BEST OF SUPERCARS: Ferrari Pista, Honda NSX, McLaren 720S, McLaren P1, Porsche GT2RS | Top Gear

7. april. 2020
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Here's a little compilation of some the best supercars we've had on the TV show recently, including the Porsche 911 GT2RS - whose cup overfloweth with torque, the Ferrari 488 Pista - and its clever "even your nan can drift me" mode, and a head-to-head track battle between the McLaren P1 and its little sister; the 720S.
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  • mr Harris, thank you

    Purveyor of Bubonic ChronicPurveyor of Bubonic Chronic9 dager siden
  • New level of hooliganary

    ViV MViV M27 dager siden
  • Man! These videos are on a whole other level!

    Barlyn UribeBarlyn UribeMåned siden
  • Porsche eeeeeeee

    Зелим УмаровЗелим Умаров2 måneder siden
  • Scooter in your blind spot hahah

    Dawn DarkDawn Dark2 måneder siden
  • Sliding is stupid!

    Ron FormanRon Forman2 måneder siden
  • Need for Speed fans: Hate how every game since 2010 has made it impossible to turn cars without drifting Ferrari: Add this new drift button and make them choose!

    Sridharan SrivathsanSridharan Srivathsan2 måneder siden
  • Just now I have accepted Top Gear is very good without Clarkson. This character can drive... better!

    Paolo A.Paolo A.2 måneder siden
  • I think there are a lot of men who can make cars like toys in their hands. This man is one of them. He took his chance and he deserves it. Please stay as you are.

    Shrek shreksShrek shreks2 måneder siden
  • Harris is right there with past Top Gear 3 & Tiff when it comes to Presenting Awesome job

    William O'LearyWilliam O'Leary3 måneder siden
  • Kinda borin....theres cars that are quicker or as quick round tracks....where are they?

    MC MCMC MC3 måneder siden
  • Тот самый момент, когда оператор снимает быстрее , чем едет гиперкар.

    gerich Gerichevgerich Gerichev3 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is not a fair car journalist, at all. For him Ferrari's are unreliable supercars and Lambo's are supercars for people who can't drive them and he voted the McLaren 720S the car of the year 2017 ( the supercar that is the most unreliable of all, it breakes down many times, many people are complaining about it and in 3 years you will buy the 720 S with only 100k $ or less) So do the good journalist Chris is !!!

    Ionica CibuIonica Cibu4 måneder siden
  • Why the p1 was included this group

    Ds쫑Ds쫑4 måneder siden
  • The Nissan GT-R should be here!!!!

    Chanuka_RulezChanuka_Rulez4 måneder siden
  • Every year at the Acura dealership I work at we get to drive the NSX for a week, all employees at the dealership drives it like they stole it and it had like 36k miles on it, after we finish with it it get sent to another dealership for a week, the car is unbelievably reliable and to top it of Acura will probably destroy the car since it was a preproduction model, the engine block made by cosworth!! It's printed on it, you can just straight race with the same engine and modify it and shit, and one time a customer bought one and the warranty for like 5yrs/ 100k was like $2k. That just tell you it's so reliable you can drive it every day and that's my friend is money well spent!

    abdelfettah yaaqoubiabdelfettah yaaqoubi4 måneder siden
  • Yep that’s it I’ve decided I’m definitely getting gt2 and an p1 both black I’m going to try finding one with carbon weave showing on both vehicles I hope

    Aliyaaa GamingAliyaaa Gaming4 måneder siden
  • 5:17 the P1 goes so fast, the front badge unglued.

    Valerey D.Valerey D.4 måneder siden
  • I miss the old team

    HappyandAtheistHappyandAtheist5 måneder siden
  • gt2rs is a BEAST racing car!

    SurrrSurrr5 måneder siden
  • Hoolingrily

    GedalneilGedalneil5 måneder siden
  • Porsche there is no substitute

    AykutAykut5 måneder siden
  • The P1 on full chat sounds evil

    Broken ToyBroken Toy5 måneder siden
  • Chris deserves to be on the Grand Tour.

    Lance HondradeLance Hondrade5 måneder siden
  • Chris is the only REASON why people are still watching Top Gear, whoever took the decision to bring him in when Jezza & boys left for Grand Tour deserve a pay rise

    Wasif AnowarWasif Anowar5 måneder siden
  • Tires on the Porsche: I hate this moron!

    Driving EnthusiastDriving Enthusiast5 måneder siden
  • Any McLaren fan?

    Never SettleNever Settle5 måneder siden
  • Nothing in comparison with the old GOOD top gear...I am sorry, but his without Clarkson, May and Hammond is pure Bullshit!!!

    Aziz HACHIMIAziz HACHIMI5 måneder siden
  • This man can drive my uncle’s sportage and make it desirable😂😂 do not imagine yourself doing that anytime soon 😂

    Freedom IslifeFreedom Islife5 måneder siden
  • My Dodge Demon sounds better!

    Marcin P.Marcin P.5 måneder siden
  • I get it that GT2RS is the best car, but man does it sound dull. GT3RS is much better sounding car imo. And when talking about best sounding cars, Lexus LFA.

    RaakaRaaka5 måneder siden
  • The GT2RS is called the “Widowmaker” for a reason.

    Lance HondradeLance Hondrade6 måneder siden
    • Carrera gt wants to know your location!!

      Thariq razaqThariq razaq5 måneder siden
  • This just cured my depression. Thank you, Chris Harris!

    Jim BeamJim Beam6 måneder siden
  • I'll take the nsx

    dacosta smithdacosta smith6 måneder siden
  • Tough choice, but it would have to be the GT2RS for me.

    Byron GByron G6 måneder siden
  • I am just not a fan of rear-engine cars. The balance is just off. Front engine or mid-engine for me.

    WaRLoKWYATTWaRLoKWYATT6 måneder siden
  • That GT2RS is a wild Animal

    toto2flytoto2fly6 måneder siden
  • 1- 488 Pista 2- GT2RS 3- McLaren P1

    Samuel MontelongoSamuel Montelongo6 måneder siden
  • out of all pista 488 still my favorite..

    daryl_sgn5daryl_sgn56 måneder siden
  • This isn't Top Gear ...

    Adam ZáhorskýAdam Záhorský6 måneder siden
  • Chris is nuts! 🤪🤣

    Mathete MaeteletjaMathete Maeteletja6 måneder siden
  • lol 1:40

    Will NgWill Ng6 måneder siden
  • i sat through the ads to see if this was a Charris vid - otherwise i'd be tuning out - i was not disappointed :D

    Cameron YoungCameron Young6 måneder siden
  • porsche same 3.8 last 15 years tweaked from 359hp to 690hp

    Victor HugoVictor Hugo6 måneder siden
  • honda nsx takes the crown = king and much cheaper than these, and where is the nissan nismo gtr 800

    Victor HugoVictor Hugo6 måneder siden
  • How is he shifting the car with the stick isn't it a dual clutch PDK transmission 🤔

    Rusty RubuRusty Rubu6 måneder siden
    • you can use the stick or the paddles

      chur hichur hi6 måneder siden
  • As we all know, the only way to beat a Ferrari is to build a race car with number plates (Ford, Porsche, Mclaren).

    Real MReal M6 måneder siden
  • Never liked the sound of the gt2rs.

    zpe1200zpe12006 måneder siden
  • Nice video, but I really don't like the way Top Gear require Chris to act like a buffoon. His other videos are much better - I'm thinking particularly of his video of the P1, La Ferrari and 918 Spyder around Portimao, possibly the greatest car video I've ever seen. If you haven't already watched it you need to

    LebowskiLebowski6 måneder siden
  • And all of these are automatic sad state....

    Stanley BanksStanley Banks6 måneder siden
  • So you dont even have to know how to drive. Too much technology trash that will age like shit.

    Stanley BanksStanley Banks6 måneder siden
  • Top gear with chris not any more good as was...

    ventis jansonsventis jansons6 måneder siden
  • i see top gear bcoz of how they show the perfomance of the cars

  • Why didnt you do the lap times of gt2 and the nsx

    Jakob BlowJakob Blow6 måneder siden
  • Amazing... gt2rs, luv it~!!!

    Steven EliukSteven Eliuk6 måneder siden
  • Porsche is everything.

    Steven ThomasSteven Thomas6 måneder siden
  • 2:45 remember when Chris was banned from testing new Ferraris? How times change ...

    miko foinmiko foin6 måneder siden
  • Im a simple man. I hear monkey talking. I close video. Bring back Clarkson.

    AKMLISMLAKMLISML6 måneder siden
  • I just think in general, as a whole, Porsche has it figured out as a car company. Altogether baddest machines on earth.

    Fred DouglassFred Douglass6 måneder siden
    • Top Gear is no longer Top Gear after Clarkson, May and Hammond

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotoo6 måneder siden
  • where the car throttle boys at?

    Santhan NaiduSanthan Naidu6 måneder siden
    • Paddle shifters are just grown up training wheels.

      miko foinmiko foin6 måneder siden
  • 1:43 got me so dead lmao

    AckyDudes 2007AckyDudes 20076 måneder siden
  • 5 legends on it's different class. I still like the NSX because I'm Asian

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose6 måneder siden
  • V

    Kocio KocioKocio Kocio6 måneder siden
  • Had the opportunity to sit in a Pista last week in my hometown (rare to see a car like this here) such an exciting moment. Amazing car

    bowen voowybowen voowy6 måneder siden
  • Верните Джереми Кларксона !!!!!!!!!

    Степа ХорайкинСтепа Хорайкин6 måneder siden
    • suzuki swift top speed is 180

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose6 måneder siden
  • The top gear name is being dirtied by this bllsht. They'd be better off rebranding themselves instead of dishonoring the top gear name.

    Turtle HeadTurtle Head6 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris only reason I watch this

    Ryan SandersRyan Sanders6 måneder siden
    • is there anything he can't make go sideways.

      bowen voowybowen voowy6 måneder siden
  • Porsche GT2RS is so beautiful!

    BIGBIG6 måneder siden
  • what a load of rubbish, who drifts cars anyway.

    Richard WeirRichard Weir6 måneder siden
  • 2:45 remember when Chris was banned from testing new Ferraris? How times change ...

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi6 måneder siden
  • These cars can go 300 km/h or more but I've noticed they take them to 220-230 km/h and then say "crickey that's fast" and cut to another angle Are they not allowed to go faster on this track? Actor risk? My 2015 mercedes c220d can do 220 on the highway

    BlackBirds93BlackBirds936 måneder siden
  • I miss the grand tour 😔

    RJB 05RJB 056 måneder siden
    • Top gear took 8 different cast members to realise Chris is the only one they needed. Stop trying to do what May, Hammond and Clarkson did you will not succeed.

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi6 måneder siden
  • 5:15 1.5m euro McLaren badge :D

    Ricky SpanishRicky Spanish6 måneder siden
  • Top Gear is no longer Top Gear after Clarkson, May and Hammond

    Sam ASam A6 måneder siden
  • GT2 RS my favorite of them all

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy6 måneder siden
  • And the Ferrari 812 superfast?

    OliverOliver6 måneder siden
  • And the Ferrari laferarri fxxk?

    OliverOliver6 måneder siden
  • Q. How long does your tyres last? Chris Harris: Depends on usage. Your mileage might vary.

    Debopriyo BasuDebopriyo Basu6 måneder siden

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy6 måneder siden
  • suzuki swift top speed is 180

    Tamoor khanTamoor khan6 måneder siden
  • ❤️ Porsche GT2RS

    Diogo CarvalhoDiogo Carvalho6 måneder siden
  • is there anything he can't make go sideways.

    Oana MuresanOana Muresan6 måneder siden
  • Haha good show, looking at 300km/h to the camera saying WOW ... no one on earth would look away the road even for an blink at that speed 😂

    Gerd SchusterGerd Schuster6 måneder siden
  • I'm looking for a car show episode where the old top gear where guests in a offroad race with other tv car hosts. Anyone now what it was?

    Thomas SThomas S6 måneder siden
  • All old cars. Woopty doo.

    Greiguci WootchieGreiguci Wootchie6 måneder siden
  • 2:45 remember when Chris was banned from testing new Ferraris? How times change ...

    Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi6 måneder siden
  • And nio ep9? What not at list 📃

    OliverOliver6 måneder siden
  • Top gear took 8 different cast members to realise Chris is the only one they needed. Stop trying to do what May, Hammond and Clarkson did you will not succeed.

    GriffinexGriffinex6 måneder siden
  • Any reason at 11:47 the Mclaren P1 emblem looks like its peeling off the hood? Ouch.

    A WA W6 måneder siden
    • It would be nice if, you guys, made a race between pista, 720s, gt2rs; i mean lap time like you did only for the P1 and for the 720s, and then after the pure number you will expl

      Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi6 måneder siden
  • PISTA N.1

    Maurizio CavalleriMaurizio Cavalleri6 måneder siden
  • Ferarrai 488 pista 0-60 in 3sec Dodge demon 0-60 in 2.4 sec

    ValentineslayeValentineslaye6 måneder siden
  • 1:59 Ferrary: "It is m.r harris... It is...

    Luka IJzendoornLuka IJzendoorn6 måneder siden
  • I'm not gonna lie but you Americans sucked in top gear sorry but like top gear but with Clarkson Hammond and May sorry

    Jamie RichardsonJamie Richardson6 måneder siden

    مهدی شمساییمهدی شمسایی6 måneder siden
  • Top gear was better 5 years ago I miss it

    Unknown_88 UnknownUnknown_88 Unknown6 måneder siden
  • Mclaren senna???? Why not in this list

    OliverOliver6 måneder siden
  • Amazing 👏

    OliverOliver6 måneder siden
  • One and only...... Gt2 RS

    ZakZak6 måneder siden
  • Give me Clarkson back

    _Laszko_Laszko6 måneder siden
  • I love the video compilation.. considering we're facing this pandemic at home!!! what I can't stand anylonger is "eToro"!!!! damn it.. I don't and won't use that... ever!!!! geeettt ouuuuut!

    Ricardo CarvalhoRicardo Carvalho6 måneder siden
  • This is the first positive thing I've heard of the steering and torque vectoring.

    Ron MatsonRon Matson6 måneder siden