Best of Porsche: 911 GT2RS, Taycan Turbo S, 718 Cayman S | Top Gear

29. aug.. 2020
131 974 Ganger

From the TV show, here's Chris Harris piloting some of our favourite machines from Stuttgart. There's the all-electric Taycan Turbo S, the tyre-deleting 911 991 GT2RS, and the 4-cylinder 718 Cayman S.
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Service & Feedback

  • Turbo doesn't mean turbo anymore, then what do they call turbochargers? Ze Snails?

    Joe Danger FinesseJoe Danger FinesseDag siden
  • Shut up hammock

    MiszkoProMiszkoPro20 dager siden
  • 992 911 turbo s

    Ramani MuniandyRamani Muniandy26 dager siden
  • LOVE the use of the Bring Me The Horizon soundtrack on the Cayman film!!!

    Tyler AndersonTyler AndersonMåned siden
  • About Cayman.. Did you say it has the engine in the middle and power at the back..??? Wrong I think. Engine is in the back and power in the middle

    Sam DavinchiSam DavinchiMåned siden
  • Boooooo I want Clarkson back

    im miata mikeim miata mikeMåned siden
  • I wish they'd change the name of this. Its not Top Gear, and never will be. The chemistry isn't there. Cardboard cut out presenters, who will never rival Clarkson, May and Hammond.

    Andy FarlerAndy FarlerMåned siden
  • 7:25 obviously never driven the Rimack Concept One.... (0-60 2.5 seconds)

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • Why do porches pretty much all look the same ugly shape regardless of what models you have,,,

    Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
  • These people who host the show don’t deserve all this the real people who do is the old guys the made top gear and will always be top gear

    Ghost BloodsGhost BloodsMåned siden
  • Best sport car ever, a master piece 🇩🇪

    Teo QueroTeo QueroMåned siden
  • Why does it look like the host is a school boy who has bunked his classes ...

    Abraham SamuelAbraham SamuelMåned siden
  • Chris: The Porsche 911 GT2 RS, The fastest car on the Nürburgring. Me: Yea, not anymore mate.

    Stan PeetersStan PeetersMåned siden
  • Being back clarkson!

    cytruscytrusMåned siden
    • Who?

      That O'Riordan LadThat O'Riordan LadMåned siden
  • Not the same now is it

    Kev ToalKev ToalMåned siden
  • No Clarkson, not Top Gear

    cambell paynecambell payneMåned siden
  • Richard hammond should have held this

    Charlie SpillerCharlie SpillerMåned siden
  • this was hamond job😔

    Hirbod JahanseirHirbod JahanseirMåned siden
  • Exctly Harris

    Cars drive Cars driveCars drive Cars driveMåned siden
  • This isnt top gear anymore its low gear i miss the good old days

    karvanopparacingkarvanopparacingMåned siden
  • FR/FMR/MR/RR people should be free to drive what they 👍 with a reasonable amount of safety. Drive what suites you. Front drivers don’t appeal to me.

    caribphotoscaribphotosMåned siden
  • 5:30 tacan takes 3s to get to 31m/s, 3s after jumping you would be around 29.5m/s. its more aggressive than base jumping

    RobbaeRobbaeMåned siden
  • There’s several owners that have reached speeds over 220 mph in their 911 GT2 RS’ at the Sun Valley Tour de Force formerly called the Sun Valley Road Rally that is held in Idaho each year. One owner got his stock 911 GT2 RS up to a top speed of 226 mph and several others topped out at 223 mph. Unfortunately this year’s rally was canceled like so many other events because of the pandemic. Next year’s event should be the best so far with so many new cars that are capable of insane speeds. I can’t remember what the official highest top speed is at the rally but know a Bugatti Chiron did 253 mph in 2019 and believe that is the current record at the event. There’s a lot of videos if you search for Sun Valley Road Rally or Sun Valley Tour de Force. Check them out.

    HoldMyBeer76HoldMyBeer76Måned siden
  • urghhh , new top gear ! no thank you sir if it ain,t the holy trinity or clarkson , may and hammond it,s not really top gear

    jz35jz35Måned siden
  • That shot at 2:08

    Sébastien RSébastien RMåned siden
  • Chris Harris , Matt Watson and Yanni for top gear ...oh yes I love Porsche ! New level of hooliganary

    Auchen888 DollyAuchen888 DollyMåned siden
  • This is a year old video, why post it now?

    gamer dudegamer dudeMåned siden
  • Who the hell is this guy??? Where is Clarkson ?? 😦

    No ExpertNo ExpertMåned siden
  • Just another stupid ICE car....killing our kids' lungs.

    CopconCopconMåned siden
  • I like the old content

    Ultra YtUltra YtMåned siden
  • I want Hammond and that back good old days 😭😔

    FaZeArrow400FaZeArrow400Måned siden
  • where is the 911 turbo s?

    LinoBlancoLinoBlancoMåned siden
  • Porsche Cayman S Jungs!!! Jawoll JAAAAAA

    Josef HJosef HMåned siden
  • it looks like new top gear has a generic looking host, im still not sure if this was all the same guy or three different guys

    perry92964perry92964Måned siden
    • I think we need a chubby big guy, a short guy and a guy with long hair

      cambell paynecambell payneMåned siden
  • Glad it's just Chris in this clip, Freddie and Paddy though I like them i can't abide them as presenters of TG or what they're doing to Wipeout, that was better with Richard too. BBC reinventing everything that the old trio presented with disastrous results!

    Bessie BelleBessie BelleMåned siden
  • 😍🤩💯

    Sami SeifeddineSami SeifeddineMåned siden
  • Not a turbo though is it

    Stephen DennissStephen DennissMåned siden
  • i love too see porsche, i need chris to make an review to the other new manthey racing cars

    Gerald RayhardsGerald RayhardsMåned siden
  • The GT2RS is absolutely off the hook. God I wish I could drive one once in my life

    MossMossMåned siden
    • @Band Nerd So do I, but not sure it feels like the real thing though :D

      MossMossMåned siden
    • @Band Nerd Thank you, that's nice of you to say.

      MossMossMåned siden
    • Hope u get to try one irl one day!

      Band NerdBand NerdMåned siden
    • I drive one all the time, in forza horizon that is 😆

      Band NerdBand NerdMåned siden
  • just because it's #ChrisHarris speaking, I will press like...

    SavageHobbitSavageHobbitMåned siden
  • To those saying the same old negative shite in the comments... you’re either here watching something you apparently ‘hate’, or you’ve just come here just to spout your unwanted bullshit. Either way, you’re weird. Plenty of people still love this show. Many many people watch it and still enjoy. It’s here to stay. Hate it and don’t watch (so we don’t all have to read your crap), or watch and enjoy. It’s really not that hard. No one is making you be here.

    Ian DaviesIan DaviesMåned siden
  • all cars top bro and as always like

    МАГА gelandewagenМАГА gelandewagenMåned siden
  • the guy looks good modelling, and a good drive

    Tzansa SelepeTzansa SelepeMåned siden
  • Nice Top Gear, I always watch your videos on TV and on NOworld, love your videos👍👍👍

    Goober BenGoober BenMåned siden
  • 992 turbo s PLS!

    Hyper TranceHyper TranceMåned siden
  • A repeat, typical of the bbc

    GlidemanGlidemanMåned siden
  • love the first part about the 911 GT2RS when he says that Porsche limits it to 211 mph otherwise they would have to invent a tire to handle the speed and the tires would say especially when Chris Harris comes around to hoonigan around the car

    Bob ChurchBob ChurchMåned siden
  • The funny part about the base jumping comment is that your 0-60 jumping off a clip is around 2.9 seconds, and the Taycan Turbo S 0-60 is as low as 2.6 seconds. So it's actually quicker to accelerate in this car than it is to jump off a cliff. Imagine the feeling of when that Motor Trend driver got the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous+ to go 0-60 in 2.28 seconds.

    StalePhishStalePhishMåned siden
    • @jon doe Actually some people do care.

      Jean-Pierre WhiteJean-Pierre WhiteMåned siden
  • To make some money, break of that GT2 RS‘s exhaust

    JustusJustusMåned siden
  • It took me a while (because I’m old) but I now think that Chris Harris is the best top gear presenter. In the world.

    Marcel MarcelificationsMarcel MarcelificationsMåned siden
    • jon doe Yeah ! Thanks.

      Marcel MarcelificationsMarcel MarcelificationsMåned siden
  • One downside on the Cayman is the lame sounding exhaust form the 4cly👎

    Bigred911 911GTBigred911 911GTMåned siden
  • "Electric skids"...sounds like a robots underwear

    andrew brownandrew brownMåned siden
    • good one 😂 I guess that would be a mixture of burnt oil and carbon from the motor brushes

      Bob ChurchBob ChurchMåned siden
  • With all the resources top gear has at its disposal, it's a shame this video is capped at 1080p.

    George Sunny ThuruthummalilGeorge Sunny ThuruthummalilMåned siden
  • Porsche 911, the most overrated car

    Stephan ForeverStephan ForeverMåned siden
    • indeed, and they are saying ''The car of the decade'' haha

      YeYeMåned siden
  • What's with all the "old crew" comments all of the sudden, I thought we were pass that already

    Saber PlateSaber PlateMåned siden
    • @BaltoMal What are you smoking?

      Macca95Macca95Måned siden
    • Agreed. People have moved on from the old crew. The new crew is just as entertaining, if not more.

      BaltoMalBaltoMalMåned siden
    • Chris Harris is brilliant

      BaltoMalBaltoMalMåned siden
  • Absolutely perfect for Porsche lovers, and I was one of them!❤

    GuanZe LiewGuanZe LiewMåned siden
  • Can't help but hate pretty much all electric cars Top Gear reviews because they always just use it as an excuse to put down Tesla.

    NoooUGHNoooUGHMåned siden
    • Problem with Tesla is Musk BS. Tesla can't hold a candle to Taycan in reapeated back to back all out accleration. ... Because Tesla has been gifted with Musk's lame mode. Musk fanboys love Tesla lame mode, but other people don't.

      springer 11724springer 11724Måned siden
    • Did Chris mention Tesla? Maybe I missed it, he did however mention Porsche a lot.

      Jean-Pierre WhiteJean-Pierre WhiteMåned siden
    • Harris really like the Model 3. He may have even bought one (I know he was considering it). You teslarati don’t have to be triggered because Porsche has done it better, and the journos all say so. Sorry to break it to you, but ‘Tesla’ isn’t the translation for electric car anymore. Take the supercharger network away and what are you buying? A piss-poorly made whoopie cushion that goes realllllly fast (until it cooks its batteries).

      Ian DaviesIan DaviesMåned siden
    • NoooUGH The Porsche is seriously good though. Plus a dedicated sports car which will get the attention of enthusiasts and further advance Tesla’s mission!

      Harsimran BansalHarsimran BansalMåned siden
  • I'm looking for comments about the cars and all I see are old top gear comments smh

    Mudhaffar AdhwaMudhaffar AdhwaMåned siden
  • Ppl only watch this version for the cars and not the comedy as well like we did back in the day lmao

    Polygraph EyesPolygraph EyesMåned siden
    • Ethan Ellenberg jeremy is hilarious

      Tom HillTom HillMåned siden
    • BaltoMal you’re lost

      Ethan EllenbergEthan EllenbergMåned siden
    • BaltoMal no

      Tom HillTom HillMåned siden
    • BaltoMal is it? I haven’t really watched many of their videos, maybe I should start watching more.

      Harsimran BansalHarsimran BansalMåned siden
    • The comedy with the new line up is actually funnier

      BaltoMalBaltoMalMåned siden
  • I remember seeing one of those at a dealership yesterday.

    Devin CrittendenDevin CrittendenMåned siden
    • Some GT2RS go for between $350k and $500k. It's insane.

      MossMossMåned siden
    • They build so much of them so they have to sell them!

      RitchieOERitchieOEMåned siden
  • Can you bring back Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May. Top gear is like milkshake without milk.

    Anju SinghAnju SinghMåned siden
    • @BaltoMal Yes I know but when they were there in top gear was very funny . And hey you talk to everyone properly 😡👊

      Anju SinghAnju SinghMåned siden
    • Move on. They have their own show

      BaltoMalBaltoMalMåned siden
  • Woah cool cars

    Nerdy Wolf TransitNerdy Wolf TransitMåned siden
  • Chris carries new top gear

    Mega Rayquaza 101Mega Rayquaza 101Måned siden

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW08Måned siden
  • Wonder how much it cost Porsche to make this infomercial?

    Aussie2uAussie2uMåned siden
    • Aussie2u Nothing. Videos like that are the reward for making the best cars in the world.

      JeremyJeremyMåned siden
  • Everyone needs a pit to throw money into.

    grabir01grabir01Måned siden
  • Ist halt Porsche

    ecdolleecdolleMåned siden
  • Again a gt2rs?

  • Best show ever.

    Super PlayerSuper PlayerMåned siden
  • Electric car gets boring!!! Will never let Mr Purple out of my Life!!! PHENOMENAL car the GT3RS!!!! Yes its also stupid fast!! but sounds 1000x better

    Michael KastnerMichael KastnerMåned siden
  • What a monster

    Stacy DornanStacy DornanMåned siden
  • Pwor

    Mufeel MufiMufeel MufiMåned siden
  • How quickly shows date...long live the 992 Turbo S...the new king...til the next one!

    Secured CertificationSecured CertificationMåned siden
    • @jon doe your disposition to Chris Harris on every comment is juvenile. There are many other people that like him so pull your head out of the toilet

      BaltoMalBaltoMalMåned siden
  • Porsche cars are just glorious

    andreasdbzz 99andreasdbzz 99Måned siden
  • Anyone that doesn't appreciate Chris Harris isn't watching the show as a car guy, that's for sure.

    mordidelamordidelaMåned siden
    • You my friend are the epitome of the term hater.

      Donovan KendallDonovan KendallMåned siden
    • Seriously James may gave Chris Harris such high praise.i had been avoiding watching the new top gear (this is the first video I've watched) but after watching this and reading your comment I think I'll start watching more.

      Donovan KendallDonovan KendallMåned siden
    • @jon doe sure bud

      mordidelamordidelaMåned siden
    • Chris Harris is the best car journalist imo, even James May said so in a video.

      mordidelamordidelaMåned siden
  • Wasn't there already a Porsche one? 🤔

    Daniel BarakaDaniel BarakaMåned siden
  • Is it just me or does harris look like a methed out mr. Bean???

    Matthew SmithMatthew SmithMåned siden
    • @jon doe I think he does a great job.

      Jean-Pierre WhiteJean-Pierre WhiteMåned siden
    • He is a good host and to top it all, he has more credibility than the previous crew. He also has real racing credentials.

      BaltoMalBaltoMalMåned siden
  • the old top gear crew was much better. politically correct jokes are not funny. thumbs down on the video

    danneF61danneF61Måned siden
    • @jon doe Your mum is a horrible host👎

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden
    • @danneF61 I've watched The Grand Tour and it was like a second rate Top Gear. Very disappointing. It's interesting you think it is wrong to fire someone because he physically assaulted a fellow employee. Also, it's pretty obvious this video wouldn't include any of the three old fogeys.

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden
    • @win kerr Also I clicked on the video by mistake. I thought that the video had the old crew there, but I was wrong.

      danneF61danneF61Måned siden
    • @win kerr the new show "the grand tour" is much better. I liked the old crew at top gear. So it was wrong of BBC to fire Jeremy Clarkson i think.

      danneF61danneF61Måned siden
    • Why click on the video then? BTW there were no politically correct jokes.

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden
  • Can I have one of those?

    Y00NIVERSEY00NIVERSEMåned siden
  • Old Top Gear was legendary, so people expected more from new Top Gear. I think that’s why it’s hated

    Zayni DZayni DMåned siden
    • You mean Old top gear when Angela Rippon and Noel Edmonds we’re hosts....

      Cricket EnglandCricket EnglandMåned siden
    • Nah people don't like the new top gear because they are so used to the old top gear

      cambell paynecambell payneMåned siden
    • Jay Leno he might be a better journalist and better driver, but that doesn’t mean the show is entertaining. It’s really boring now, he’s a terrible host

      P YP YMåned siden
    • @jon doe you sound American, therefore your answer is irrelevant, this is nothing to do with you.

      J AreJ AreMåned siden
    • @J Are Yeah he whips the trinity when it comes to driving he's been with Parker motorsports forever and a day to name one part of his thick CV. He's got them on being a serious car journalist. He just needs free reign and not be shackled down by the beeb trying to be the trinity.

      Rory PetersRory PetersMåned siden
  • damn after seeing episode with old TG crew, looking at this episode is just a hache

    ZapperaZapperaMåned siden
    • Wow... such a cool story!👍

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden
  • Wow the video has been uploaded 15min ago and jon doe didn't say nothing ugly about chris harris yet 🙏 its a miracle 🙏

    Aztek DeLaJungleAztek DeLaJungleMåned siden
    • He replied to my comment about him. Is he a regular offender

      Serpentine CarsSerpentine CarsMåned siden
  • Chris Harris, Tiff Needel, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond all on the same show. Now I would watch that.

    fisher hfisher hMåned siden
    • Chris Harris is better than the lot of them..

      Bapster ManBapster Man27 dager siden
    • fisher h nope that would suck only the origonal 3

      Jojoedamunkey21 EpicJojoedamunkey21 EpicMåned siden
    • Top Gear is nothing without Chris Geoffrey

      Jamie WilkinsJamie WilkinsMåned siden
    • Chris Harris, jethro bovingdon, tiff needell, abd henry catchpoll

      Ooh ArhhOoh ArhhMåned siden
    • @Cricket England Vicky is great. She can drive too. Out of all the TV car show drivers I'd rate her driving only second to Tiff's.

      fisher hfisher hMåned siden
  • I see top gear has hired a bunch of people to say good things about them in the comment section 😂😂

    Swami NSwami NMåned siden
    • Or maybe, because its good

      Admiral_AwesomeAdmiral_AwesomeMåned siden
  • Awesome, but sounds pretty shit compared to the competition, we need a v12 Porsche

    Pat BaiPat BaiMåned siden
  • Porsche 🇩🇪 ❤️ 👍 👍 🎥👍

    Adolf AdolfоvichAdolf AdolfоvichMåned siden
  • Where's my 918

    I LiKe DoGsI LiKe DoGsMåned siden
  • I love Porsche ❤️❤️❤️💪

    Vlad Ioan ClonoschiVlad Ioan ClonoschiMåned siden
  • 34th woop woop

    Haimanti MondalHaimanti MondalMåned siden
  • Love Top Gear, but even they can’t make me like Porsche 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Chris JacobsChris JacobsMåned siden
    • Daniel Johnson if that was with Chris Evans then it’s got better since then

      Serpentine CarsSerpentine CarsMåned siden
    • Daniel Johnson, I think the new show does its best to live up to what the old show did, but you’re right the old one did just have something about it that made it better.

      Chris JacobsChris JacobsMåned siden
    • Absolutely I agree they’re very fast cars.... I just don’t like them!

      Chris JacobsChris JacobsMåned siden
    • Yet performance-wise, it still absolutely obliterates everything else.

      JonnyJonnyMåned siden
    • Lol, I’m 16 in like 10 days. I know I shouldn’t comment when I can’t drive yet (can’t wait to be able to tho), but if ever I get the chance to compare them to other brands then sorry but I probably still won’t like Porsches!

      Chris JacobsChris JacobsMåned siden
  • so you mean to tell me that someone at Porsche doesn't have someone at Goodyear on speed dial or the email to their tech center in Akron to ask about a better tire???

    Grog VaughanGrog VaughanMåned siden
  • ''Top Gear'' you inspired us to start our NOworld Channel!🙏

    TheLuxuriousTheLuxuriousMåned siden
    • Hello guys! What think about these ? ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      BlackBlackMåned siden
    • You have a cool channel 👍🏻

      Zayni DZayni DMåned siden
  • It's a good looking car but not for the money you could get a Dodge Viper twin turbo charger than they can do 250 EZ top end 4 less than what they're asking for this one but it is a pretty car

    baron hyattbaron hyattMåned siden
    • Porsche is just perfection, you can't really compare german and american work with each other. The build quality of Porsche is perfect!

      Philip GrafPhilip GrafMåned siden
    • Porsche makes driver’s cars, viper is a fast car, but definitely not a driver’s car

      Swami NSwami NMåned siden
  • Who else loves top gear | | | V

    Charlie MorrisCharlie MorrisMåned siden
  • where is new stuff? who cares about old bull?

    Al BallAl BallMåned siden
    • @win kerr why? any new shows were aired after series 28 in December 2019? I like Chris. But, driving hot cars is not what Top Gear has been liked for..

      Al BallAl BallMåned siden
    • Where have you been for the last 5 months?

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden
  • I kinda miss Jeremy, James and Richard

    BananaJoeBananaJoeMåned siden
    • @jon doe you're trash

      Admiral_AwesomeAdmiral_AwesomeMåned siden
    • Who?

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden
  • this is how many people cant actully afford those cars 👇

    Lil JasLil JasMåned siden
    • Lol

      idiot gameridiot gamerMåned siden
  • I like new Top Gear.

    Super PlayerSuper PlayerMåned siden
  • 👏

    Colin JonesColin JonesMåned siden
    • @jon doe ok

      Colin JonesColin JonesMåned siden
  • Who likes top gear Any more

    Grant QuickGrant QuickMåned siden
    • @jon doe Quiet, my child👶

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden
    • Me🤷‍♂️

      win kerrwin kerrMåned siden