Brecken BarnhardtBrecken Barnhardt3 måneder siden
    • @Juandre Beziudenhout u say that cuz u don’t want things to change. Deal with it.

      QWERTYQWERTY3 måneder siden
    • Far too many Adverts !!

      Jeremy RigdenJeremy Rigden3 måneder siden
  • I would love to see Dodge pull a Corvette and make a Viper Mid Engine. I'm absolutely in love with the Viper besides the fact that it kind of looks like a clown shoe (a sexy clown shoe) and drives like a donut machine (which is cool, just doesnt inspire confidence). I think it would be an absolute hit.

    cybertreecybertree5 dager siden
  • Chris H is sound, the other two are only fit to broadcast to the under twelves.

    Trevor AstleyTrevor Astley5 dager siden
  • just see: this 1mi visualizações top gear over 20mi always...

    rrr zanrrr zan15 dager siden
  • isso não é top gear! esse mané só dirige supercarros pq é JABA pra quem entende.

    rrr zanrrr zan15 dager siden
  • the R8 is just a Huracan with a different body

    Indy3%erIndy3%er15 dager siden
  • Could Chris be the stig? he can drive his ass off

    Indy3%erIndy3%er15 dager siden
  • Viper, yes please

    Quincy GamingQuincy Gaming15 dager siden
  • Skoda the way forward.

    M.M.16 dager siden
  • Lol? why would I watch this instead of TGT?

    AkshayAkshay25 dager siden
  • 29:12 almost every f and f movie

    jayden gravesonjayden gravesonMåned siden
  • these are the only people who dont clickbait or who i trust behind the wheel

    jayden gravesonjayden gravesonMåned siden
  • 23:06 - "And this isnt even the 'S Model'" *offers up one of the most fun drifts ever caught on camera

    Will EngellWill EngellMåned siden
  • Don’t even act like you’re better than Richard Hammond James May and Clarkson

    FOXYBOY PlaysFOXYBOY PlaysMåned siden
  • That part in the 4GT was the most boring Top Gear clip I’ve ever seen

    Brandon SmithBrandon SmithMåned siden
  • Chris Harris, the car whisperer.

    Barlyn UribeBarlyn UribeMåned siden
  • Bring back Jeremy

    Billy WBilly WMåned siden
  • The description, the driving and the music, just perfect.. Congrats guys.

    Fer Music&speedFer Music&speedMåned siden
  • I truly appreciate your professional insight to these cars amd their performance value. Priceless.... Your check will be in the mail 🤴🏾👏🏽🤷🏾‍♂️💣💥👍🏾

    Bsxe BeamuldéBsxe BeamuldéMåned siden
  • Ill have you know im watching this from arizona and its raining. I also don't have a smoothie.

    I RoyleI RoyleMåned siden
  • 46:02 He refers to what people think in 2018. If I look at the weather, Chris' tan and how he is dressed it must have been shot somewhere august 2018. And yet this video is released on the 2nd of July 2020.

    Laurens WoltermannLaurens WoltermannMåned siden
  • I love cars. And mainly the more exclusive cars. Koenigsegg is by far my favorite brand. But I can appreciate so much more and the market is so big nowadays. But even now... in this line-up... somehow... Ferrari styling takes the cake i.m.o. I just loved every angle of this car in this video :)

    Laurens WoltermannLaurens WoltermannMåned siden

    SolteroSoltero2 måneder siden
  • This feels like TG is trying out Chris' style and presentation technique which is just perfect...I think it's about time TG evolve and accept...forget the past...move on...

    Hishaam PatelHishaam Patel2 måneder siden
  • "You know what people like best about really fast cars? Watching them go really slowly. Over and over and over again." -the editor, apparently

    siler7siler72 måneder siden
  • Think Chris Harris is Brilliant, along with Harry Metcalfe and Henry Catchpole, one of best motoring journalists, but cannot bear to watch Top Gear with the other two game-show presenter clowns with him. They have no knowledge, no skill and no entertainment value in the way the original trio did, the whole prog is awful and only worth recording to watch the Harris test drives and delete the rest. Wasn't the problem with Chris Evans version that he was essentially a loud, unfunny game-show presenter with no true car knowledge or history? They have repeated the same mistake, and with obviously contrived and scripted 'challenges'...just drop the prog, or get Cathpole and Metcalfe on board to join Harris...

    Peter OxleyPeter Oxley2 måneder siden
  • Everday supercar = 911 Turbo

    Young Fire Old FlameYoung Fire Old Flame2 måneder siden
  • one day I will have a viper

    murdoc750murdoc7502 måneder siden
  • Chris, we want you to test and stress test the new Gordon Murray T50

    CALZIa78tsCALZIa78ts2 måneder siden
  • This Chris is always racist with Italian cars, talka so much shit

    ferroferro2 måneder siden
  • The amount of slow motion shots is absurd. All the drama is lost imo, these are fast cars that are being made to look slow

    George H.George H.2 måneder siden
  • Man there is always something so special about a Viper to me. That paint, the massive racing stripes, huge tires, huge downforce, ferocious engine, and menacing looks. Not to mention it’s a manual. Just pure unadulterated Motorsport.

    Gravy MasterGravy Master2 måneder siden
    • It's just sad Dodge has killed the snake, and the best we'll get is the next Hellcat-based whatever they come up with.

      Acura TL GTLMAcura TL GTLMMåned siden
  • Chris harris is still the sole main reason why top gear is still alive . Just rename it the chris harris reviews of something . This man has true talent right there

    Isaac YeoIsaac Yeo2 måneder siden
  • The only reason I watch Top Gear content these days is because how good is Chris Harris as a car journalist

    Joshua JácomeJoshua Jácome2 måneder siden
  • these types of videos are just what we need, and nothing more.

    Stan 'Stan '2 måneder siden
  • Chris, my friend. We are friends now, aren't we? Well, as your friend I need to tell you that you forgot to include the greatest, most beautiful, most superlative supercar of them all... the Porsche by Singer.

    davidhunternycdavidhunternyc2 måneder siden
  • One of the only decent presenters since the trio imo

    Kim Jong-UnKim Jong-Un2 måneder siden
  • you're not funny, just do car reviews. top gear lost it's magic

    Derek aka DerekDerek aka Derek2 måneder siden
    • He’s one of the only good presenters since the trio though

      Kim Jong-UnKim Jong-Un2 måneder siden
  • "This is more American than Donald Trump naked in a Corvette. Uh, I dont wanna think about that." Chris Harris talking about driving a Dodge Viper. 😂😆

    BrandonBrandon3 måneder siden
  • ‘Chris Harris’ who?

    Urged PandaUrged Panda3 måneder siden
  • 13 Ad breaks? Top Gear must REALLY be struggling without the trio if they need NOworld Ad revenue this bad.

    TemporalShiftTemporalShift3 måneder siden
  • Amazing compilation from a legend!

    N64 playerBRN64 playerBR3 måneder siden
  • Dare i say that chris harris is as good if not better at presenting cars then.......clarkson.

    38tech38tech3 måneder siden
  • Oh, there is an Video in ur ad

    ConniConni3 måneder siden
  • Bruh 570gt really is a monster.

    GreenboiGreenboi3 måneder siden
  • Viper!

    GreenboiGreenboi3 måneder siden
  • Paten

    Arif JuanpratamaArif Juanpratama3 måneder siden
  • I guess controversially, Chris Harris (for me) is the best host this show has ever had. He seems to have the Tiff ability and technical understanding, but the charisma of any of the OG trio. Just my thoughts. Cheers to TG for the 40-something minutes of CH (and Neil’s beautiful cinematography/editing).

    GalaxanzGalaxanz3 måneder siden
    • No

      HenryWithaGHenryWithaG3 måneder siden
  • As much as I like this guy, the trio will neve be replaced.

    ZaZa3 måneder siden
    • agreed

      Moon LordMoon Lord3 måneder siden
  • Wow 1000 ads to see Chris 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Tito RodriguezTito Rodriguez3 måneder siden
  • Adverts every 3-4 mins, is that the BBC or NOworld that decides that?!?!?!

    Chris LeeChris Lee3 måneder siden
    • If I'm correct NOworld puts ads on monetize vids and the channel owner can put more and place were the ads goes

      a random warlocka random warlock3 måneder siden
  • Dodge Viper acr 2016 forever 😍

    the future in the skythe future in the sky3 måneder siden
  • All the Ford GT's are sold, again.... till they make another 400, then another 400, then another 400.....

    EMF AudioEMF Audio3 måneder siden
  • "Yellow here is not the colour" Says the man with the yellow 911!

    Tom BradleyTom Bradley3 måneder siden
    • he'd said a few mins prior that he thinks the R8 looks great in yellow. He's saying that he doesn't think the 911 looks good in yellow

      Leif WatkinsLeif Watkins3 måneder siden
  • With a covidual sense of appreciation, thank you Chris for making my day.

    Brian SmithBrian Smith3 måneder siden
  • Where did Richard hammond go?

    Monalisa KamenerMonalisa Kamener3 måneder siden
  • Top Gear without Clarkson and Co. is dead. Why spend money on it? And the BBC replaced the 3 hosts with migrants?

    Henrik ScheelHenrik Scheel3 måneder siden
    • Correct

      LukasLukas3 måneder siden
  • Describing the Pista's seat as "meanly padded" got a good laugh out of me.

    debaser38debaser383 måneder siden
  • Great vid! But why is the BBC monitising videos?

    James WildJames Wild3 måneder siden
  • All that money and its got an open differential ? 😐

    Timur HafouzTimur Hafouz3 måneder siden
  • Shmee should take his Ford GT out to the track

    Jackson MooreJackson Moore3 måneder siden
  • Instead of waiting for Turbo to spool, why not just make Electrical Turbo Chargers for instant performance?

    76ers76ers3 måneder siden
  • 22:04 the sound people, the SOUND IS INCREDIBLE! But a NA V10 is after all an NA V10.

    Ludwik SLudwik S3 måneder siden
  • I miss old top gear a bit

    Śliski OsobnikŚliski Osobnik3 måneder siden
    • I don't since they moved to Amazon And I think New Top Gear is doing very well

      Nicotine GamingNicotine Gaming2 måneder siden
  • Chris should drive one of the mad 2000+ hp twin turbo Huracan's in the states

    tian herselmantian herselman3 måneder siden
  • charris is the best thing about new TG and tbh edges the original boys...

    Cameron YoungCameron Young3 måneder siden
  • Great video. I love this guy.

    Spencer J ElliottSpencer J Elliott3 måneder siden
  • a Ferrari which doesn't sound as a Ferrari

    tudor bocastortatudor bocastorta3 måneder siden
  • too many adverts

    Gerry FreemanGerry Freeman3 måneder siden
  • Jest ktos z polski

    robloxziom123robloxziom1233 måneder siden
  • Chris please get a F sf90 stradale

    alexalex3 måneder siden
  • Just why?! Why not hire back those three idiotic clowns?? >:[

    Felicity BaliFelicity Bali3 måneder siden
  • Anyone else think the music volume is too high in the audio mix when Chris is talking?

    Matt TomelleriMatt Tomelleri3 måneder siden
    • Yes. I wouldn't even bother. Less talk would make the music better.

      TAXCOLLECTOR2017TAXCOLLECTOR20173 måneder siden
  • only thing I dont agree on is the mclaren segment.. after hearing all the horror stories, quality just isnt there

    Mysterious LaptopMysterious Laptop3 måneder siden
  • No mclaren?

    Shane HShane H3 måneder siden
  • The GT is such a beautiful car. Ok not a fan of the yellow, but I’d deal with Could you imagine if they did a V8 for the streets and just a track version with the V6 to keep the weight down? Oh my Lord that V8 would of sounded fantastic

    William O'LearyWilliam O'Leary3 måneder siden
  • Still miss the old top gear.

    Ben LloydBen Lloyd3 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is good and im waiting for the jon reply lmao

    HondaMeganeHondaMegane3 måneder siden
  • Wow

    kuba Gameskuba Games3 måneder siden
  • Car my good

    kuba Gameskuba Games3 måneder siden
  • I kinda miss the old people at top gear is it just me

    Its MeIts Me3 måneder siden
  • 28:59 If “it drips from the whole package” you should get some penicillin.

    Sergey ZhamaryanSergey Zhamaryan3 måneder siden
  • I just spent 20 minutes on the McLaren website looking at the 570GT configurator. Thanks Chris.

    Strike86Strike863 måneder siden
  • Just think if Richard and Jeremy would still be on top gear.......just remembering the old golden days

    Dr.Malaya Kumar TripathyDr.Malaya Kumar Tripathy3 måneder siden
  • love it

    Black GamerBlack Gamer3 måneder siden
  • I absolutely adore the camera work. The slow mo drifts round the corners, panning shots, Chris' reactions. Would it at all be possible to use some dashboard/helmet camera angles in future episodes? I really wanna see what Chris is seeing as he drives these machines. That would really make it better than what it would already is.

    Swif TehSwif Teh3 måneder siden
  • 14:13 was the closest I've seen Chris to a Code Brown moment. The man knows he's on tyres unfit for the job.

    Tyrant WormTyrant Worm3 måneder siden
  • like for old top gear for hammond, James,clarkson

    Mr S_upremeMr S_upreme3 måneder siden
  • Grand father has a new ford gt and he buy it for 1 million dollars

    fati Bendfati Bend3 måneder siden
  • I was so blinded by the fandom for the trio that I never watched Chris Harris. Turns Out Chris is a legend and his reviews are awesome. During quarantine I have watched almost all the episodes of Chris Harris Drives on youtube

    Rashvit PatelRashvit Patel3 måneder siden
  • 12ads really?

    Rodger DugganRodger Duggan3 måneder siden
  • Ford GT interiors was imported from EBAY. 🤣🤣🤣

    oneviwataraoneviwatara3 måneder siden
  • How the hell do they film this

    Quim RodellasQuim Rodellas3 måneder siden

    Sushrutha NayakSushrutha Nayak3 måneder siden
  • Great review. But all been shown before.

    Brian BloomfoeldBrian Bloomfoeld3 måneder siden
  • So Chris, If money is not in the equation what’s the perfect Track/Road car of your choice??? Viper ACR is my Dream Car, but that’s for mostly track... For the money, you can’t beat it! What do you think?

    Joshua DialJoshua Dial3 måneder siden
  • Chris took the torch from Clarkson and the boys, and ran with it. He is the true automotive journalist of Top Gear now with a great supporting cast. I'm a gigantic fan of the show, having seen every episode, most more than once. While Chris Evans days will be forgotten, current iteration is as good as the Wilman and Clarkson originals. Having been attached to cars from a very young age to almost an autistic degree, Top Gear has been such a source of enjoyment and holds a very prominent place in my life. There's my family and friends, pets, my Miata and GTI, my cast iron pan, my music, and Top Gear. Everything else is peripheral. I am ecstatic to watch the show succeed in perpetuity. Carry on, gentlemen!

    Alex KanterAlex Kanter3 måneder siden
  • Three commercials and I'm not a third of the way in.... Too Greedy Chris. I"m out of here.

    van phillipsvan phillips3 måneder siden
  • That McLaren reminds me of my old MK2 MR2, even the colour is pretty much the same. Naturally Aspirated, always - I hate Turbos.

    TechnoKid79TechnoKid793 måneder siden
  • How many popup ads NOworld?........

    El SemmEl Semm3 måneder siden