Best Stig Laps of Series 27 & 28: Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche Taycan, Toyota Supra | Top Gear

20. juli. 2020
132 321 Ganger

Yes, he's quite literally only interested in one thing, and that's fanging things around the Top Gear test track as quickly as possible. So, here's our very own tame racing driver lapping Dunsfold circuit in a bunch of exotica - such as the Ferrari 488 Pista and McLaren 600LT - and track-focussed grip machines like the Dallara Stradale and Ariel Atom 4.
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  • What's your favourite Stig Lap of all time?

    Top GearTop Gear3 måneder siden
    • Ferrari FFX

      lange darmlange darm20 dager siden
    • R.I.P Stig :((((

      Charlie MorrisCharlie MorrisMåned siden
    • I like the Koenigsegg CCX from season 8, the one that he crashed when he thought he could go faster so went again.

      ThomPlayzThomPlayz2 måneder siden
    • The Holden cooking lamb on its engine nine years ago when Jeremy was on the channel now this channel is trash

      Sharen Tacan RaySharen Tacan Ray2 måneder siden
    • Ferrari fxx definetly😍

      Pijus PrakapasPijus Prakapas2 måneder siden

    MattMatt22 dager siden
  • The Atom makes all the cool sounds.

    Matthew BMatthew BMåned siden
  • The 488 looks really uncomfortable

    Ben gszyBen gszyMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who gets Jeremy Clarkson's narrative voice in my head when watching these?

    Alex OlaruAlex Olaru2 måneder siden
  • He should learn the track better.

    WillWill2 måneder siden
  • It will never be the same without Jeremy James ands hammond

    Daviereply PlsDaviereply Pls2 måneder siden
  • Who misses the old trio

    bloodCRASHeR bloodCRASHeRbloodCRASHeR bloodCRASHeR2 måneder siden
    • @Painting History Indeed!

      Scott LeeScott Lee9 dager siden
    • @Scott Lee I don't know man it's fine i guess I do like the specials but if you miss the old show there are over 21 seasons so...

      Painting HistoryPainting History9 dager siden
    • @Painting History I didn't think they were as original as the old show and some of their set pieces, the guests that kept getting blown up, just didn't work.

      Scott LeeScott Lee9 dager siden
    • @Scott Lee yeah of coarse i love the the shows

      Painting HistoryPainting History9 dager siden
    • @Painting History Have you watched the grand tour? At least they got rid of that stupid tent.

      Scott LeeScott Lee9 dager siden
  • Bring back Jeremy clarkson and the rest of the guys there better

    SpiarlsSpiarls2 måneder siden
  • Bring back the og people

    SpiarlsSpiarls2 måneder siden
  • Pagani Zonda R, that thing was ridiculous

    GasviationGasviation2 måneder siden
  • 2:45 it doesn't even sound like a car is it electric

    Jonathan MasonJonathan Mason2 måneder siden
    • Off course. And the sound it makes is from inside speakers

      MrTapkMrTapk2 måneder siden

    Dhritiman BorboraDhritiman Borbora2 måneder siden
  • Please do comparison between Maclaren senna vs gt2 rs mr on track and find out which faster on track

    Prafulla PatillPrafulla Patill2 måneder siden
  • Till now topgear is still active XD

    Dzaki MyLDzaki MyL2 måneder siden
  • Forza Motorsport RTX ON

    Naren BenoistNaren Benoist2 måneder siden
  • Finally in not 3000000000000 years late

    Nicholas ZahidNicholas Zahid3 måneder siden
  • Aww I bet stiggy misses his parents :( Adopt him amazon

    Agent 48Agent 483 måneder siden
  • I could honestly watch the Stig drive these cars around the course all day.

    E. RamirezE. Ramirez3 måneder siden
  • You know what top gear needs a racer that didn’t have a family that payed their way to where they are where are the street racers from Bradford 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️ if they can dust feds in an area like that what they gonna do to the guy that had their first race car at 12 and got a race track for 20th 😂😂

    JAY-JAYT420JAY-JAYT4203 måneder siden
  • Man I miss Hammond and the old team

    Aniket KhoslaAniket Khosla3 måneder siden
    • Luqmaan Esmail nope, they changed the format, that’s all, given that the episodes in a season will be 2-5, i personally don’t like this change but seaman was pretty good

      UnwantedLinksUnwantedLinks2 måneder siden
    • Why, they are still on. Just watch the Grand Tour (and learn that it really wasn't just them that made the program good).

      L.GH. DjoetmaL.GH. Djoetma2 måneder siden
    • Luqmaan Esmail yes but the old episodes

      Otaku _Otaku _2 måneder siden
    • @Otaku _ they have finished. They are only gonna do specials ever so often

      Luqmaan EsmailLuqmaan Esmail2 måneder siden
    • grand tour help you

      Otaku _Otaku _2 måneder siden
  • Some say that his favourite car is the tata nano, and his helmet is part of his skeleton. All we know is... Hes called the stig!

    Andrés RodríguezAndrés Rodríguez3 måneder siden
  • The sound of the Ariel ❤❤❤

    Jimmy V.Jimmy V.3 måneder siden
  • (Can i Get a free 6x6 in forza?

    kokkenkokken3 måneder siden
  • Sadly all these cars in India cost you twice the money. And when I say twice I literally mean it 😭😭😭

    shubham SHRIVASshubham SHRIVAS3 måneder siden
  • Oh my God that Ferrari.......

    Teethclenser2007Teethclenser20073 måneder siden
  • !jHiuj

    Maria AmeenMaria Ameen3 måneder siden
  • still waiting for the 720s ou chiron laps that we were supposed to have but never had

    Hocine RabiaHocine Rabia3 måneder siden
  • Who remember Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May?

    priscilla yanthipriscilla yanthi3 måneder siden
    • Wheresthepie? no, the grand tour is still the grand tour and it’ll be on for a very brief amount of time

      UnwantedLinksUnwantedLinks2 måneder siden
    • priscilla yanthi grand tour now seamen

      Wheresthepie?Wheresthepie?3 måneder siden
    • everybody

      James FreemanJames Freeman3 måneder siden
  • You should do a video on the koenigsegg agera

    Russell LopezRussell Lopez3 måneder siden
  • Is the stig still Micheal schumacher or is it somebody else now??

    xd zig.xd zig.3 måneder siden
    • It wasn’t Schumacher he just appeared for a brief period of time

      UnwantedLinksUnwantedLinks2 måneder siden
  • Atleast stig is till here

    Lovro KovačićLovro Kovačić3 måneder siden
  • 1st place: Ferrari 488 pista

    ZbarciZbarci3 måneder siden
  • Who misses the old top gear

    Qayyum AzmiQayyum Azmi3 måneder siden
    • Me

      hh3 måneder siden
  • Taycan has taken my soul.

    Kamal LBKamal LB3 måneder siden
  • It's a shame they have to keep the Stig in a cage when he's not doing laps.

    R33C3R33C33 måneder siden
    • Some say that when he's not driving, he moonlights as a guard dog.

      Craig DohmenCraig Dohmen2 måneder siden
  • That Taycan sound is just yes

    NightAvenger375NightAvenger3753 måneder siden
  • That Porsche has to be the best sounding ev

    Vishnu 21Vishnu 213 måneder siden
  • It was interesting to see the contrast between a light car (Dallara) and a heavy car (Taycan)

    SoCalFreelanceSoCalFreelance3 måneder siden
  • Hope it means new shows are coming . 488 pista will be very hard to beat. New mclaren maybe 765 I think it’s called. It’s not just about pouring more and more power into a car , weight and chassis also huge.

    Frank RoweFrank Rowe3 måneder siden
  • The Atom, heel and toe skills

    Disgusting Milky Water.Disgusting Milky Water.3 måneder siden
  • What a video ... give us more of this in future 😋😋

    Aqdas AliAqdas Ali3 måneder siden
  • 488 was leagues ahead!!!

    Bela DesaiBela Desai3 måneder siden
  • the tyres on the taycan, poor them

    Vlad MihaiVlad Mihai3 måneder siden
  • Seems like he had to “fight” with Mclaren?

    Alex MeAlex Me3 måneder siden
    • Dish Washer

      XanzXanz23 dager siden
    • Vaccume cleaner

      Shashank ShuklaShashank Shukla2 måneder siden
  • Can you please change the name of the program because it's not Top Gear anymore and you know it..

    אופק גולןאופק גולן3 måneder siden
    • @L.GH. Djoetma you can't call someone bitch for no reason 🙏

      Rohan BikerRohan BikerMåned siden
    • @L.GH. Djoetma uh..... LOS ANGELES!!

      Rohan BikerRohan Biker2 måneder siden
    • @Rohan Biker Nope

      L.GH. DjoetmaL.GH. Djoetma2 måneder siden
    • @L.GH. Djoetma are u a Londoner

      Rohan BikerRohan Biker2 måneder siden
    • ​@Rohan Biker It's not. Presenters you liked just left. And honestly, I thought the last three seasons with them were boring as f. Just three old guys making scripted penis jokes.

      L.GH. DjoetmaL.GH. Djoetma2 måneder siden
  • Where is Jhon doe, maybe he has corona

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW083 måneder siden
    • Hopefully. Also he only really spews his bs on videos with ch in mind

      Thomas HayhurstThomas Hayhurst3 måneder siden
  • Some says whenever he breaks his own lap record he smiles under the helmet, all we know is he's called The STIG.....

    Pravin NairPravin Nair3 måneder siden
  • Watching Stig heel and toe in the Atom and managing the oversteer was beautiful

    Hasan BakshHasan Baksh3 måneder siden
  • There's more wind noise in the McLaren than in the Dallara 🙄

    piffiiiiiiitpiffiiiiiiit3 måneder siden
  • Damn....😍😍😍😱🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This sound killed me :) Rip....:))))))

    Zahra HZahra H3 måneder siden
  • Nothing like watching the Stig go around in fast circles. Very fast circles at that.

    ricky vricky v3 måneder siden
  • When will series 28 be on BBC America??

    D CD C3 måneder siden
  • I wonder ... does the Stigs underwear ever get skid marks?

    EJFXxxEJFXxx3 måneder siden
  • woah the supra made it on this list and the cheapest one yet

    LinoBlancoLinoBlanco3 måneder siden
  • The Porsche sounds like it was built by aliens.

    plumbandsquare1plumbandsquare13 måneder siden
    • Like Turks?

      WillWill2 måneder siden
    • @redReiRei What you do hear is all mechanical. Straight cut gears sound like that...

      groundlossgroundloss2 måneder siden
    • ​@groundloss electric engines do have a sound FYI, Tesla and other car manufacturers actually dampen the sound. Porsche just amplify it through the sound system.

      redReiReiredReiRei2 måneder siden
    • Fake sound, get inside a Tesla: quite / get inside an Audi: noisy. Because germans arent used to not hearing their 4 wheeled treasures... Electric Supercar and Engine Sound - Acoustic Innovation: e-sound by Audi ->

      groundlossgroundloss2 måneder siden
    • Ruben I think they amplify it though, through the speakers. I’m okay with it.

      David DiStefanoDavid DiStefano3 måneder siden
  • Im going back to 2019 about the TG24 (top gear 24) has the event already gone or is it on some sort of top gear website? if someone could tell me or comment a link to the full race or any info about it, i would really apreciate it. Thanks :)

    UserUser3 måneder siden
    • That was name they gave to their annual speed week that they do for the magazine. This year's one was probably canceled bc of covid

      Thomas HayhurstThomas Hayhurst3 måneder siden
  • Who is the current stig?

    ModularFaun7327ModularFaun73273 måneder siden
    • Your mama

      Ryan is a dudeRyan is a dude3 måneder siden
  • When Porsche makes an EV sports car, watch out. Amazing that the Taycan was so close to the McLaren.

    Andre 1,000Andre 1,0003 måneder siden
    • Considering its so heavy👌🏽

      Kamal LBKamal LB3 måneder siden
    • Might be a while before that since EVs are so heavy.

      Forrest SlaterForrest Slater3 måneder siden
  • Its good to see Eddie Irvine back behind the wheel

    Ruairi McCarthyRuairi McCarthy3 måneder siden
  • All cars well within my price range

    J1NK3 COYSJ1NK3 COYS3 måneder siden
    • Ryan is a dude could u not exist u unfunny kid

      Chonker DonkerChonker Donker3 måneder siden
    • I think you ment to say your dad's budget

      Ryan is a dudeRyan is a dude3 måneder siden
  • That track looks so sketchy...! Think I'd shit myself at 1/2 of the turns since they all seem to have some some dirt holes at the end of high speed turns... Also tire walls and all sorts of stuff which could really ruin your day!

    Gran DarfGran Darf3 måneder siden
  • This guy is slow.

    The Real Cigar JefeThe Real Cigar Jefe3 måneder siden
    • Not as slow as your brain

      Ryan is a dudeRyan is a dude3 måneder siden
  • that atom made the supra lap look so dull

    Ei HobaEi Hoba3 måneder siden
  • is it me or the taycan has a fake engine noise?

    c o o l v i b r a t i o n sc o o l v i b r a t i o n s3 måneder siden
    • Yes, most of what you hear there is through the audio system. It can be turned on or off. Seems silly to me but every video I have seen it was on.

      big track3big track33 måneder siden
  • To bad the show can’t afford the use of a proper track.

    wontspeakwontspeak3 måneder siden
    • It's a legitimate track. It was built by lotus originally (correct me if I'm wrong) and mclaren use it to test their cars

      Thomas HayhurstThomas Hayhurst3 måneder siden
  • pure skill

    TheFunkyairTheFunkyair3 måneder siden
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    Tracey LewisTracey Lewis3 måneder siden
  • That heel toe in the Atom 🙌🏻

    RobsReplaysRobsReplays3 måneder siden
    • Ah, a man of culture

      InhakicbcInhakicbc3 måneder siden
  • This stig is trash compared to the older ones sloppy hands not smooth at all

    • At least this one isn't going to write a book about his experiences as the tame racing driver

      Thomas HayhurstThomas Hayhurst3 måneder siden
  • Skill with that manual gearbox is crazy

    Damian CloeteDamian Cloete3 måneder siden
  • 488 was moody!

    Daniel doreDaniel dore3 måneder siden
  • pls put it in order of the fastest time

    Gael BmGael Bm3 måneder siden
  • Ariel Atom 4 sounds like a RICER kit car made legal. *bwaaaaaaaaaaaa stu stu stu*

    Nilav Kumar JenaNilav Kumar Jena3 måneder siden
  • Look at stiggy's little hands go. Some say his hands are hydraulic and that he once crushed a stone with his *balls*

    Nilav Kumar JenaNilav Kumar Jena3 måneder siden
    • some say you are on drugs

      lange darmlange darm20 dager siden
    • Hahah, that is funny! I just started a channel where i go into the mountains with trucks and wreck em. Hope I can make a few folks laugh too!

      Bush TruckBush Truck2 måneder siden
  • The Supra dash looks very BMW like.

    Clive FlintClive Flint3 måneder siden
    • It's basically a BMW tho.

      Kamal LBKamal LB3 måneder siden
  • To see Taycan on this list very impressive

    n nn n3 måneder siden
    • @Duv Jones a

      Vipin RanaVipin Rana2 måneder siden
    • @piffiiiiiiit i was gonna say that bruhhh look at this

      Thinal KumarasingheThinal Kumarasinghe3 måneder siden
    • @stubones To put it in perspective, the token EV is faster than an Enzo, Veyron, AMG SLS, Zonda F, Caterham R00, Nissan GTR 😂

      piffiiiiiiitpiffiiiiiiit3 måneder siden
    • True but what gets me is this. This car is their first EV, with some years of iteration behind it.... you kind of have to wonder the kind of muscle and performance that Porsche can squeeze out of that motor setup. We'll see if they dare of course.

      Duv JonesDuv Jones3 måneder siden
  • You can see it's heavy, but the Taycan sounds awesome

    Adam MerzaAdam Merza3 måneder siden
  • Awesome, but I prefer when the laps were filmed from trackside rather than in-car 🏁

    kap2027kap20273 måneder siden
  • That 488 really just screams as soon as the stig hits the pedal, no lag at all O.O

    Paolo PanPaolo Pan3 måneder siden
    • It's called a load of torque

      Carter EvansCarter Evans3 måneder siden
  • Grate drive

    سهل العضايلهسهل العضايله3 måneder siden
  • The old top gear are better

    saad akramsaad akram3 måneder siden
  • this is just awesome, plzzz post more of these

    Milaad MMilaad M3 måneder siden

  • Quien es el piloto experimento?

    Adrián PeraltaAdrián Peralta3 måneder siden
    • Es británico?

      Adrián PeraltaAdrián Peralta3 måneder siden
    • @Ryan is a dude Bill Collins, no?

      Adrián PeraltaAdrián Peralta3 måneder siden
    • Es el Stig

      Ryan is a dudeRyan is a dude3 måneder siden
  • Out of all these cars. I like the Supra because I can realistically afford it

    Ravindra S 919Ravindra S 9193 måneder siden
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    • Thanks I'll text him right away

      Clinton phillipClinton phillip3 måneder siden
    • +1 917-336-8570

      Oliver WilliamsOliver Williams3 måneder siden
    • @Oliver Williams how can I reach your broker?

      Clinton phillipClinton phillip3 måneder siden
    • Oliver Williams, How can I contact you broker please I need some help

      donald powelldonald powell3 måneder siden
  • I stopped watching top gear in 2014 and now when I have come here after around 6 years everything is changed

    VY Motivational techVY Motivational tech3 måneder siden
    • Man I am watching it that's a great show.way better than top gear

      VY Motivational techVY Motivational tech2 måneder siden

      Peg NelsonPeg Nelson3 måneder siden
    • Please watch the grand tour it’s a great show

      RpM_EvanRpM_Evan3 måneder siden
    • Same

      RpM_EvanRpM_Evan3 måneder siden
    • hey bro i just checked in my NOworld Studio and i saw that 2 subscribers are missing for me to reach my goal can help me please

      Davi AidarDavi Aidar3 måneder siden
  • The best of The best 🏆🚙

    Dominique Silva NevesDominique Silva Neves3 måneder siden
  • I'm proud of this cousin

    The Stigs Russian CousinThe Stigs Russian Cousin3 måneder siden
  • Ferrari 488 pista is a fantastic car. Amazing lap with Stig. Good job Top Gear 👏👏👏☝☝

    Luca PersechinoLuca Persechino3 måneder siden
  • The Dallara is seriously composed

    Kristian FerrariKristian Ferrari3 måneder siden
  • McLaren 600LT!) Like English cars)

    Kai SmithKai Smith3 måneder siden
  • The Taycan sounds like what George Jetson drove

    ChesspieceChesspiece3 måneder siden
  • being in that Porsch sounds like sitting inside a vacuum cleaner. "Turbo" badge and all.

    STAG162STAG1623 måneder siden
    • Daniel dore I’m French ptdrr lol

      MoJo 2977MoJo 29773 måneder siden
    • STAG162 ok thanks

      RpM_EvanRpM_Evan3 måneder siden
    • @RpM_Evan and it's spelled A-P-A-T-H-Y.

      STAG162STAG1623 måneder siden
    • Americans find sarcasm hard to grasp, it is why their comedians don't use it often.

      Daniel doreDaniel dore3 måneder siden
    • It’s pronounced poor-shuh

      RpM_EvanRpM_Evan3 måneder siden
  • What's the most expensive car you've had on the show? Please answer 👉🏼👈🏼

    KillingthedeathKillingthedeath3 måneder siden
    • Ferrari 250 GTO that belonged to that ranga that hosted S23.

      STAG162STAG1623 måneder siden
  • The Porsche sounds like a 747

    Matt DickeyMatt Dickey3 måneder siden
    • Yes and it had tremendous grip than any other cars it was a piece of cake for Stig

      Kaustubh PatilKaustubh Patil3 måneder siden
  • 600LT FTW

    Jeff VuJeff Vu3 måneder siden
  • I can hear Jeremy saying: there goes the hammerhead

    george ibrahimgeorge ibrahim3 måneder siden
  • Love the sound the taycan makes

    YanzoDaDonYanzoDaDon3 måneder siden
  • Hey Mr.stig how feel about McLaren 570s

    JB JACKJRJB JACKJR3 måneder siden