Chris Harris drives... Best of BMW: 1M, M2, Alpina, F10 M5, M2 Competition | Top Gear

30. april. 2020
521 496 Ganger

Here's Chris Harris driving some of the best machinery BMW's M division has ever cooked up. First off it's a side-by-side comparison of the BMW M2 and the little-but-mighty 1M, followed by the F10 rear-wheel-drive M5 and some glorious old Alpinas...
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Service & Feedback

  • M Car or Alpina then? What you saying?

    Top GearTop Gear5 måneder siden
    • Both!

      Shahin BagherzadehShahin BagherzadehMåned siden
    • @jon doe your comment history is also a sad, obsessive and spiteful hate campaign against chris. You need to get a life you sad bastard.

      ryan coxryan cox2 måneder siden
    • @jon doe you havent stated a single fact. You've stated and unsubstantiated, marginalised ridiculous opinion. How you've got the nerve to call thst fact is quite impressive. You've got more neck than a giraffe

      ryan coxryan cox2 måneder siden
    • @jon doe hes a terrible driver? He doesn't know the cars he's reviewing??? Dude. Are you smoking some class A shit?

      ryan coxryan cox2 måneder siden
    • @jon doe did he slag off your car by any chance? How you can say he's terrible is beyond me? Either you don't like black men or you have an inferiority complex to articulate and in depth analysis on a level most of us won't experience because we aren't good enough drivers.

      ryan coxryan cox2 måneder siden
  • Hmm I never would have thought that I'm gonna want to get my hands on an 1M but after watching this, it looks lovely..

    hexlgaminghexlgamingDag siden
  • he alone is just saving Top Gear. nothing can top what the 3 did specialy there bond. the bond they made what made the show good. but with chris the show has emotion like what the old series has. that is the missing ingredient and what the show needs

    Ian VitalIan Vital14 dager siden
  • Chris when are u gonna test the new m2cs

    Delton PaulDelton Paul18 dager siden
  • Chucking it in at 90. Forget the stig - Harris is the fella 🤙

    duncan harveyduncan harvey19 dager siden
  • ❤️

    Shahin BagherzadehShahin BagherzadehMåned siden
  • The best video on NOworld by far!

    Maxime LauzonMaxime LauzonMåned siden
  • Chris has the best driving skill above all top gear hosts, old and new

    Pinky BeastPinky BeastMåned siden
  • What’s the name of that circuit again. Never heard of it - where is it?

    Jeffrey BurnettJeffrey Burnett2 måneder siden
  • Impressed that when you lean on a car with your hands you pull/slide your hand to be covered by the sweater to keep hand grease from getting on the paint. I’ve NEVER noticed anyone else that thoughtful of car paint not even Jay Leno. Nicely done !

    Jeffrey BurnettJeffrey Burnett2 måneder siden
  • He just bring da best out of car, love it...

    Bakary KanutehBakary Kanuteh2 måneder siden
  • "the V-tec boys will love it" - 😂🤣

    Rafael MendozaRafael Mendoza2 måneder siden
  • 👍🏼

  • I see the old top gear sound designer is back

    Aleks BalažicAleks Balažic2 måneder siden
  • The GSF and M5 comparision had to be an ad from lexus bruh

    Sagar VarmaSagar Varma2 måneder siden
  • Way to go Calv'. Keeping the manual gearbox alive & doing a build most people could afford on an average wage. Looking forward to the build mate, keep keeping it real \"/

    Tim FitzgeraldTim Fitzgerald2 måneder siden

    Stefan VogelStefan Vogel2 måneder siden
  • Love Chris, and love my E92 M3. Would've liked to seen one here but hey ho

    Pete BluettPete Bluett2 måneder siden
  • Love the Lexus exhaust tips... NOT!!!! Would rather my w210, 2001 E55 absolutely anyday! Lighter, more torque and better gearing. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and inferiority!!!

    Travis QuartzTravis Quartz2 måneder siden
  • The E82 for me is almost motoring perfection and is the best thing I have ever driven. A true future classic and to me personally, the last true BMW. As Chris said, the combination of more automation and BMW now shifting the front end looks more akin to a South Korean car (Kia, Hyundai etc) just makes the E82 that little bit more special.

    C CC C2 måneder siden
  • not a word of shift lag in the manual m2 "he would choose", and not a word of crank hub flaw of s55 and n55 engines. come smash your valves and burn your money because chris harris approves compromised bmw products.

    Idok WatcherIdok Watcher2 måneder siden
  • the best car video for me hands down

    lucclucc2 måneder siden
  • Does the M5 not have an option between 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive? Please don’t ever compare a Lexus to a BMW, let alone a M5. 😐

    Jagdeep BhandholJagdeep Bhandhol3 måneder siden
  • .

    MrNumbnuts70MrNumbnuts703 måneder siden
  • Can someone please tell me what the soundtrack is at the beginning? Awesome chill vibes

    Sam FosterSam Foster3 måneder siden
  • Good choice 👍 M2 competition all the way hence why I own one myself

    Kitt 82Kitt 823 måneder siden
  • Chris is super wrong about Lexus RCF, 2017 and up is just simply amazing sport car, you can never tell accurately about a car in just 30 min of driving. Never judge a book by its cover. RCF F10 is Amazing.

    LexiusLexius3 måneder siden
  • Regarding the M2, surely an M240i with a cheeky stage 1 tune would be a better option for most ? Certainly be a lot cheaper.

    No nameNo name3 måneder siden
  • THAT E28 though!!! I LOVED my E28 528i. I was 19 when I bought it and for me, because it felt so special compared to the 309/205 GTi's and Fords (SuperSport and XR2's)....I still think it might be the best car I've ever owned. Certainly the most special to me

    Russ GordonRuss Gordon4 måneder siden
  • Chris will certainly hate me when I tell him that I live in paradise for fast cars: very close to the Portimao racing circuit, with my M3 competition from 2011, and about 10 to 15 days of rain or wet roads per year … So I drive it on mainly dusty roads and have fun 330 days per year … and I am retired: you have the stop watch, I have the time. Sorry Chris ☹☹☹

  • Best of BMW: 1M, loves it. M2, loves it. Old Alpinas, yup. F10 M5...well, let's just show the nice Lexus instead because the F10's a bit dull...

    Apothecary TerryApothecary Terry4 måneder siden
  • Amazing work Chris ✌️

    Muhammed Shah MiaMuhammed Shah Mia4 måneder siden
  • sick ass vid love the M cars

    max walkermax walker4 måneder siden
  • We all love you Chris but the fact that you didn’t drive the M6 is heartbreaking.

    Sebastien ConnardSebastien Connard4 måneder siden
  • Top gear should just be "Chris Harris on cars" How is that not abundantly clear to people being paid to make programming For a living. People are over Top Gears silliness, and ridiculous editing cuts and graphics. Your true talent is sitting right here. Give Chris a massive budget, and let him and Neil make ALL decisions in regards to the show. All i want to see is him driving and talking about cars. PERIOD

    KCKC4 måneder siden
  • Next cars to drive Nissan GT-R & Supras

    Chanuka_RulezChanuka_Rulez4 måneder siden
  • Dear Chris. Your Lexus/BMW M5 video was filmed right in my home village South Wales, my house is just at the bottom of the mountain which you began your ascent (Ton Pentre/Treorchy/Rhondda side). Next time you guys are around please let me know and put up some nice Welsh tea and biscuits for you.

    Jason ClarkeJason Clarke4 måneder siden
  • 33:12 it's slippery today, it's slippery today (keep pushing the gas paddle...)

    Raymond LoRaymond Lo4 måneder siden
  • I really need to know the intro song

    ethan de lormethan de lorm4 måneder siden
  • Does anyone know what the song at the beginning of this video? I've heard it on a number of these TG / CHarris videos through the years and Shazam has failed me, any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Jon CrewJon Crew4 måneder siden
  • Chris would you have a manual or DCT in the M2C?

    Michael WilsonMichael Wilson5 måneder siden
  • Advise BMW about their cars reliability if not they will be one of those big companies to go Bankrupt soon and then act like they don't know why people aren't buying your cars are only good when new from 100k miles boom trash box

    Mr BrownMr Brown5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris=Car Therapy 👌

    black3chanblack3chan5 måneder siden
  • 33:40 adjusting the wipers on and off mid drift. What a beast of a man 😎😎

    kingcrumpetkingcrumpet5 måneder siden
  • Best of BMW....5 mins of why a Lexus is better than the M5 🤔

    DougDoug5 måneder siden
  • As much times as I have seen it, the classic drift around the bend slo mo gets me every time lol

    Darren JohnsonDarren Johnson5 måneder siden
  • There are few things better than Chris genuinely school girl excited

    Lewisracing1018Lewisracing10185 måneder siden
  • TG could just be chris harris and you'd probably get more viewers

    Cameron YoungCameron Young5 måneder siden
  • I'm glad to see I have the same taste in cars as Chris Harris 😊. I absolutely adore older BMW's, especially ALPINA. They are without a doubt my favorite dream cars. E21 B6 2.8, E30 B6 3.5, E28 B9 3.5 etc...

    Ian ClancyIan Clancy5 måneder siden
  • It's a pleasure to watch Chris on cars

    Mehmet AlpMehmet Alp5 måneder siden
  • Any chance of getting Chris .. reviewing a Alpina 850CSI ,,5.7Lt 188mph

    colintravellercolintraveller5 måneder siden
  • £50,000 for a 16 plate M2 - you can pick them up low mileage for 26/27k performance bargain of the century

    Darren CampbellDarren Campbell5 måneder siden
  • Does anyone else agree with me that BMW's have loose rear ends and they tend to spin out more easily than most cars?

    kat13mankat13man5 måneder siden
  • I Think you got the FTLB For these cars wrong 343 for the M2 and Then you say the 1M Is the same at 369 ??

    Michael MonumentMichael Monument5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris and Straight Pipes. No overlap. Perfect bookends for my car addiction.

    Yama LinkYama Link5 måneder siden
  • Awesome Chris, awesome :) BMW M4 and other M content on my channel - appreciate any new views and subs please guys! Just starting out with this!

    s8aans8aan5 måneder siden
  • The half of the video is about the lexus

    Efe ErtekEfe Ertek5 måneder siden
  • On EVERY SINGLE COMMENT about Chris Harris you can see the troll Jon doe hating on him

    Efe ErtekEfe Ertek5 måneder siden
  • Unrelateable bollocks. This is car journalism.

    greasycrackgreasycrack5 måneder siden
  • One of the best BMW videos ever!

    Krishna ChaitanyaKrishna Chaitanya5 måneder siden
  • Where was the first video filmed? The circuit is gorgeous!

    veda maharajveda maharaj5 måneder siden
  • don't give up the day job

    filevansfilevans5 måneder siden
  • M2 Competition, 1M and the E92 M3 . The dream garage.

    OliverOliver5 måneder siden
  • Where is the collection of bmw in this video we could drive test the cars?

    beber0721beber07215 måneder siden
  • Noob question: what tyres you had on that weather? seemed to be gripping well in those conditions.

    Bugra AytacBugra Aytac5 måneder siden
  • Damn it, you were in charade... (5km away from me)

    Yann BergerYann Berger5 måneder siden
  • Has a issue with grip in a 600hp RWD car in winter on wet roads with snow, what an absolute moron. It will never be Top Gear just let it go..

    JAV VinnyJAV Vinny5 måneder siden
  • does anyone know what type of alpina that is at 12:00?

    Klay VaderKlay Vader5 måneder siden
    • the white one for clarification

      Klay VaderKlay Vader5 måneder siden
  • That circuit he takes the M2 comp to...Simply amazing man.

    zGJunglezGJungle5 måneder siden
  • Chris is True car lover, get Clarkson,Tiff,and Chris on Top Gear

    jermaine austinjermaine austin5 måneder siden
    • I don't think they would bring back Clarkson, and I think it's better that the 3 of them are together.

      ChaboboxChabobox5 måneder siden
  • If you look at my search history...... You'll notice it features things that I can't afford

    black3chanblack3chan5 måneder siden
  • Its crazy that the BBC effectively replaced all the top gear hosts with Chris Harris, at least he's the only one that anyone wants to watch

    trypillianArttrypillianArt5 måneder siden
  • 2020 and Lexus makes this car without changes ...

    Simon BraveSimon Brave5 måneder siden
  • Skilled Editor.

    xgames driftingxgames drifting5 måneder siden
  • Advertising interruptions are unbearable , way over reason...

    Salvador San MartínSalvador San Martín5 måneder siden
  • This guy can't make a turn without sliding ..dude drive like a race car driver around the track .not like a 20 years old who eats .sleeps and breath.. drifting cars .

    jo jojo jo5 måneder siden
  • Chris' word of the day: SPIKY.

    STAG162STAG1625 måneder siden
    • jon doe is coming

      Efe ErtekEfe Ertek5 måneder siden
  • BMW is simply... Breathless, but they almost if not spoilt the M2 due to the weight.. Come on BMW, this is your best platform as yet, also BMW should build a 1 series M (as it should be called) give it +400hp to rival the 45s..dont make the engine transverse, why not make an inline 4 and give it 40% front and 60% back, would'nt this be amazing? So the badge will be 1Ms and be called 1seriesM (you heard it here, first)

    Dumsani simelaneDumsani simelane5 måneder siden
    • Dumsani simelane 1MC. If I recall they retooled they 1 series assembly line for the X1 compact suv.

      touringtegtouringteg5 måneder siden
  • Looks like they are making fun cars again after so long.

    AlofzicoAlofzico5 måneder siden
  • You make me feel good that I bought an M2 Competition! 😀

    Richard DunnRichard Dunn5 måneder siden
  • What track is this?

    Christopher MerhejChristopher Merhej5 måneder siden
  • For me, this is automotive journalism perfection. Thank you, Chris Harris

    Stefan ChiorescuStefan Chiorescu5 måneder siden
  • Hamond & may&clarcson😔

    Mustafa AlasadyMustafa Alasady5 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris has really made Top Gear enjoyable to watch again!

    Matt GreenlandMatt Greenland5 måneder siden
  • Pugnacious Punchiness ... literal alliteration

    Byron GardinerByron Gardiner5 måneder siden
  • Not enough adverts ! Hmmmmm

    captainchrisleecaptainchrislee5 måneder siden
  • M2 👌✌️

    Sungillest LeeSungillest Lee5 måneder siden
  • BMW #1

    Hoai NguyenHoai Nguyen5 måneder siden
  • Top Gear, just give me Chris and hot cars and I'm good.

    Dave DuMondDave DuMond5 måneder siden
  • Dang those Alpinas.

    Thrust n HowlThrust n Howl5 måneder siden
  • I think it’s just a bit unfair to drive down a windy icy mountain road and then say that it can’t get the power down. Yeah, I might find myself in that situation, but less than 0.0001% of the time. 99% of the time people who buy an M5 are cruising down the freeway, where the power definitely gets down. Just my .02

    BahookiBahooki5 måneder siden
  • @Top Gear As soon as this bloody virus goes away im going to Germany to pick up a 3 year old Alpina B3 or B3s (sedan) dont like wagons xD. But chris i wanted to ask. The B3 dose it have some engine issues. Cuase i saw on a lot of adds that many people that sold the B3 they had there engines changed under warrenty.

    BM WBM W5 måneder siden
  • Alpina B3s

    BM WBM W5 måneder siden
  • How many of you want to drive in 1000 MPH speed? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    LUCY WORLDLUCY WORLD5 måneder siden
  • Feels like more Lexus than BMWs combined. Too lazy to edit em out??

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster5 måneder siden
  • Excelente

    Mauro ECMauro EC5 måneder siden
  • The only Baby M that is a proper M is the M2 Competition and CS. 1M = wannabe, M2 = wannabe

    Dancing BearDancing Bear5 måneder siden
  • about something new? These are the best videos online

    TanzanianYakTanzanianYak5 måneder siden
  • M car of choice.. Two words. E39 M5.

    gorrington007gorrington0075 måneder siden
  • Does tracking it void the warranty?

    Bush MasterBush Master5 måneder siden