Chris Harris drives... Best of Mercedes: E63 S, SEC, S63 Coupé, G63 AMG, G500 4x4² | Top Gear

14. mai. 2020
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Well... hope you're a fan of V8s... because there's a fair few here as Harris gets behind the wheel of the best from Mercedes. There's a bunch of AMG goodies, some old timers, and the mind-curdling behemoth G500 4x4². Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:
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  • First.

    Top GearTop Gear5 måneder siden
    • legend

      Skybornhuman 256Skybornhuman 2564 måneder siden
    • @Joaquin Paul He's far better than the original 3 - assuming you mean Clarkson/May/Hammond, (that AREN'T the original 3 by the way). They are just clowns now. It's like watching Benny Hill does cars. Flintoff and McGuinness aren't making it work either.

      Gottlieb DeeGottlieb Dee5 måneder siden
    • 哈哈哈,你们也来抢楼?🦀🦀🐂🍺👅🐶🌶️🐔🌚🌚🌝🌝🦀🦀🍐🎼

      成都李LeeYee成都李LeeYee5 måneder siden
    • New top gear👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Old top gear 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Like for old Dislike for new

      Myra SagitawatyMyra Sagitawaty5 måneder siden
    • You can also be the first to give him his own show; you know, like he deserves?

      The LeaThe Lea5 måneder siden
  • No matter how many cars come and go, Mercedes will be the gold standard for Luxury...

    Noodle MonsterNoodle Monster5 dager siden
  • I love these reviews of these beastly vehicles

    Angry MausAngry Maus11 dager siden
  • To be honest Chris Harris is actually the only good thing about the new Top Gear.

    No NameNo Name18 dager siden
  • Nice review of a bunch of really nice machines. I tell you what, though: That feature that excites you so much, being able to control the passenger seat from four driver seat is standard equipment in a Renault Espace (and probably in other models too). Even better, there also the passenger can control the driver seat (if you allow them to touch the screen in the center :D )

    Jon XJon X22 dager siden
  • 5500th like

    Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler24 dager siden
  • Greetings to the Albanians from Morocco and I hope from the sponsors of the Top Care Tv program They come to northern Morocco, because even there there are a lot of Mercedes cars

    سامح ترحم سامح تغفرسامح ترحم سامح تغفرMåned siden
  • Greetings to the Albanians from Morocco and I hope from the sponsors of the Top Care Tv program They come to northern Morocco, because even there there are a lot of Mercedes cars

    سامح ترحم سامح تغفرسامح ترحم سامح تغفرMåned siden
  • Greetings to the Albanians from Morocco and I hope from the sponsors of the Top Care Tv program They come to northern Morocco, because even there there are a lot of Mercedes cars

    سامح ترحم سامح تغفرسامح ترحم سامح تغفرMåned siden
  • Greetings to the Albanians from Morocco and I hope from the sponsors of the Top Care Tv program They come to northern Morocco, because even there there are a lot of Mercedes cars

    سامح ترحم سامح تغفرسامح ترحم سامح تغفرMåned siden

    alesandro bautistaalesandro bautistaMåned siden
  • 😂😂😂... “fresher than you started.” I like that!

    Barlyn UribeBarlyn UribeMåned siden
  • The 1990 CL500 had one of those heated rear screens.

    Alan MillsAlan MillsMåned siden
  • I really like this car

    Barlyn UribeBarlyn UribeMåned siden
  • This top gear group was trash

    Alexander NelsonAlexander NelsonMåned siden
  • Expensive tire replacement bill !!!

    Jeffrey BurnettJeffrey Burnett2 måneder siden
  • Would like to know which roads all these are, I know at least 2 of them are in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, the last car was around the Glynneath area and the G63 was driving in the Black Mountains on the A4069 just above Brynamman. The track is in also in Wales, Llandow near Cowbridge. I don't know where the other sections where shot though, likely in Wales as well I would guess but anyone know exactly where?

    MrCapacitatorMrCapacitator2 måneder siden
  • This top gear is actually bad I’m glad I grew up with jeremy richard and may

    Jacob JosephJacob Joseph2 måneder siden
  • Mercedes has SUVs, sedans, sports cars, Hyper sports cars, off road cars, trucks, vans ... for me it is the best automaker in the world in terms of availability, they just need to build motorcycles!

  • I love Mercedes-Benz!!!! Their cars are the best indeed.

    Matthew FernandoMatthew Fernando2 måneder siden
  • wat that thing is butt ugly standing next to an aventador, lay off the crack

    Yo :lYo :l3 måneder siden
  • Don't like the new top gear I prefer the old top gear

    CrayCray MoseCrayCray Mose3 måneder siden
  • I saw aG500 in the hamptons last weekend... looks as silly in person as it does here.

    GewglesuxGewglesux3 måneder siden
  • I love Mercedes my favourite car

    Mergim PervanaMergim Pervana3 måneder siden
  • What is top gear this days

    the dead detectivethe dead detective3 måneder siden
  • Nice to see Glynneath on NOworld. 🤣 Resolven or Rheola as the forest? ❤️

    S UnderwoodS Underwood4 måneder siden
  • Amazing performance

    Hossen MalaysiaHossen Malaysia4 måneder siden
  • Those who watched old top gear with James, richard, Jeremy could never handle watching this punk these guys literally ruined the show..

    Baraa HamzaBaraa Hamza4 måneder siden
  • amazing

    zaid altalebzaid altaleb4 måneder siden
  • If the roof line was like 2 inches lower on the g63 i wouldn't consider it goofy looking. Reminds me of a motorcycle cop. That stiff, upright riding position.

    Aj LauzonAj Lauzon4 måneder siden
  • This review is literally a love letter to Mercedes Benz. Let me park my LS while I look for an s63 to test drive. Then I wake up. Covid-19 hahahahha

    T.I.L Things I LikeT.I.L Things I Like4 måneder siden
  • Why i n the world does Chris Harris not have his own show yet?!? Screw all the other guys!!!

    Matthias WeigelMatthias Weigel4 måneder siden
  • What a great video. Thanks.

    Mick FletcherMick Fletcher4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris aka the man who knows that it’s pronounced “coupé” and not “coupe” like a chicken coupe: It’s a great car, if you can afford the gas bills Me: Ah, I see... I’ll just put an electric engine in it!

    Sebastien ConnardSebastien Connard4 måneder siden
  • I saw a G500 4X4(2) for sale online and I was sure it had a horrendous aftermarket lift kit installed. I had no idea it was factory Mercedes. Still looks ridiculous though. But at least it's factory.

    Ian ClancyIan Clancy4 måneder siden
  • A M G.

    WE ARE VENOMWE ARE VENOM4 måneder siden
  • G wagon= ugliest amg ever built. Buy a damn estate amg

    Robin BergfeldtRobin Bergfeldt4 måneder siden
  • When I win the lottery I will get one of each :P

    xellossaxonxellossaxon4 måneder siden
  • i can not believe 🎁 👉 🐭

    Mistress of Big BallsMistress of Big Balls5 måneder siden
  • where is the place filmed?

    maconebkmaconebk5 måneder siden
    • At least 2 of them are in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, the last car was around the Glyneath area and the G63 was driving in the Black Mountains on the A4069 just above Brynamman, that road has been a favourite of Top Gear for years, many time has Clarkson been spotted in this area to do road tests. The track is in also in Wales, Llandow near Cowbridge.

      MrCapacitatorMrCapacitator2 måneder siden
  • 32:04 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    PasiPasi5 måneder siden
  • 7:19 woah that’s a sick transition

  • chris harris is my spirit animal.

    MarkMark5 måneder siden
  • the mercedes all best and the references to bmw as example is amazing eheheheheh

    snmartins1snmartins15 måneder siden
  • Je cherche l’épisode de Tog Gear ou le Mercedes Class G fait la course poursuite avec l’armée américaine

    Cédric BETTICédric BETTI5 måneder siden
  • 5:10 that was insanely satisfying

    RoX RoZRoX RoZ5 måneder siden
  • How many spare rear tires do they bring for a Chris Harris test drive?

    David ShamiriDavid Shamiri5 måneder siden
  • "stuttgart flatulance"?? lol aka Stuttfart

    Paul LeggettPaul Leggett5 måneder siden
  • In short: Chris loves a Merc cuz he can move the passenger seat while driving

    Marcus WangMarcus Wang5 måneder siden
  • Your welcome

    Ladd BooneLadd Boone5 måneder siden
  • a Bentley is at least 100 times better than this joke of a car that gonna became old after 6mouths after the time you purchased it

    TonyTony5 måneder siden
  • Chris I'm disappointed in you you start to praise all of the cars from the time you start top gear but at past times you were telling the truth

    TonyTony5 måneder siden
  • The best AMG commercial I've seen

    Henry MoreiraHenry Moreira5 måneder siden
  • s63 amg coupe - beautiful - but whats the differnce between s and new e53...other than e53 has 4 wheel drive, S63 doesnt in uk which is a great shame. Toys very similar, tech idenitcal, inside close to s class - but circa half the price. no swarovski crystals. With the assistance adn compfort tech it does the same trick as the s class, you drive for hours and doint feel like you have! Please compare the e53 and s63amg coupe - imapct per £ way better in e53 than s63 is my likely ill informed view. What do the experts think.....although getting a car sideways isnt a measure of success for anyone driving on a real road .

    My GoogleMy Google5 måneder siden
    • @xellossaxon So the scant fact above is whats driving your advice to steer clear of a model? youve only served to prove how worthless the advice youve given is if its based on what youve written above. youre also incorrect amg line is not the same as the new c43 or e53 - AMg line is cosmetic - the e53 has steering, suspension and engine tune from amg (so not cosmetic - real) - amg line has none of this. I know ive driven a 450 and a 53 - totally different driving experince steering experience power experience looks very similar inside- handles differently. So poor adivce based on loose grasp of the facts and zero real insight.

      My GoogleMy Google4 måneder siden
    • @My Google Nope. Those models are just branded "AMG" due to Daimler's overall strategy. AMG has been positioned to be a 1:1 competitor to Porsche. 43 models, 53 models etc. are formerly known as "450 AMG Line" with engines not manufactured at Affalterbach. They are the "volume models" which are sold to such numbers, that Affalterbach could not remotely build enough engines for those...just like Porsche who are now an SUV manufacturer with only a small fraction of their revenue in sports cars.

      xellossaxonxellossaxon4 måneder siden
    • @xellossaxon well thats is a load of unadulterated bullshit - have you just read the comments from other out dated patrol heads who've zero ideas re emmision laws or usually you find they've never driven the other variants- they've been drawn in by 'the one engine hand buit bs and cant see an amg without a v8 - worthless ill informed comments - ive driven the v8s so 63s and 53s i'd take 53 as my every day yet still feel good car every day - especailly if slightly damp under foot. saying avoid is not a 45 or 63 model ...why ? stay away, is such storng guiadance, it suggests you know something the rest of us dont, please enlighten me.

      My GoogleMy Google4 måneder siden
    • Anything that is not 45 an 63 is not truely AMG. Stay away from those models.

      xellossaxonxellossaxon4 måneder siden
  • AMG!!!😍😍

    Dji ArgentinaDji Argentina5 måneder siden
  • Awesome!!

    Lex ShelbyLex Shelby5 måneder siden
  • love for this German Machine though🥰🥰.

    Ava AnthonyAva Anthony5 måneder siden
  • my dream car

    EwesterolsEwesterols5 måneder siden
  • Hoooo nice car... very fast Let's connect?

    Scripture RelaxationScripture Relaxation5 måneder siden
  • Sorry I am on the wrong channel! This is Mercedes YT Channel - right? Has Chris gone to Mercedes?

    der Jackder Jack5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris your a Legend. You should be the nxt 007. Ur a natural mate!! And your passion for cars is epic. ThankU.

    justin hendersonjustin henderson5 måneder siden
  • whoever took over design production and video making is fire at their job. From what I saw 2 years ago, to now, it's a major upgrade

    andrew whitehallandrew whitehall5 måneder siden
  • Where is the c 63 amg black series? That one is also one amgs best with that 6.3 na v8

    Shisha HipetwaShisha Hipetwa5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris best of Audi ? Anyone, anyone.. Bueller ?

    SunnysideSunnyside5 måneder siden
  • 27:13 seriously though how does that open both sides 🤔 what sorcery is this

    MADMANB68MADMANB685 måneder siden
  • Where’s the tall guy and the two moppets?

    Trumpiana JonesTrumpiana Jones5 måneder siden
  • I’m not even gonna lie that thumbnail looked like forza horizon 4

    GTŹ ÂPØŁŁØGTŹ ÂPØŁŁØ5 måneder siden
  • Did he just say „nein nein Kartoffelkopf“? 😂

    Harlem98Harlem985 måneder siden
  • IWC clock the hell lol

    JoeyJoey5 måneder siden
  • I agree with you on most things but you also feel refreshed after a drive in a A8. The A8 I use to have had a smoother ride than a S500

    tony johnsontony johnson5 måneder siden
  • Why old s class?

    Buubble blueBuubble blue5 måneder siden
  • Mercedes means love😍😍😍

    Kourosh AzimiKourosh Azimi5 måneder siden
  • Pep + Dani Alves

    Deep PumpleDeep Pumple5 måneder siden
  • Where’s the gtr!?!?!!?!?!??

    PRODRIVENPRODRIVEN5 måneder siden
  • I want no Indonesian subtitles

    Hafiz FirdausHafiz Firdaus5 måneder siden
  • What a champion bloke Chris is

    eagle boyeagle boy5 måneder siden
  • Good collection thanks ... always saddens me that Land Rover didn't keep the "defender" current as Mercedes have with the G-Wagen.

    Daniel MarshallDaniel Marshall5 måneder siden
  • That was really good. Some good reviews on the Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

    Mike PetersonMike Peterson5 måneder siden
  • Indeed the best or nothing 💯

    Throne 20Throne 205 måneder siden
  • I'll say it one last time. I bloody love Chris Harris. Absolute hero of a person. I don't like meeting people (very much) but would love to hear your thoughts on cars. You're a living motoring legend. All the best!

    Fabio A.Fabio A.5 måneder siden
  • Where’s Freddie wankof he must be playing cricket

    Croccy CCroccy C5 måneder siden
  • Love Chris!!! That charisma and passion, the best job in the world! Can you make a video about the history of alfa romeo dtm and lancia rally, abarth etc..? it would be a good instructive content. Hugs from Portugal

    Pedro SousaPedro Sousa5 måneder siden
  • Better then BMW

    Leopard 2A6Leopard 2A65 måneder siden
  • The C126

    Mousa AbidaMousa Abida5 måneder siden
  • WHY doesn't Top Gear upload in 4K? I mean single creator channels can do it, why can't you do it? 1080p is in the past.

    hanse81hanse815 måneder siden
  • Uhmm what about the W140?

    John DoeJohn Doe5 måneder siden
  • Can someone explain the obsession a lot of motoring journalists have with drifting and thus turning very expensive tyres into smoke

    ewan stewartewan stewart5 måneder siden
  • Always nice to see...this tiny guy can handle a car properly 😉

    One EuropeanOne European5 måneder siden
  • Chris needs to bring the new Porsche Turbo S to this track

    Justice WarriorJustice Warrior5 måneder siden
  • Where's the beautiful CLK AMG Black Series??

    Justice WarriorJustice Warrior5 måneder siden
  • My father in law drives a G wagon Mercedes. I think his trying to look like a Russian Gangster lol 😂😁🍺🍺🍺😎 Just kidding, it’s funny how many Times Chris said that the G wagon makes people feel like a Russian Gangster with a gun under the seat 💺lol 😂🍺🍺🍺💪👍👍👍👍 Gotta love Chris Harris 🍺🍺👍👍😁😎

    D-Smooth Fishing TVD-Smooth Fishing TV5 måneder siden
  • Ok but who’s Neil??

    Kingston IKingston I5 måneder siden
  • Love this format

    BittertokkenBittertokken5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris: "I'm on a full stiff" - So am i, Chris, so am i.

    DonvaleDonvale5 måneder siden
  • 27:57. I disagree, I believe the bang and olufsen speakers in bentley, Lamborghini and Aston martin sound better than Mercedes burmester speakers

    therealGtherealG5 måneder siden
  • Where there be a Best of Audi??? I don't remember him doing any Chris Harris Drives videos on top gear with one. It's a shame because he really liked the gen 1 R8 V10 Plus and he prefers the RS3 to the A45S plus likes the RS6 too.

    Harpreet06Harpreet065 måneder siden
  • Why is this guy not the lead on Top Gear? WWWHHHYYYY?? Funny thing is I think his persona is completely different when he's on that show. We need more of THIS CHRIS. Best TV motoring presenter ever.

    Gottlieb DeeGottlieb Dee5 måneder siden
  • 本来很便宜的车在中国🇨🇳就贵得不得了。

    成都李LeeYee成都李LeeYee5 måneder siden
  • why the thumbnail looks like from forza horizon 4

    DanielDaniel5 måneder siden
  • I see a lifted suzuki jimney, what do you guys see?

    Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream5 måneder siden
    • I see a Box sliding :D *The G63

      MD CYFMD CYF6 dager siden