121 Best Chris Harris Drifts: Ferrari 812 Superfast, Ford GT, Porsche GT3, Nissan GT-R | Top Gear

18. juni. 2020
231 470 Ganger

Over the past couple of months we've spent a lot of time in the Chris Harris Drives archives, and it was only a matter of time until we stitched some of our favourite drifts together - so here it is. Starring the Ferrari 812 Superfast, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Nissan GT-R and many, many more.
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  • Any big skids we didn't include? Let us know 👇👇👇

    Top GearTop Gear4 måneder siden
    • @mvchalkart p1 was MEGA one of my favorite cars and videos

      Burnt NuggetBurnt Nugget22 dager siden
    • There is no mustang

      Ashok Kumar.sAshok Kumar.sMåned siden
    • Ellis Watkins ikr

      Death PlayzDeath Playz3 måneder siden
    • Aviation 29 facts

      Death PlayzDeath Playz3 måneder siden
    • May I ask, when are you guys gonna get the original hosts of Top Gear together? You should make them all work together with each other.

      Death PlayzDeath Playz3 måneder siden
  • Bmw m1 not 1m

    David O'callaghanDavid O'callaghan22 dager siden
  • anyone knows the music name ?

    DavidDavid28 dager siden
  • Beautiful slow motion shots.

    Matthew BMatthew BMåned siden
  • Name every soundtrack !

    Vinay KumarVinay KumarMåned siden
  • I like the bit from 0:00 to 10:10

    Joel RiriassaJoel RiriassaMåned siden
  • Chris Harris is amazing!

    Kamal LBKamal LBMåned siden
  • I enjoy having the original Top gear trio..

    Amir FikryAmir Fikry2 måneder siden
  • cool drifting but top gear just isn't what it was anymore

    VincoraptorVincoraptor2 måneder siden
  • Boring without Jeremy

    Tribe-RacingTribe-Racing2 måneder siden
  • If the Ford GT came with right side steering I would bought it early

    Resty ClipsResty Clips2 måneder siden
  • Jeremy Clarkson does it better.

    Joshua DJoshua D2 måneder siden
  • Wold best offroad car the land cruiser the legend instagram.com/toyota_shz?igshid=1udg0k9rx1fm8

    Daad Rind.65Daad Rind.652 måneder siden
  • Wold best offroad car the land cruiser the legend instagram.com/toyota_shz?igshid=1udg0k9rx1fm8

    Daad Rind.65Daad Rind.652 måneder siden
  • Good God! Hell of a video edit and there’s just so many great cars out there now!

    Charles FosterCharles Foster2 måneder siden
  • May, Hammond, Clarkson the Best of the Best. These arent funny at all, its JUST cars

    PlanetPlanet2 måneder siden
  • You ruined top gear by firing Jeremy

    AdamMiAdamMi2 måneder siden
  • Because of only him.. I still watch Top Gear

    Jabir AnsariJabir Ansari3 måneder siden
  • I would also really love to know the music choices as well if anyone knows.

    GTproGTpro3 måneder siden
  • Where can I go to find the good hosts of the Real Top Gear?

    Beagslie76Beagslie763 måneder siden
  • I miss the old top gear so much

    iulian indresiulian indres3 måneder siden
  • only Jeremy Clarkson can drift and drive fast on the top gear track. That was the real Top Gear not what they do now

    Andrea MorandiAndrea Morandi3 måneder siden
  • Vrooom 👌

    Kleindarsteller Michael MüllerKleindarsteller Michael Müller3 måneder siden
  • Best video ever!!

    Juan PerezJuan Perez3 måneder siden
  • I ended up here because of the Top Gear snes game, which disappeared because of this damn series

    Leonardo GamerLeonardo Gamer3 måneder siden
  • I must say that the gt3 is my favorite👍

    Mechanical MayhemMechanical Mayhem3 måneder siden
  • Fantastic display of driving and lets face it, fantastic bit of cinematography from the crew. Chris knows how to make a car look good on camera.

    Jeff JapesJeff Japes3 måneder siden
  • 大家好

    piu Lampiu Lam3 måneder siden
  • The old top gear was better.

    G3TRXTG3TRXT3 måneder siden
  • What has topgear become

    Fat brotherFat brother3 måneder siden
  • Best video on the internet!

    Prithvi RPrithvi R3 måneder siden
  • Song and artist name please!!

    big permbig perm3 måneder siden
  • That's Great!

    Donna AnnaDonna Anna3 måneder siden
  • Me:Nah,I can beat him in asphalt

    Muhammad Al-SyahmiMuhammad Al-Syahmi3 måneder siden
  • this show is ass with these trash heads

    Gibson PhuaGibson Phua3 måneder siden
  • No one can drift cars like Chris...

    Mike's models 2Mike's models 23 måneder siden
  • Very nice cars brother

    STEVE 'HALASTEVE 'HALA3 måneder siden
  • The best drifting video I've ever watched or will watch in my life

    suyash madhavisuyash madhavi3 måneder siden
  • i want to see chris review a c8 Vette, if and how much it has improved

    0johnny0820johnny0824 måneder siden
  • awesome

    COMEDY DAYSCOMEDY DAYS4 måneder siden
  • *I am actually seeing Topgear more than my friends in these days*

    Desi GamerDesi Gamer4 måneder siden
  • I’ve watched you guys forever. BMW bamboozel me. How can I send you some content?

    Greatest EverGreatest Ever4 måneder siden
  • OMG, Chris Harris: best part of top gear - I think that is all i need to say

    Jasper JowittJasper Jowitt4 måneder siden
  • Old tog gear was way better

    HiHi4 måneder siden
  • You know im starting to like the new top gear , it might not be the same as the old one but it had its own charm

    SBworksSBworks4 måneder siden
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! This is so cool... More, please!!!

    Rui MirandaRui Miranda4 måneder siden
  • Why do the new top gear always have no entertainment like the old one they should make more effort BBC should’ve not hired them

    Steven BergeSteven Berge4 måneder siden
  • 💯Legend, Impressive and HOT play 🔥🔥 See my GAME PLAY

    Black GamerBlack Gamer4 måneder siden
  • hi could you make french subtitles?

    Lucas BommelleLucas Bommelle4 måneder siden
  • How is it possible to drift a r35 gtr with its 4wd

    Ellison KerryEllison Kerry4 måneder siden
    • Playing with weight transfers

      Xavi GalvezXavi Galvez3 måneder siden
  • If u put Chris in a formula 1 car he would turn off the traction in that thing and drift during the race saying "what a machine!!!!".😂😂

    Sharan KulkarniSharan Kulkarni4 måneder siden
  • you guys really messed up getting rid of jeremy clarkson huh bet you regret that just dropped in to rub a little salt in the wound have a nice day hahaha you guys suck haha

    simonsimon4 måneder siden
  • Oi John doe, did u get ur name from that roblox character, cause I started laughing when I realised it. LOL, that game is kind of boring. The troller is getting trolled 😂

    TheGrandTour08 BMW08TheGrandTour08 BMW084 måneder siden
  • Can never replace the old trio

    damien mcguigandamien mcguigan4 måneder siden
  • Need to get you fellas over to Vietnam on our TopGear Moto tour

    VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS see the real VietnamVIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOURS see the real Vietnam4 måneder siden
  • Bugatti Chiron next maybe?

    A DikA Dik4 måneder siden
  • Qss

    Godfrey Jonat.GeorgeGodfrey Jonat.George4 måneder siden
  • Jon doe stop it Chris Harris is a beast and stop trash talking

    depressed as alwaysdepressed as always4 måneder siden
  • In my opinion Jeremy Clarkson is still the best drifter and driver with the best humor. I miss the "old" Top Gear guys but the new are also good.

    Maximilian JensenMaximilian Jensen4 måneder siden
  • More drifting in this video than in the Fast and the Furious!

    K&I Car ShowK&I Car Show4 måneder siden
  • If we could include the Ferrari Roma and Pagani Zonda, it would have been more fun. How about pulling in the muscles as well Mustang GT, Charger SRT, Challenger SRT Demon, Camaro SS.

    MoizMoiz4 måneder siden
  • Oh sorry, thought this was Top gear not fifth gear.

    JezraahJezraah4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris . Hands down the BEST presenter and driver EVER !!!

    Pranaov ChellianPranaov Chellian4 måneder siden
  • Top gears rubbish without Jezza, May and Hammond

    EPIC DAN ProductionsEPIC DAN Productions4 måneder siden
    • @bojidar martinov I do and it’s really good better than new TG new TG is pure rubbish

      EPIC DAN ProductionsEPIC DAN Productions4 måneder siden
    • Then go watch the grand tour you rabbit.

      Bojidar MartinovBojidar Martinov4 måneder siden
  • I don’t like new topgear guys I prefer the old ones

    Pearboytheofficial 009Pearboytheofficial 0094 måneder siden
  • There’s just something no amount of words can describe when a car skids sideways. It’s just pure sensation

    RamiRami4 måneder siden
  • The in top gear all seasons was matt leblanc and we all enjoy with chris harris

    fati Bendfati Bend4 måneder siden
  • NORTHERNERS take the lead here now....SOUTHERNERS will hate it lol

    wils puwils pu4 måneder siden
  • If only they hadnt put music on top of this, Harris is a great though

    R McR Mc4 måneder siden
  • Chris Harris is truly a gem.

    Lorenzo broLorenzo bro4 måneder siden
  • Song name???

    Toni Alcaraz DóleraToni Alcaraz Dólera4 måneder siden
  • I'm just here to dislike because you aren't may Hammond and Clarkson

    Louie SmithenLouie Smithen4 måneder siden
  • Nobody: My girlfriend in bed: 6:48

    AlluminiumminimaliumAlluminiumminimalium4 måneder siden
    • Nobody: My girlfriend in bed 3:16

      DewDewMåned siden
  • This is just so so amusing to watch

    YafeayYafeay4 måneder siden
  • Is there is no Chris Harris, there is no topgear eather

    Ramitha LasathRamitha Lasath4 måneder siden
  • Anyone like the old trio better?

    AR Sugar : let’s get through this togetherAR Sugar : let’s get through this together4 måneder siden
  • One thing is to know about cars and not really know how to drive them and the other is to know about cars and really know how to drive them. Chris Harris is the second. My respects for him. Keep the good work..

    Fer Music&speedFer Music&speed4 måneder siden
  • This is the best thing on NOworld. Ever! Chris Harris car porn at its very very best. Brilliant stuff TG

    Andy GreenAndy Green4 måneder siden
  • I'm not usually a fan of car videos being overlaid with music, but this one was very well edited. With a good blend of engine & tire noise, Chris, and the music

    tano99999tano999994 måneder siden
  • What an Grate Video 👍👍👏🏻👏🏻

    s a ms a m4 måneder siden
  • More of a powerslide than a drift, also I feel like this video is ruined by music

    Sam 05Sam 054 måneder siden
  • Old top gear was better

    TwinAsiansTwinAsians4 måneder siden
  • Intro: Why does he have to skid ALL the time? In my mind: Smoke, Exhaust and engine notes and who wants to let go of power?

    DannyGIsMe I'mDannyGDannyGIsMe I'mDannyG4 måneder siden
  • Trying to explain by words... But not enough 🏁🏁🏁

    Can kayikciCan kayikci4 måneder siden
  • This is so well done. Brilliant editing.

    Jake BullingtonJake Bullington4 måneder siden
  • He doesn’t compare to the old three, but I gotta say He’s one of the best drivers around when the car is going sideays

    IYBJS 530IYBJS 5304 måneder siden

    Ameen PatelAmeen Patel4 måneder siden
  • This is why I watch gran tour instead whoever the hell these guys are

    _Nitrogen_Nitrogen4 måneder siden
  • The original three better

    _Nitrogen_Nitrogen4 måneder siden
  • Did not know porn was allowed on NOworld 🤙🏼

    Mr.BigBoss7Mr.BigBoss74 måneder siden
  • “Slow motion for me, slow motion for me”

    Mr.BigBoss7Mr.BigBoss74 måneder siden
  • chris Harris drift montage? And no one had a clue it’s coming?!?!? Yas!!!!!!

    Mr.BigBoss7Mr.BigBoss74 måneder siden
  • 6:56 i need the song name

    Ritesh CJRitesh CJ4 måneder siden
  • Lucky man

    PYMOPYMO4 måneder siden
  • I think it's time I admit I prefer the new Top Gear hosts. They provide me with the content I really enjoy. Not 3 twits on a self-made boat journey...?? 🤭

    Chris CChris C4 måneder siden
  • Some pretty special shots Chris, some pretty special cars. You are a legend. Salut.

    Brody KirtonBrody Kirton4 måneder siden
  • Challenge for Chris give him cars he can’t drift, a mini, a van, a truck, a lorry. See if he can drift it lol or at least a power slide.

    JoeyJoey4 måneder siden
  • Him drifting the P1 was the best video.

    Above In ShadowAbove In Shadow4 måneder siden
  • The man that's making top gear afloat after the big 3's departure.

    J DLJ DL4 måneder siden
  • Top Gear is realizing how much of an asset having all of this Chris Harris footage is now that they can't film regularly

    Patrick RollinsPatrick Rollins4 måneder siden