Chris Harris Drives... Best of Practical Performance: Tesla Model S, Nissan GT-R | Top Gear

12. juni. 2020
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Right, so you've got a family, but the Nürburgring isn't going to lap itself, is it? Fear not - here's Harris at the wheel of some of the best practical performance cars from the past few years.
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  • recycling old content

    LDN_BOXLDN_BOX12 timer siden
  • It looks like it wollows a lot

    paul robinsonpaul robinsonDag siden
  • if the leaves on the track in the first 10 minutes of this video were from a cherry blossom tree, it'd be the most aesthetic video of all time

    Rory BevisRory Bevis9 dager siden
  • Harris. Best moto journo ever. I enjoy Clarkson because he’s a bit of a dick and doesn’t give a crap. But this guy is head a shoulders above everyone.

    Myles ChiltonMyles Chilton10 dager siden
  • I’m sorry but yeah the we know the Tesla fast, but you pitted it against a 911r....a manual gear box vs electric motets. What do you think will happen

    Milo TraballanoMilo Traballano10 dager siden
  • Dope GTR video Nd all tbh but y’all have to go to my channel rq to see an insane 720 burnout!

    Tire Fryer TVTire Fryer TV13 dager siden
  • prep school huh ?

    Joe CunioJoe Cunio15 dager siden
  • Please do it again with the tesla roadster

    Leah LambertLeah Lambert16 dager siden
  • The thing is the GTR isnt a german rival really

    ANTHONY ArnettANTHONY ArnettMåned siden
  • Gtr forever.

    Yuvraj SinghYuvraj SinghMåned siden
  • Chris Harris is really something in terms of car journo. he is a legend :D

    KumanKumanMåned siden
  • What's up with the ads

    Cheslyn WessonCheslyn WessonMåned siden
  • Anyone know the background song used for the Civic Type-R segment?

    bigwavedave25bigwavedave25Måned siden
  • Why does Alfa come up with the absolute best shitboxes

    Corey GolpheneeCorey GolpheneeMåned siden
  • One of the cars with the most caracter! As all Japanese cars. Ppl who disagree are just jealous

    matiasmatiasMåned siden
  • Those shifts in the 911 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Justin AnthonyJustin AnthonyMåned siden
  • The beast

    Sam’s RidesSam’s RidesMåned siden

    Sam’s RidesSam’s RidesMåned siden
  • ford mustang is better

    Kenneth TKenneth TMåned siden
  • 5:33 The Gt-R right front tire almost came off the ground ❤

    Muhammed Mohsen MuhammedMuhammed Mohsen MuhammedMåned siden
  • I can't help but think a driver, especially Chris, should have some idea of what the car will do when entering a corner and pushing it to its limits.. The computer control systems maybe able to take the car to some outrageous limits, but sit Chris in a 1976 Austin Maxi, and he would now EXACTLY what the car will do, and therefore be IN CONTROL...!! Frankly, you can stick the clever computers where the sun don't shine, give me a car that I CAN DRIVE...

    Nick UdenNick UdenMåned siden
  • The series died when the original 3 left! This new one just sucks

    Russian FederationRussian FederationMåned siden
  • I love the new civic type-R. I find it ironic everytime I see a review from Britain, where it is born, they absolutely hate it for the looks. My inner teenager loves every angle of that car

    Taiyo NakashimaTaiyo NakashimaMåned siden
    • Yes, when I see it I think it looks quite nice !! I like the racing style of body & the angles & cuts !! Smart look

      Kye LeeKye LeeMåned siden
  • A shout out to the camera and production crew. That is some good filming 👍🏻

    Dutch Von VanDutch Von VanMåned siden
  • As if the BBC is running advertisements given all the millions they recieve in television licence fees

    Tom FTom FMåned siden
  • Wonderful show Chris. Only watch because of you. Keep it up

    Brent GrantBrent GrantMåned siden
  • When someone has such a passion for something it's contagious. Brilliant

    duncan harveyduncan harveyMåned siden
  • I'm missing Clarkson.

    Simon's StuffSimon's StuffMåned siden
  • Lol the super important 0 - 150 test. Helpful to like 5 people

    Sean GahanSean Gahan2 måneder siden
  • Too much talking

    Auliya Al ayubiAuliya Al ayubi2 måneder siden
  • Real Limousine BumbleBee Camaro Australia

    Philippe Je Suis From The FuturePhilippe Je Suis From The Future2 måneder siden
  • GTR best car ever in my little opinion

    Abu Sahed KhanAbu Sahed Khan2 måneder siden
  • Turn the bloody music off.

    Allan ChapmanAllan Chapman2 måneder siden
  • One good thing about new Top Gear is how good of a driver Chris is. Check 3:03, you think Clarkson, May or the Hamster could do that even given a 100 tries? Hell nah.

    Aswin BhusalAswin Bhusal2 måneder siden
  • I want him to be the first to test the T.50

    Tibchy91Tibchy912 måneder siden
  • In a few years time we can look forward to Chris testing the Roadster in ludicrous mode! This test will seem very tame!

    Alex DivovAlex Divov2 måneder siden
  • I’d take the Alpha over the Electric wonder Tessla, nothing sounds like a internal combustion engine. Great video Chris. The Fiesta Flash 🤙🏼🍺

    mike chavezmike chavez2 måneder siden
  • One Quick start in the Tesla and battery capacity is already reduced big time...

    Bely BobBely Bob2 måneder siden
  • I hate the Tesla Model S P100D. It ruined the Nissan GTR for me which is a car I've wanted for many years (going back to it's predecessor) and now that I own the Tesla Model S it has absolutely ruined every other "fast" car for me. I could buy one but I don't even care now. They all look uncomfortable, noisy, finicky and slow to me now. I love how he moves past the fact that that P100D is the fastest car Motor Trend has EVER tested from 0-60. Full stop. Not fastest EV or fastest sedan... just fastest from 0-60. It's a 5,000lb 100% electric car with four doors, more storage than your average SUV and seats 5 adults comfortably... in pure silence. Yeah, you can keep your covered wagon riding on wooden wheels that does 20mph faster on the top end because the compromises it makes in every other category simply aren't worth it.

    worlds_okayest_crossfitterworlds_okayest_crossfitter2 måneder siden
  • Chris harris - 4:54 is just really bad ass

    Ginno MirandaGinno Miranda2 måneder siden

    Nismo Republic of GamersNismo Republic of Gamers2 måneder siden
  • They didn't think to charge the S before the shoot? With the charge it had left during the runs i was no where near it's performance capability.

    Langston ChambersLangston Chambers2 måneder siden
  • Chris sorry to ask, I’m here to see you about the cars. But I also have a weakness for watches. What kind off watch are you wearing during the model S test. Greetz S

    cossieworthiecossieworthie2 måneder siden
  • Honda brought out the Type R Sport Line, which keeps the powertrain but tones down the looks.

    Grateful GrantGrateful Grant2 måneder siden
  • Yes, Chris Harris is great. But the rest of Top Gear are fine, and sure he would think you're all a bit rude for shitting on his coworkers.

    Travis SelbyTravis Selby2 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is just too much. Crazy driving skills.

    John BlazeJohn Blaze3 måneder siden
  • I hate the new people Jeremy and the others should rule top gear

    HD FurryHD Furry3 måneder siden
  • RIP top gear

    Sub WaySub Way3 måneder siden
  • The gtr clip is probably one of my favorite pieces of automotive journalism. It's beautifully said and driven

    samtheman2144samtheman21443 måneder siden
  • Charris is the best motor journo.... "in the world"

    Cameron YoungCameron Young3 måneder siden
  • Great job! Love these compilation videos. The Type R is a modern-day classic and the king of hot hatches. It has an amazing engine, manual and chassis all with usable back seats, a usable trunk, and performance that will make some supercar owners nervous. It just broke another record on the Suzuka Race Track. Keep up the great work Top Gear. No need to chase what you used to be, just continue to do what you do well and film Chris Harris talk about cars combined with that amazing cinematography.

    malcolmarmalcolmar3 måneder siden
  • To be fair Chris, with regards to the new Type-R, "you guys" (I'm generalising a bit here) complain when there are too many options and complain when there are not enough.

    GrandUpperGrandUpper3 måneder siden
  • My current girlfriend is like that, too hot mainly

    Neville CarpenterNeville Carpenter3 måneder siden
  • It takes Chris Harris to figure out how to whip a Tesla's ass with another production car.

    lightning95sclightning95sc3 måneder siden
  • Chris had that Vtec kick in lucky he was prepeared

    Logan PieterseLogan Pieterse3 måneder siden
  • I was only here for the car not the show new show sucks boring as hell I mean come on how can someone do a Bugatti Chiron top speed run and make it one of the most boring videos ever made

    Charles HolmesCharles Holmes3 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is the best driving journalist out there. full stop.

    Graham LoweGraham Lowe3 måneder siden
  • At some point, the new Roadster will appear, and then there will be little point comparing any more.

    winston catwinston cat3 måneder siden
  • I keep coming back to that GTR video just to see it kicking up autumn leaves in those oversteer shots

    Ri ChowdhuryRi Chowdhury3 måneder siden
  • Can you make the R35 sound even more old please. Hopefully it will bring the price down enough so I can get one.

    Roy EvansRoy Evans3 måneder siden
  • It's 2020 and you STILL HAVEN'T driven a Tesla, the fastest accelerating production car on the planet?? Its a beast on the Nürburgring, or any track.

    SagerSager3 måneder siden
  • 10:07 Renault Avantime at the background. What an easter egg)

    Илья ФоминИлья Фомин3 måneder siden
  • I think Chris did an absolutely honest and fair take (a first for Top or 5th gear) on Tesla. No fake launches or intentional letting off peddles. I am kinda confused on why he kept claiming 0-120 when the Tesla will smoke anything to 135-140 and as you saw it kicked the 2 door lightest 911 made to 150 1/2 times it tried and I suspect it would probably beat it every time if given proper driver each time. But end of the day, it’s a luxury car so why set the bar impossibly high just because it is the best Overall automobile in existence ?

    RB slammedRB slammed3 måneder siden
  • Honestly, they should just have Chris host Top Gear and get rid of all the other various and sundry characters, get Sabina and Chris maybe and thats it!

    milkshake1993milkshake19934 måneder siden
  • Sir, that is ORANGE not BRONZE. Other than that, really nice video!

    milkshake1993milkshake19934 måneder siden
  • Like you bettter and better for every time.

    CNCN4 måneder siden
  • 3:51 uhhh

    Ben M.Ben M.4 måneder siden
  • Godf@#kingZilla

    pennfootballpennfootball4 måneder siden
  • Irony - Chris Harris shops in the same supermarket branch as Hammond.

    Saxman tSaxman t4 måneder siden
  • Love your style and driving craftsmanship. EXCELLENT reviews !

    pcat1000pcat10004 måneder siden
  • Awesome I love it. But there is so much music which I don’t like cause I can’t hear what they are saying 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

    Huzaifa KhanHuzaifa Khan4 måneder siden
  • Why didnt you just title this...' Let me see if I can find anything I possibly can to dislike the Tesla'... not biased at all.

    ThinkinLincThinkinLinc4 måneder siden
  • I didn't like Chris Harris earlier because he was a bit boring but this episode is good.

    Umar MukhtarUmar Mukhtar4 måneder siden
  • hi could you make french subtitles?

    Lucas BommelleLucas Bommelle4 måneder siden
  • Just nissan gtr

    صادق سخت جانصادق سخت جان4 måneder siden
  • Great video best on NOworld for modern performance cars

    James SmithJames Smith4 måneder siden
  • Wow, an unwatchable number of ads. Sadly

    Ken DibbleKen Dibble4 måneder siden
  • I think they both forget it’s not combustion that won in the 911R. It’s the gearbox

    korukikoruki4 måneder siden
  • Ive driven the GTR several times, it is an incredible machine.

    Inside the Musical MindInside the Musical Mind4 måneder siden
  • the number of ads in this video is unacceptable. chris, top gear marketing needs a talk

    Charles CharltonCharles Charlton4 måneder siden
  • Was the first feature filmed on old Bristol road by Priddy? Near cheddar? Brilliant road

    Jack BaconJack Bacon4 måneder siden
  • Chris - Started following your NOworld stuff way back when. This is a great return to form - I'd far rather listen to you chat about cars and not have the whole Top Gear shenanigans thing. More Please!

    Ashley YoungAshley Young4 måneder siden
  • What road is Chris driving on in the civic section

    Mika89Mika894 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know what that road is he's driving the Civic on? Thats epic!

    Hough StevenHough Steven4 måneder siden
  • New Top Gear is rubbish. Bring back Rory Reid

    Yusuf EbrahimYusuf Ebrahim4 måneder siden
  • Why is everyone hating on the looks of the civic its alright but come on its kind of meant to be a sports car so the looks is going to be sort of sport like but its also made for everyday use so it looks weird because they compromised.

    Joel NilssonJoel Nilsson4 måneder siden
  • i like quick acceleration but its not the same because the noise change is a big part of the experience so i wouldn't buy it for accelerating mostly because its the best/fastest electric vehicle and our environment wants it.

    Joel NilssonJoel Nilsson4 måneder siden
  • Who just blabbers and compares a Nissan GTR to a BMW 5 series.........just shut up. Rewind and listen to your Chris....Yes Men sound like middle age Women drunk on Margarita's just scroll down....

    Martin JansenMartin Jansen4 måneder siden
  • i got sick just watching

    Steviewonder cSteviewonder c4 måneder siden
  • 43 mins of Chris Harris is what lockdown should be all about

    Kshitij IyerKshitij Iyer4 måneder siden
  • am i the only one who wants tiff nedell to drive these cars ?

    5000 Subscibers without any video5000 Subscibers without any video4 måneder siden
  • Tesla S. 0-60 in 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

    FiconFicon4 måneder siden
  • The GT-R has to be the king of all Asian car models. It is one of my favourites. And it is definitely my favourite Asian car 100%.

    Gaming DuckGaming Duck4 måneder siden
  • Bring TIFF NEEDLE to TOP GEAR!!!

    canoeshoecanoeshoe4 måneder siden
  • Check @14:19. the porsche's panels are rattling haha

    canoeshoecanoeshoe4 måneder siden
  • Even the lowest-spec Civics had the VTEC engine ... I think that very few owners knew what happened at 7000 RPM.

    jpdemer5jpdemer54 måneder siden
  • Where is Jeremy Clarkson when we need him!?

  • If it is a race to 150mph and the Porsche is gaining ground when the Tesla hits 150mph surely that means the Porsche had already surpassed 150mph at that point so won that race.

    Ben ShawBen Shaw4 måneder siden
  • the gtr is king i gotta chance to drive one im a die hard porsche man but this gtr is gonna be a added to my collection

    Jalisa DouglasJalisa Douglas4 måneder siden
  • Schumaker did say that the GTR fights the driver because of the torque juggling?

    Victor HugoVictor Hugo4 måneder siden