Chris Harris at The Races: Bentley Continental GT3 & McLaren 650S GT3 | Top Gear

25. juni. 2020
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Here are a couple of our favourite Chris Harris endurance racing moments. First up it's the McLaren 650S GT3 race car at Silverstone. And then it's the big one... Spa. And Chris is in a Bentley Continental GT3 race car for the 2016 24 hours…
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  • Brilliant , let’s hope the Covid bullshit disappears and we can all go again

    Simon FellowsSimon Fellows10 dager siden
  • What you mean by Kingston Jamaica taxi??? 🤨

    tallyute 876tallyute 876Måned siden
  • boring without the old crew

    Die NoobiesTVDie NoobiesTVMåned siden
  • Ok from top 10 Los with from you Ken help from Big by

    Dino DinoDino DinoMåned siden
  • Good my family kiss from really run & gmy

    Dino DinoDino DinoMåned siden
  • That car is not good at all.

    kiritkumar vaniyakiritkumar vaniyaMåned siden
  • What's with the Chinese music? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Not A Doctor, ShhNot A Doctor, ShhMåned siden
  • Ok ok ok

    Aicha BoujllabAicha BoujllabMåned siden
  • This was awesome

    Jack JenningsJack JenningsMåned siden
  • Cant stomach the new top gear, apart from Chris,the other's are what exactly,,

    Morris AndersonMorris Anderson2 måneder siden
  • The stuff he does on here with Neil are some of the greatest pieces of automotive film ever made.

    Scott MorelandScott Moreland2 måneder siden
  • Excellent video. Gutted for you guys but can't wait to see the next one

    silvergrimsilvergrim2 måneder siden
  • old video

    imonfire6666imonfire66662 måneder siden
  • Your car endorsed sanctions CCP financial institutions....helping the evil, Good luck.

    carl Nilsson Youngcarl Nilsson Young2 måneder siden
  • 8:40 Harris says they´we been hit 2 times but to me it looks like the 2nd time the mercedes was keeping his lane while the Mclaren just swerved across

    Robert RiRobert Ri2 måneder siden
    • He means twice in the same incident. They were hit from the back then spun and the merc hit the front. Nothing could have been done with the second but they were still hit two times

      Scott MorelandScott Moreland2 måneder siden
  • Great video, and great remix of Mass Effects music! Haha

    JIggy AmesJIggy Ames2 måneder siden
  • Do the pitcrew have to wear there big helmets when working on the car like that too

    Hasan Ar-RahmanHasan Ar-Rahman2 måneder siden
  • There should be more episodes on racing like this, I mean i love watching reviews of supercars I'm never going to drive, But i also love watching racecars I'm never going to drive

    karan patelkaran patel2 måneder siden
  • Unbelievable. I love these Chris harris racing videos. He is really living the dream. BTW, he basically went through an iRacing race getting punted randomly...

    Marcio MoerbeckMarcio Moerbeck2 måneder siden
  • “Beautiful” Sebastian Vettel: “SPA...”

    Jonas WeberJonas Weber2 måneder siden
  • Word the introduction correctly.

    jason rossjason ross2 måneder siden
  • this is reposted content though

    ShotsFired andMissedShotsFired andMissed2 måneder siden
  • Those Bentleys look awesome pounding around there. I bet they're great for slip-streaming behind!

    Andrew AusterfieldAndrew Austerfield2 måneder siden
  • i just realised the bently is sponsored by Mr.Perels fathers company.

    Kipcha VargosainKipcha Vargosain2 måneder siden
  • Man, I thought dirty players are only limited to contact sports. Man, I was wrong. Those dirty drivers should really be avoided.

    Here There EverywhereHere There Everywhere2 måneder siden
  • I wish it was still the old guys. These guys just ain’t it

    Sean WestonSean Weston2 måneder siden
  • The 40 seconds ish following from 31:12 is automotive pornography of the highest degree

    Robo J22Robo J223 måneder siden
  • Great job team 👍, the battle is the funnest, fighting from a deficit is what builds character, and that's real racing

    Max VelocityMax Velocity3 måneder siden
  • Such are the Frustrations of Motor Racing! Thanks Chris PS. I love McLaren's!!

    Stephen HenionStephen Henion3 måneder siden
  • This is just amazing.

    Mickey SigristMickey Sigrist3 måneder siden
  • Seeing a Bentley on a race track among Ferraris and Lamborghinis is always funny.

    Earl LemongrabEarl Lemongrab3 måneder siden
    • No it’s amazing that they have got a 2 tonne car down to 1300

      KierenBOI MUFCKierenBOI MUFC3 måneder siden
  • Only reason to still watch topgear

    Ragnar LothbrokRagnar Lothbrok3 måneder siden
  • There goes a saying that people hate what they don't understand. Namely all the hormonal 12 year olds in the comments saying that Chris Harris is bad.

    Piroz ContractorPiroz Contractor3 måneder siden
  • Damn roasting you're fellow co driver that they can't keep up with the ferrari dude while in race.

    J DLJ DL3 måneder siden
  • charris is the best thing about new TG and tbh edges the original boys...

    Cameron YoungCameron Young3 måneder siden
  • Top gear died 🙁😢

    venomousgamingHDvenomousgamingHD3 måneder siden
  • Anyone into racing needs to keep an eye on this series. Such a shame that the Silverstone round got pulled from the reduced calender this season.

    Tom HerbertTom Herbert3 måneder siden
    • Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will be back next year though.

      Mani 1610Mani 16103 måneder siden
  • +

    Rez #44Rez #443 måneder siden
  • You call your selfs car guys? More like car monsters. The Fuari tragedy may have been forgiven, but not forgoten. The only of it's kind, a concept that worked, and as always they crash cars, that time they burned one. Just delite your channel.

    ZORAY ZAIR0ZORAY ZAIR03 måneder siden
  • The amount of bad luck Chris has makes me sad man, silversstone, spa, baja... Can the dude just catch a break already? lol

    BL00D_ZABL00D_ZA3 måneder siden
    • Last year with the garage 59 Aston Martin, they had a fair amount of luck. Stand out race for me was Paul Ricard, check it out it's only 6hrs but it's a beautifull race track with... you guessed it GT3 racecars! Feel happier dude 😎

      B_road _blastB_road _blast3 måneder siden
  • Car pr0n

    El CashoEl Casho3 måneder siden
  • The nick of that car😂.Great content as usual.Chris is the best auto journo out there.can remember championing him for top gear after compo & his mates left.Tbh his real strength is his passion ‘fast cars&racing’,not the gimmickry that’s is Top gear.maybe it’s just me but I far prefere this kind of motoring journalism than the actual program itself.

    Gary FuzzGary Fuzz3 måneder siden
  • Project cars

    Victor FuVictor Fu3 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris' enthusiasm is one infection I'd like to catch.

    Andy ParkerAndy Parker4 måneder siden
  • I love your channel bro so good!

    Minecraft AmaniMinecraft Amani4 måneder siden
  • New TV show idea Title: Chirs drives cars It's just chris talking about the cars he drives and you put him in awesome cars End result: Success

    MarkMash17MarkMash174 måneder siden
    • Sounds like the name of a youtube channel 🤔

      Eike SkyEike Sky2 måneder siden
  • 300th comment

    Overduechain918 YTOverduechain918 YT4 måneder siden
  • new Top Gear = Chris Harris

    Jonáš JagerčíkJonáš Jagerčík4 måneder siden
  • That shot at 30:56 of the concert going off right next to Eau Rouge/Raidillon is one of my favourite you've ever done. Really captures the character of the event and just looks marvellous. But man does Chris Harris need some better luck in a GT3 car!

    Mikeado66Mikeado664 måneder siden
  • at last some serious racing on TG! lets hope TG would explore more on real racing i/o clowning around for the sake of humour and ratings

    Jejaka MisteriJejaka Misteri4 måneder siden
  • The amount of random commercials would make any American cable channel proud. Brutally annoying

    Knut PohlKnut Pohl4 måneder siden
  • who would hit thumbs down? speak you trolls

    Johnny VuduJohnny Vudu4 måneder siden
  • Top Gear should figure out how to get May, Clarkson and Hammond back...with Chris Harris, they would be the Top car show to beat!

    PANTYEATR1PANTYEATR14 måneder siden
  • I've watched every long form chris harris race video, they all end in disaster. bummer.

    Wiseguy724Wiseguy7244 måneder siden
  • Honestly so glad Harris is on TG. Loved his stuff w DRIVE and his other online stuff but having his driving skill, with his amazing ability to bring the story to life with words coupled with TG’s cinematic prowess and clout is everything I’ve ever wanted

    Joseph ReganJoseph Regan4 måneder siden
  • Wow! Harris is the real deal👍. I’m curious.....who is paying for all this? Replacing all that bashed carbon along with all the other expenses of racing a serious, modern GT car....$$$$$$$

    Robert RishelRobert Rishel4 måneder siden
  • why would anyone want to race a Bentley Continental, they weigh 35 tones

    High Overlord Snarffie BeagleHigh Overlord Snarffie Beagle4 måneder siden
    • The GT3 car actually doesn't.

      Mani 1610Mani 16104 måneder siden
  • Looks like your McLaren had pretty colossal understeer in the sweepers

    James WaldenJames Walden4 måneder siden
    • ohhh you said that at 10 minutes in, thats a shame mate!!

      James WaldenJames Walden4 måneder siden
  • can we have a TG special episode covering Chris doing the N24?

    CaffersCaffers4 måneder siden
  • Nice....

    M2 is AliveM2 is Alive4 måneder siden
  • I stopped watching top gear, when they changed it to the latest couple. It will never be as good as it was with Jezza, captain slow en Hamster. But I did like the episodes with Chris, Rory and Matt.

    Ron HardRon Hard4 måneder siden
  • Top Gear has made me fall asleep yet again. The original 24hr race they did (with Hammond May and Clarkson) was so much better. Go watch TGT its 100x times better.

    allblocked1322allblocked13224 måneder siden
    • This (21:27) _"made [you] fall asleep"_ ? Either you are going senile in your old age, or you don't really care about cars that much. Could be both...

      SIXITHSSIXITHS4 måneder siden
  • Zombie alert. ..

    Michael EmmersonMichael Emmerson4 måneder siden
  • Such a beautiful sport

    Alex KosovAlex Kosov4 måneder siden
  • Chris😎👍👍👍👍

    indra bendiindra bendi4 måneder siden
  • How much did it costs to drive in a GT3?

    Kimi RulesKimi Rules4 måneder siden
  • Dont let hammond drive one of these or else....the same fate like the rimac will happen..

    Duck YouAllDuck YouAll4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is the only good new presenter

    Rayvee RoblesRayvee Robles4 måneder siden
  • LOVE this videos.

    VictorVictor4 måneder siden
  • This is proper mint. The closest i get to racing and traveling the world is jumping in my sim rig. Silverstone is my hercules heel,my brain just wont process it been round it 50 times i still mess up yet ive got the Nordschleife down to a T, as for Spa 24hr i dont now how they do it for real after 3hrs im done just in a playseat challenge lol. Anyway great watching Chris work. Nice one.

    SMSM4 måneder siden
  • Borrrrriiiiiinnnngggg

    Loudness JuniorLoudness Junior4 måneder siden
    • 21:30 If you are so bored watching this, why are you watching a car programme? Or were you not smart enough to be able to read the video title before you clicked on it?

      SIXITHSSIXITHS4 måneder siden
  • It would be nice for top gear to take more of a serious approach like more of a racing style like this now seeing as they did lose the 3 best people ever I think this should be the new normal but I would always prefer the 3 of them back

    LammerzLammerz4 måneder siden
  • Great video capturing Neal!

    Steve JosephSteve Joseph4 måneder siden
  • Chris and Neil. An automotive dream team...

    Aitch BombeAitch Bombe4 måneder siden
  • *a true fuccking KING* *OUCHEA , BIG TOUGH in the fucing shcreets, ON GOD* *keep pushing keep moving forward KING*

    cubonenineOcubonenineO4 måneder siden
  • 7:41 lol they taped the bumper together - efficiency at its finest

    Richard LauRichard Lau4 måneder siden
  • This top Gear is in neutral compărea to the past 3 😬😬🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼

    Gaminghunter 2000Gaminghunter 20004 måneder siden
  • Need the song at 12:14 Been looking for it every since the original video came out... someone please help!!!

    MrFoulksyMrFoulksy4 måneder siden
  • Bring👏back👏 Jemery👏

    THJTHJ4 måneder siden
    • 5 years on and you are still triggered? Damn...

      SIXITHSSIXITHS4 måneder siden
  • The could just have the Chris Harris show and I'd probably watch it more. Maybe keep Flintoff but get rid of that tit McGuinness. I mean don't get me wrong he's not as bad as Joey of the ginger god botherer from Radio 2 but he's still as irritating as sand under the foreskin.

    Gerard MontgomeryGerard Montgomery4 måneder siden
  • Good stuff!

    David BellDavid Bell4 måneder siden
  • Podium *clap* OR *clap* DNF

    Strike86Strike864 måneder siden
  • Alibaba!GO!!!

    Frank PenFrank Pen4 måneder siden
  • Chris owned ittttt

    Aashish ManandharAashish Manandhar4 måneder siden
  • did he just, abuse the LMP cars

    Aviral BhardwajAviral Bhardwaj4 måneder siden
  • We need Chris back on Joe Rogan!!

    Jimmy TweedaleJimmy Tweedale4 måneder siden
  • What an amazing video

    Yea BuddyYea Buddy4 måneder siden
  • Was a great video. As much art as sport, comedy and tragedy.

    Mike HotchkissMike Hotchkiss4 måneder siden
  • I miss Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson

    Craft 08Craft 084 måneder siden
    • Chris is great and I don't think this kind of thing is something you would get from those three.

      Chris WrightChris Wright4 måneder siden
  • Did anyone found a noose in their garage?

    wayneyd2wayneyd24 måneder siden
  • this is the only reason why i click on topgear videos.. Chris Harris.

    MR REFLEXMR REFLEX4 måneder siden

    SebiSebi4 måneder siden
  • There is something so satisfying about cars racing very close to each other and quite fast. 10/10 video.

    Train SeriesTrain Series4 måneder siden
  • 21:28 When you finally get through the traffic jam on the motorway.

    MingEn ChungMingEn Chung4 måneder siden
  • 27:00 need to know the name of that song

    Russian RayneRussian Rayne4 måneder siden
  • Great video about racing, human endurance and really good presented and narrated by Chris, I fully enjoyed this video !

    Mark van de VeldenMark van de Velden4 måneder siden
  • Isn't the second part of the video literally a reupload of the video of 24h of spa from 2016?

    MPDR200011MPDR2000114 måneder siden
    • It is. This is just a compilation of Harris's endurance features from Top Gear.

      Piroz ContractorPiroz Contractor3 måneder siden
    • Both are reuploads.

      Mani 1610Mani 16104 måneder siden
  • someone please explain these races to me. Why cant everyone pick the best the best performance car?

    AliShamAliSham4 måneder siden
    • Because not every car is good at every track.

      Mani 1610Mani 16104 måneder siden
  • I watched the film/documentary McLaren from 2017 the other day, and I had no clue McLaren really was from New Zealand. I always just assumed it was british. I highly recommend that film/documentary because it is very well made.

    FreeriderFreerider4 måneder siden
    • Nope, it wasn't on youtube. It was through a service the international library has in my country. Need to be a resident, and have a library card. Anyhow...

      FreeriderFreerider3 måneder siden
    • Do you have a link?

      Steven SSteven S3 måneder siden
  • Thank you for this Chris. I really enjoyed watching your misery. And I mean that in a kind way. You guys raced well and the car was awesome, yet somehow or somewhere the Spa Gods decided it wasn't to be your 24hr this time. Do go back. Cheers mate.

    Gerry KGerry K4 måneder siden